"Sincerely" reviewed by Zoe on August 1, 2012

Courtney Shneinmel
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Sophie lives in NYC, she has a little sister who has a way of driving her insane, parents who fight all the time and a best friend who's suddenly to cool to hang out with her. When Sophie's teacher assigns the whole class pen pals, Sophie thinks it's just another lame assignment, but it turns out she feels safe confiding her pen pal, and soon she's writing letters about everything she can't tell anyone else. Katie lives in Redwood City, California. She has a mother who seems to care way more about her big sister than her, a best friend, Jake, who starts to obsess over another girl, and a huge project she takes on to help people in need. When Katie does something she's not proud of she finds out she can tell her pen pal, Sophie, everything. This book is about two pen pals living on opposite sides of the country who find each other in times of need.
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If you have read and liked All the Things You Are, or any other Courtney Shneinmel books, you'll definitely like this book!
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Yes, it's a great book!
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