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The Botanical Bible: Plants, Flowers, Art, Recipes & Other Home Remedies   Sonja Patel   Adult Nonfiction - 580 Pat

Patel brings a combination of gardening techniques, garden history, recipes, artistry, and overall wellness as she explores the botanical world.

The Complete Gardener   Monty Don   Adult Nonfiction - 635.0484 Don

Check out this new edition of The Complete Gardener by television’s Monty Don. Not only does Monty address his organic gardening philosophy, but he also discusses gardening in harmony with local habitats and wildlife.

Four-Season Harvest: Organic Vegetables From Your Home Garden All Year Around   Eliot Coleman   Adult Nonfiction - 634.0484 Col

Provides information to help gardeners transition to growing even in the colder months. With some basic equipment and planning, your harvest doesn’t have to end when winter comes, even without a fancy greenhouse.

Gardening Complete: How to Best Grow Vegetables, Flowers, and Other Outdoor Plants   Adult Nonfiction - 635 Gar

Described by reviewers as an “encyclopedia of gardening,” this book covers just about everything you need to know to be a successful gardener. Packed full of information from eight gardening experts and covering topics such as composting, propagating, soil types, and so much more.

Go Native! Gardening with Native Plants and Wildflowers in the Lower Midwest   Carolyn Harstad   Adult Nonfiction - 635.95177 Har

Written by one of the founders of the Indiana Native Plant Society, this book explains what native plants are, why they are important, and how to garden with native plants and wildflowers in our area.

Grow Great Grub: Organic Food From Small Spaces   Gayla Trail   Adult Nonfiction - 635.0484 Tra

No backyard? No problem! This book provides tips on growing food anywhere you can, whether it’s a patio, windowsill, or your rooftop. Also included are instructions on pest control, using recycled materials, and food preservation. The author also has a wonderful blog called “You Grow Girl."

Grow Great Vegetables in Indiana   Bevin Cohen   Adult Nonfiction - 635.0977 Gro

This guide explains climate zones, frost dates, and growing season details, specifically for the Hoosier State!

Grow What You Love: 12 Food Plant Families to Change Your Life   Emily Murphy   Adult Nonfiction - 635 Mur

Full of detailed but easy to follow instructions, this book will help both novice and experienced gardeners alike. The information about different crops is presented in order of what family they belong to. The author provides plenty of photographs and tips with a healthy dose of enthusiasm that encourages readers to experiment in their gardens.

Illinois, Indiana, & Ohio Month-By-Month Gardening: What to do Each Month to Have a Beautiful Garden All Year   Beth Botts   Adult Nonfiction - 635.0977 Bot

Take all the guesswork out of monthly gardening tasks. Illustrated instructions to help even the novice gardener grow and maintain a bountiful, beautiful garden are included. Tips and timelines are adjusted to work with our temperamental midwestern climate.

The Kitchen Garden   Alan Buckingham   Adult Nonfiction - 635 Buc

This new edition of Mr. Buckingham’s book features month-by-month tasks and suggestions to keep your kitchen well-stocked in fruits and veggies. Every fruit and vegetable you can think of is covered and specific growing and harvesting tips are provided for each. He also includes instructions for special garden projects, such as building your own compost bin.

The Science of Gardening: Discover How Your Garden Really Grows   Stuart Farrimond   Adult Nonfiction - 635 Far

Dr. Stuart Farrimond explores a year in the garden, using his scientific knowledge to demystify and answer questions about how the garden grows.

Starting & Saving Seeds: Grow the Perfect Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, and Flowers for Your Garden   Julie Thompson-Adolf   Adult Nonfiction - 635 Tho

Contains tons of useful information in an easy to read format accompanied by beautiful photographs. The instructions are simple enough to encourage beginners while still acting as a great resource for more experienced gardeners. Tips are provided on starting and nurturing your new garden as well as saving seeds for the next season.

Tiny Space Gardening: Growing Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs in Small Outdoor Spaces (With Recipes)   Amy Pennington   Adult Nonfiction - 635.986 Pen

Have you ever wondered if you might be able to grow a garden on your balcony or patio? Or how you might be able to use those plants in your urban kitchen? This book is for you!

Vegetables Love Flowers: Companion Planting for Beauty and Bounty   Lisa Mason Ziegler   Adult Nonfiction - 635 Zie

This book combines beautiful garden photography with organic methods for companion planting and attracting pollinators to your garden. While not as comprehensive as other sources, this book does a great job of showing that encouraging pollinators benefits both flowers and vegetables.