"My Fair Godmother" reviewed by Brittany Paige on June 13, 2011

Brittany Paige
My Fair Godmother
Janette Rallison
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This book is about identical twins that couldn't be more different. One is pretty and boy smart, the other book smart and the complete opposite of her sister. After the pretty twin's smart boyfriend cheats on her with her smart sister she is devastated... until poof! a fairy godmother! Or so she thought... but after being Cinderella, and Snow White, in the middle ages for weeks and weeks(only a few hours in real time) she gives up and wishes for a prince in her own time. That goes wrong too. A nerd gets sent to the middle ages and she feels it's up to her to get him out. After a long while of being mad at her he finally gives in. His love is to late though, she is all ready falling for the evil knight who turns out to be a prince! After being captured the now hot nerd has to save her and prove his love for her is real. True loves kiss sends them home, he became a real prince charming... all because of a Fair Godmother... The End!
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My Unfair Godmother; All's Fair in Love, War and High school; and Revenge of the Cheerleaders.
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Yes, to anyone who likes fairies!
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