"The Red Necklace" reviewed by Amanda on June 6, 2012

The Red Necklace
Sally Gardner
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There have only been a few books that I allow to rest on what I call my "Glory Shelf." In order to find everlasting peace on that shelf, I have to have read it at least twice. This book has made it to that shelf. The Red Necklace is a historical, adventure, fantasy, romance novel all in one that is set during the rising of the French Revolution. This novel has two main characters: Sido, a girl who is struggling to please her superficial father, and Yann, a young Gypsy trying to find what the meaning to the whispered words of a ghost mean. Both of their lives are thrown off-kilter when the tragedy of the Revolution affects their lives. When Yann's master and friend Topolain is killed at Sido's house, their fates are forever entwined. Through trials, adventure, and uncertainty, Yann and Sido embark upon a journey that holds all of the answers to their questions, possibly revealing more than either of them would wish upon themselves.
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The sequel to this novel is The Silver Blade. Another one of her books is I, Coriander. Again, these are amazing books filled with plot twists and vivid descriptions. In each one of them I felt as if I were in the time period/world.
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I've recommended this book too many times to count...and here's one more. READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!
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