"Myst The Book of Atrus" reviewed by Ariel Clausman on June 12, 2013

Ariel Clausman
Myst The Book of Atrus
Rand and Robyn Miller With David Wingrove
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Myst is a three part book series. The first book is called :The book of Atrus: The book of Atrus is about a young boy named Atrus. Who's mother died giving birth to. And his mother's husband Ghen, (his father) does not want the boy. So the boy is handed over to Atrus's grandmother Anna. Anna raises Atrus till he was fourteen years old.Then Ghen returns and wants Atrus back. Ghen and Atrus come from a line of Dn'i. A people know to make portals out of books. But the line of Dn'i was destroyed long ago. Ghen's plan was to hopefully build back Dn'i. So he is trying to train people to make the portal books. But there is a secret only Dn'i blood can make these books, Right? But will Ghen's plans not turn out the way he thought they would? And will Atrus find out who his father really is? I hope you will enjoy the Myst series as much as I did.
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