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Explore Forces and Motion   Jennifer Swanson   J 531.11 Swa

Further explore physics concepts and find instructions for related science projects. Recommended ages 8-12.

The Haunted Mansion: From the Magic Kingdom to the Movies   Jason Surrell   J 791.068

Get an inside look at the many engineering decisions and artistic efforts that go into creating a different type of thrill ride.  Recommended ages 8-12

Junk Drawer Physics: 50 Awesome Experiments That Don't Cost a Thing   Bobby Mercer   J 530.078 Mer

After completing your roller coaster keep the physics party going with these fun activities that you can accomplish with everyday items found around the house. Recommended ages 8-12

Make an Amusement Park   Anna Claybourne   J 791.068

Further develop your STEAM skills as you design and build your very own amusement park! This book contains step-by-step projects that give you clear instructions on how to make every element a model amusement park needs, including a merry-go-round, and ferris wheel. Recommended ages 8-12

Mechanical Engineering   Don Herweck   J 621 Her

Learn more about the many areas and applications of mechanical engineering - the field of study used in the design and construction of roller coasters.  Recommended ages 8-12

Roller Coasters: From Concept to Consumer   Kevin Cunningham   J 620.0023 Cun

Find out how some of the coaster industry's most legendary innovators have changed the field throughout history, and discover whether you've got what it takes to help create some of tomorrow's most incredible roller coasters.  Recommended ages 8-12

STEAM Jobs for Thrill Seekers   Sam Rhodes   J 331.702 Rho

There are more jobs for those who love an adrenaline rush than you ever realized. From adventure guides to bomb squad technicians, readers will learn about various STEM and STEAM jobs and what it takes to get one. Recommended ages 8-12.

Stickmen's Guide to Gigantic Machines   John Farndon   J 621 Far

Whimsical stick figure guides take readers on a tour of various massive machines and how they work in this playful yet extremely informative guide to high-tech machines. Recommended ages 8-12.