Library History 1913-1929

The Carnegie Library 

This period witnessed the emergence of two distinct services offered by the library to the community: the children's collection and the Book Truck.The children's collection was formed in 1913 by the donation of materials by Indiana University professor Ashton Aley.

ImageIn the 1920s, the library initiated a movement called the Monroe County Librarian Campaign designed to expand its services beyond the boundaries of Bloomington and Perry Townships. In June, 1928, the County Commissioners voted funds for the project to begin in 1929. That year, the public library expanded services to rural and suburban districts through its "Book Truck" (later Bookmobile) program, the first such program in the state. A model A Ford was purchased for the services, and Miss Lois Henze was appointed to drive it. She continued to drive the Book Truck until 1965 when she became the Indiana Room librarian. Every two weeks, the Book Truck traveled through various parts of Monroe County loaded with 500 books. The program served 72 rural schools and several towns including Ellettsville, Harrodsburg, and Stanford. This service temporarily ceased during the Depression because of financial difficulties and the decrease in the number of schools.