"Princess Mia" reviewed by Dana on July 5, 2009

Princess Mia
Meg Cabot
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This is the continuing drama of Mia as she finishes high school and continues being a princess. After Michael leaves for Japan, she becomes depressed and goes to therapy. Mia finds out that J.P. is also in therapy when he tells her he loves her. She doesn't know whether to wait for Michael to become more than a "friend" or to go with J.P. Adding to the drama: Lilly won't speak to her, Lena wants to be her best friend and she has a huge speech coming up. What will Mia do??
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This is the 14th book in a series of 15 (at this point). Meg Cabot also has written many other series.
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I would recommend this book to upper middle school girls who enjoy reading romance books with comedy, drama and adventure.
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