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Wait for Me
An Na
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"Wait for Me" switches first person narratives between Mina, the main character of the book, and Suna, her little sister, whom she loves very dearly. Mina, with the help of Jonathan, a boy who has a crush on Mina, she fools her mother into believing that she is a successful, honor-society student, in order to live up to the steep expectations her mother has placed on her. Uhmma is almost abusive to everyone else in the household, and is constantly disappointed with everyone except Mina. Mina does not want to lie to her mother, but she doesn't want to disappoint her either. She steals money from their dry-cleaning business so that she can run away when she comes of age. Mina continues to lie about her life until she meets Ysreal, a young mexcian musician. The two fall in love, and when Mina is finally caught, Ysreal is blamed. Ysreal asks Mina to run away with him, but Mina does not want to leave behind Suna unprotected from the constant emotional abuse her mother deals. This is a story about healing a family, and how one unhappy person can affect so many.
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The Color Purple- though this one is a bit more intense
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Yes. It's a quick read, and it has a warm-feeling message.
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