"Wild Seed" reviewed by Mandy on June 2, 2012

Wild Seed
Octavia E. Butler
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I stumbled on this book on accident, but it really should have been something someone recommended to me. This is a story of two powerful immortals, who must overcome their differing views, and accept their weaknesses in order to preserve the greatest gift they have both received - an opportunity for companionship. The first main character you meet, is Doro, a spirit like being who jumps from body to body, possessing them. To combat his bordem, produce a stock of desirable bodies, as well as to someday possibly produce a lasting companion, he has taken to breeding humans with special qualites, such as mind powers or longetivty. The second immortal is Anyanwu. Unlike Doro, Anyanwu can die, but death must be inflicted, as she can control her body completely, and thus heal wounds, and prevent aging. Doro becomes interested in Anyanwu as a breeding stock. The two have a rocky relationship as neither is used to being the one without complete power. Either could escape the other, but would loose something valuable in return. The two strangers struggle to accept each other, until they both realize the value of a companionship.
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I would reccomend this book to just about anyone. The view is 3rd person limited, switching between the two main characters. Its pages turn itselves with the irony of the characters situations.
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