"The Summoning" reviewed by Brittany Paige on June 10, 2011

Brittany Paige
The Summoning
Kelly Armstrong
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This book is about a 15 year old girl named Chloe whose mother dies when Chloe is in 1st grade. Weird things start happening... ghostly things. Chloe has a power... she can see and talk to the dead... a necromancer! When Chloe has an "episode" and is sent off to a mental institution, and has a lable slapped on her...schizophrenic... she starts noticing weird things. Her roomate Liz can move thigs without touching them... Rae can burn people with her hands... Simon can do magic, his brother Derek is super strong and super huge... Tori?? well Tori may be the only normal one. Everyone except Tori is planning an escape... but on the night they are supposed to leave they can't find Derek... Chloe gose to look for him, and finds him out back, behind the shed... He's a werewolf! Wow! After his partial change him and Chloe take off after Simon and Rae, Only to be followed... who ratted them out? Tori? Who can they trust? after being seperated from the boys Rea and Chloe find help for Chloe's gash (that she got while trying to escape). They go to Chloe's aunt...only to be drugged and taken to the enemy...Rea, the traitor, she turned us all in! The boys got away... with there lives? Yes, good. You can't even trust family anymore. To Do: Get out, Get to the boys Get away!
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Definitely yes!
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