"Z. Apocalypse" reviewed by J.S on June 8, 2013

Z. Apocalypse
Steve Cole
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SPOILER ALERT! The organization Geneflow has cloned the Zenithsaurus Rex that they made using recovered tyrannosaurus DNA. Hundreds of them attack worldwide monuments and important buildings, and 14 year old Adam Adlar is caught up in things. He and his father go to a laboratory to help research the new dinosaur. A wheel chair bound girl, Zoe, is working there with her mother at the same time. When Z. Rex's attack the laboratory, the dinosaur being held captive at the lab escapes, and takes Adam and Zoe away with it. After events irrelevant to the plot, they are captured by Geneflow and- Okay, no more spoilers. It was a great book! If you get the idea from this confusing review/spoiler, then start the series with Z. Rex.
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None that I can think of.
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Anyone who loves sci-fi will love this. (Although its the third book in the series) The first is is Z. Rex.
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