"The Ordinary Princess" reviewed by Gina on January 8, 2008

The Ordinary Princess
M.M. Kaye
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As the seventh daughter, everyone had expected Princess Amethyst Alexandra Augusta Araminta Adelaide Aurelia Anne to be the most beautiful of her sisters. (Who were all tall, willowy blondes with the fairest skin.) Instead, she was...ordinary. So ordinary, in fact, that no prince can be convinced to wed her, much to the dismay of her royal parents. Princess Amy, though, didn’t mind in the least. She did, however, mind when she overheard her mama and papa plotting a way to coerce a prince into marrying her. (Involving a dragon, a tower, and lots of damsel in distress-ing she wasn’t too keen on doing.) So she ran away. Living in a forest seemed like a perfectly good idea at first, especially with her new friends Peter Aurelious (a crow) and Mr. Pemberthy (a squirrel). Until her clothes began falling apart. Thanks to a suggestion from her fairy godmother, Amy decided to seek work at the castle of King Algernon of Ambergeldar, until she had saved up enough for a new dress. One day, she met a very ordinary man-of-all-work, or so he called himself. They became friends, and…was she falling in love? Of course, appearances can be deceiving, as she soon found out! This is a delightful and funny story of a Princess who decided to take her destiny into her own hands, even though it ends up being compleatly different then she expected. Fairly short, well written, and full of quirky, original characters I think anyone would love.
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Absolutely~! This book can be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys a good fairy tale.
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