"Winter of the Ice Wizard" reviewed by Seana on June 30, 2011

Winter of the Ice Wizard
Mary Pope Osborne
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Winter of the Ice Wizard is one of the forty-two books by Mary Pope Osborne. She has written forty-two books that is in the sequence of "The Magic Tree House" books. It has two main characters whose names are Jack and Annie. They are brother and sister and a couple of years (books) back they stumbled upon a tree with a tree house on it in the middle of Frog Creek Woods in Pennsylvania. They climbled the rope ladder up the tree and found a book inside. They read a passage from the book and right after they did they were soon taken to another part of the world to help a wizard named Merlin complete another mission. Read this book to find out how they make the mission complete.
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There are forty-one more books from the same author (Mary Pope Osborne) that all go together to create one huge adventure with Jack and Annie.
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I would not recommend this book to anybody until they have finished already read the forty-one that come before it this adventure.
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