"Princess Mia" reviewed by Janani on June 22, 2008

Princess Mia
Meg Cabot
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Mia is heartbroken over the loss of her boy friend. (Michael She tries to get Michael back, but ends up going to a pshyciatrist who she thinks gives her no help at all. Her best friend, Lilly, is also mad at her because she blames Mia for making her boy friend (John Paul)break up with her. (Even though it wasn't Mia's fault) On top of all that, Mia's grandmother is making her speak at an all women's society about a speech Mia hasn't even written. Mia feels like she has no reason too live, until she finds the lost diary of a Genovian princess who died from the Plague at age 16. This diary will make a great speech, but may change Genovian history forever. This book is confusing if you haven't read the other books in the Princess Diaries series.
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