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The ESL Tutors Handbook One-to-one tutoring theory and practice, practical activities for building your ENL learner's speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills - from Canada's Frontier College

The Internet TESL Journal ENL teaching resources - published articles, research papers, lesson plans, classroom handouts, teaching ideas

Literacy Works:LearnerWeb Research based answers, to commonly asked questions from reading tutors with videos and links to additional resources (login required)

ProLiteracy Education Network: Adult literacy and ENL online courses and resources for instructors and learners (login required)

Partners in Reading - San Jose Public Library: Video library - easy-to-replicate reading strategies (fluency, decoding, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension,...). Also how to plan and hold first tutoring session.

VITAL Presentations

Guided Writing Wheel: Graphic organizer for writers, tutors and learners, tool for creating purposeful texts (1 minute video) Printer friendly version (Word document) Guided Writing Wheel 

Language Experience Approach: What is "Language Experience Approach" and how to create a LEA Story (2 1/2 minute video) Printer friendly version (Word document) Language Experience Approach