"Stargirl" reviewed by seana on June 30, 2011

Jerry Spinelli
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The book "Stargirl" is about a teenage girl who moves and is transferred to a new highschool where she knows no one. Stargirl is also the name of the teenager. The book mainly is her adventure through her new highschool. How she gets made fun of, how she meets new people and how a few of them she becomes close to anup dating. Her fellow classmates make fun of her because of the things she wears and how she acts and how she sings happy birthday to people she has never even talked to before. In conclusion the book Stargirl is about a girl who moves to a new highschool where she knows no one and is made fun of for who she is and how she acts.
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Yes, i would recommend this book to anybody because it gets you glued to it to see who she ends up being friends with and who she doesnt.
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