"Say What You Will" reviewed by Lily AKA Anonymous Pirate AKA Pirate Lil on June 18, 2016

Lily AKA Anonymous Pirate AKA Pirate Lil
Say What You Will
Cammie McGovern
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Say What You Will is technically a realistic fiction piece. It is about two teenagers who become great friends, and more than friends. The chapters fluctuate between the two characters, giving their separate point of view. With the ups and downs of prom, teen pregnancy, controlling parents, and disabilities, there are points of enjoyable laughs, and times when I am sure many of us can relate, no matter our age. Using movie ratings, I would rate this book G for the first half, then it slowly morphs into a PG. There is some swearing. Mostly comes towards the end of the book.
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Cammie McGovern has also written A Step Falling Forward, Just My Luck, Neighborhood Watch: A Novel, and Eye Contact. I haven't read these books so I do not know how much a like they are.
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Perhaps. Maybe. IDK.
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