"Seizure" reviewed by Hannah on June 7, 2013

Kathy Reichs
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Tory Brennan is telling the story. She loves science and adventure, but is also a troublemaker. She is always willing to be the leader and always has been the leader of the group. Although Tory is bullied a lot, she is good at fighting back. Of all the Virals, she has the best nose. Hiram Stolowitski is another one of the main characters. Also known as Hi, this teen is one who is a natural history wiz. He also loves science. Although he is a chubby kid and easily out of breath, he has the best eyesight in the group. He can get scared easily sometimes, but he loves to make his buddy, Ben, mad. Ben Blue is not "just another one of the teens". He's the pack member that can get mad real easily. He's not a fun guy to mess with. He's the oldest member of the Virals, and he's got a boat called "Sewee." He loves being able to talk about the Sewee clan and is also proud to have ties to them. Shelton Dever is the one who gets scared real easily. He's scared of the dark and lots of other things. However, he's the one that helps the Virals break into places. Because he is excellent with picking locks, the group relies on him to be there when they need to do something illegal. When it comes to flaring, this guy has the best hearing. The setting of "Seizure" takes place on an island called Morris Island. It takes place in present day. On Morris Island the Virals plan out all of their trips. It's very hot on the island, but it's a great place to run around. This is because it is a very small island with few people. It's in South Carolina. The island is a quiet place for the Virals, and it's very relaxing and has an at-home type of feeling. In "Seizure" the Virals go on a hunt for treasure that has never been found. They do this because if they don't find the treasure, they will be separated and have to deal with the flaring alone. However, if your going on a treasure hunt, you will need the map. That is what gets the Virals started and in trouble. While they have to break into places and steal things, they are also in danger because of some unknown people who would like to find the treasure too. Also, the Virals get into even more trouble due to sneaking around. After all that trouble, they may not even find the treasure. Or will they? In order to find out, you will have to read the book yourself.
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"Virals" is the first book of the series. Then it's "Seizure." So far, Kathy has also written the third book, "Code."
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I would absolutely recommend this book for science fiction and adventure lovers.
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