"Autobiography of a Rogue Warrior" reviewed by on November 15, 2019

William Underwood
Autobiography of a Rogue Warrior
Hayden Montgomery Atwater
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Autobiography of a Rogue Warrior, by Hayden Montgomery Atwater. (One note, MCPL does not have this book in its collection.) ***** Five Stars! Autobiography of a Rogue Warrior is a 293 page independently published novel, penned by first-time author Hayden Montgomery Atwater. The book is available in Kindle and paperback format from Amazon. I highly recommend this as a great read for those who are interested in modern warfare, as it is conducted in the asymmetric battlefields of the 21st Century, where secret operations are performed by highly motivated and highly skilled special forces operators. Though categorized as a novel, I suspect this is, in fact, a thinly-veiled autobiography, probably with sufficient change of details to avoid breach of the Official Secrets Act. Atwater’s book tells the story of his intense sequence of training, first as a Royal Marines Commando, then as a sniper and a specialist in deep reconnaissance behind enemy lines, and concluding with selection by and training with both the Special Air Service (SAS) and the Special Boat Service (SBS), the British Army’s and Navy’s most elite warriors. The readers are taken through combat action in the Falklands, followed by a series of clandestine special operations conducted during the troubles in Northern Ireland, during the Cold War against the Soviet Union and Communist China, and then during the Gulf War, where SCUD missile launchers were hunted deep behind enemy lines. Following the Gulf War, the protagonist retires from official military service after having been recruited into a shadowy quasi-governmental organization, the kind that doesn’t officially exist. There he is immersed even more deeply in the world of spies, plausible deniability and black operations. For the remainder of his career he mingles with American, British, and Israeli security services, and leads a team that conducts assassinations, fights warlords, rescues hostages, recovers the remains of pilots shot down behind enemy lines, and prevents nuclear bomb-making materials from falling into the hands of terrorists. The narrative is rich in deal as to training, equipment, weapons, methods of insertion and extraction into and away from the operational zones, as well as the resulting combat actions during the numerous military operations. Here, the only weakness from the reader’s point of view is the dearth of characterization of the key players involved, other than the author. I suspect this weakness is intentional, in order to maintain the anonymity of those involved
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