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The ESL Tutors Handbook One-to-one tutoring theory and practice, practical activities for building your ENL learner's speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills - from Canada's Frontier College

The Internet TESL Journal ENL teaching resources - published articles, research papers, lesson plans, classroom handouts, teaching ideas

Literacy Works:LearnerWeb Research based answers, to commonly asked questions from reading tutors with videos and links to additional resources (login required)

ProLiteracy Education Network: Adult literacy and ENL online courses and resources for instructors and learners (login required)

Partners in Reading - San Jose Public Library: Video library - easy-to-replicate reading strategies (fluency, decoding, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension,...). Also how to plan and hold first tutoring session.

Perfect English Grammar Teaching English Grammar, including videos and exercises

Teaching ESL to Adults Videos on building vocabulary, developing listening skills, teaching grammar and more. 

VITAL Presentations

Guided Writing Wheel: Graphic organizer for writers, tutors and learners, tool for creating purposeful texts (1 minute video) Printer friendly version (Word document) Guided Writing Wheel 

Language Experience Approach: What is "Language Experience Approach" and how to create a LEA Story (2 1/2 minute video) Printer friendly version (Word document) Language Experience Approach