"Twilight- Eclipse" reviewed by Annalise on June 1, 2010

Twilight- Eclipse
Stephenie Meyer
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There are many sides to twilight. There is a romantic side horor and creepy side. But, over all it's fantasy. The book Eclipse is in Bella's point of view, personally I like it that way. It starts out with a note from Jacob, he is half human and half warewolf. He is called a shape shifter. In the book before,New Moon, they get in to a fight because Edward comes back. If some reason you have been on another planet and do not know who Edward is I'll tell you. He is a 17 year old boy who Bella mets in the first book. But, he is hiding a dark secrect. He is actually a one hundred year some vampire. Well in the second book he goes away so that Bella can live a normal life. But for Bella after metting Edward her life will never be normal. She is so much in love with him. So while he is gone she starts hanging out with Jacob. Getting back to the book, he is upset that Edward has come back. Bella's dad reads in the news paper that there are lots of murders going on in Seattle, they live in Forks. Well Bella learns from Edward that those murders are not normal. It is actually a vampire named Victoria, from the first book, who is killing all those people. Edward had kill her "lover" so she wants pay back, a lover for a lover. So she creates a Vampire army. She wants to kill Bella!!!!! There is a reason it is called Eclpise. It is called Eclpise because She calls Jacob her sun and Edward her moon. When they come together it causes an eclipse. Bella will have to chose between Edward, the love of her life or Jacob her best friend. Who will she chose
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The same author has writen these books: Twilight(1), New Moon(2), and Breaking Dawn(4). Breaking Dawn and Eclipse are my favorite in the series.
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Yes, I LOVE this book can't wait for the movie coming out June 30.
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