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101 games and activities for children with autism, Asperger's, and sensory processing disorders   Tara Delaney   J 616.85882 Del

This book includes dozens of therapeutic games for kids with autism and sensory spectrum disorders.—Baker & Taylor

1,000 fingerplays & action rhymes : a sourcebook & DVD   Barbara A. Scott   J 027.625 Sco

Incorporate creative, educational, and fun fingerplays into your storytime with this time-saving, uniquely extensive one-stop resource. Organized by theme from apples to zoo , experienced children's librarian Barbara Scott s one-thousand, ready-to-go fingerplays and action rhymes provide busy librarians and teachers with the up-to-date, cost-effective material needed to improve storytime without the extra planning time.—Baker & Taylor

Anti-bias education for young children and ourselves   Louise Derman-Sparks   J 370.117 Der

Become a skilled anti-bias teacher with this eagerly awaited successor to the influential Anti-Bias Curriculum!—Google Books

Art in action¹ : introducing children to the world of Western art with 24 creative projects inspired by 12 masterpieces   Maja Pitamic   J 372.5 Pit

Presents 24 creative projects inspired by works from famous artists who include James McNeill Whistler, Henri Matisse, Albrecht Dürer, and many others. An introduction to parents and teachers advises on how to use these books with children, and emphasizes that no prior knowledge of the subject is needed.—Baker & Taylor

Baby steps to STEM : infant and toddler science, technology, engineering, and math activities   Jean Barbre   372.35 Bar & J 372.35 Bar

This book defines what science, technology, engineering, and math education looks like for this [infants and toddlers], and why it is so vital for children to develop STEM knowledge.—Baker & Taylor

Best-ever circle time activities: language building: 50 instant and irresistible activities & games that build phonetic awareness, expand vocabulary, and strengthen listening skills   Ellen Booth Church   J 372.465 Ch

Build classroom community AND give each child a chance to shine with these engaging, cross-curricular circle time activities. You’ll make the most of your morning meeting when you use these interactive, multi-sensory ideas and activities that teach kids to listen and share. Includes skill-building activities in language and literacy, music and movement, and more. For use with Grades PreK-1.—

Better with books : 500 diverse books to ignite empathy and encourage self-acceptance in tweens and teens   Melissa Hart   J 152.41 Har

Presents a guide that includes 500 diverse contemporary fiction and memoir recommendations for preteens and teens, with the goal of inspiring greater empathy for themselves, their peers, and the world around them.--Baker & Taylor

Books in motion : connecting preschoolers with books through art, games, movement, music, playacting, and props   Julie Dietzel-Glair

[This book] shows you exactly how to use children's books to engage preschool-age children through movement. With this... resource, your next storytime will have children standing up tall, balancing as they pretend to walk across a bridge, and flying around the room like an airplane—Neal Schuman

Brain games for babies, toddlers & twos   Jackie Silberg   J 649.5 Si

Stimulate your baby's brainpower with this collection of 140 fun-filled games devised to increase brain development during the critical period from 0-3 years. Grouped by age and accompanied by information on related brain research, the games have been developed meet the needs of each stage of your child's young life—

Breaking through! : helping girls succeed in science, technology, engineering, and math   Harriet Mosatche   J 507.1 Mos

Breaking through! provides parents with tips for keeping their daughters engaged in the fields of math, science, and technology as well as advocating for STEM-enriched classrooms and combating gender imbalance.—Baker & Taylor

Creating literacy-based programs for children : lesson plans and printable resources for K-5   R. Lynn Baker   J 027.625 Bak

This book presents a comprehensive package of literacy-based public library programming ideas designed for children in kindergarten through the early tweens. Chock full of strategies and best practices for promoting literacy and reading skill development, it also features numerous planning templates and other materials ready to print and adapt as needed.—ALA Editions

Creative fingerplays & action rhymes : an index and guide to their use   Jeff Defty   J 793.4 De

Each chapter defines a separate developmental period and contains approximately 10 fingerplays or action rhymes appropriate for that age. Included among the 100 examples are those especially suited for E.S.L. (English as a Second Language) students and for special needs children.—Google Books

The everything toddler activities book : over 400 games and projects to entertain and educate   Joni Levine   J 649.5 Lev

In this book, parents find hundreds of exercises that keep youngsters smiling even as they advance their mental and physical growth.—Google Books

The Five Senses: [promotes learning through play]   Beth Sidel, Karen Redeker-Hicks   J 372.21 Si

Provides lesson plans and activities that teach preschoolers about the five senses.—Totline Publications

The fourth trimester : a postpartum guide to healing your body, balancing your emotions, and restoring your vitality   Kimberly Ann Johnson   618.242 Joh & J 618.242 Joh

Pregnancy, childbirth, and post-partum offer women some of the most emotionally enriching and satisfying experiences of their life. But many women entering motherhood are shocked at their lack of preparation or awareness about what that actually means for their bodies, minds, spirits, and relationships. Kimberly Johnson, a doula, post-partum recovery expert, and yoga instructor has created a wise and supportive illustrated guide that offers women a roadmap to this very important transition that can last a few months--or even a few years.—Baker & Taylor

Games Babies Play   Vicki Lansky   J 649.5 La

Over 100 games and activities designed for use from birth to one year. Games Babies Play is a collection of traditional and contemporary games that are organized into four three-month sections to keep pace with baby’s changing abilities—Baker & Taylor

Growing Child, months 0-24   Phil Bach   J 305.231 Gr

The monthly child development newsletter timed to a child's age.--from the cover

Helping Struggling Readers: Successful Reading Techniques   Susan Fondrk, Cheryl Frasca   J 372.43 Fo

Drawing on their combined 47 years of experience as Title 1 resource teachers, the authors furnish educators with a detailed road map for helping struggling readers become proficient. Presenting a complete, step-by-step program for the early grades, they deliver systematic and sequential techniques for teaching decoding skills including phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension skills.—Good Year Books

Home schooling at the speed of life : balancing home, school, and family in the real world   Marilyn Rockett   371.042 Roc

Practical organization, teaching and relationship advice for busy homeschooling moms.—B & H Pub Group

Let's go outside! : outdoor activities and projects to get you and your kids closer to nature   Jennifer Ward   J 796.5 War

Provides suggestions and instructions for outdoor games and activities for preteens, including canoeing, biking, and camping.—Baker & Taylor

LGBTQAI+ books for children and teens : providing a window for all   Christina H. Dorr   J 306.76 Dor

This resource for [those] who work with children and teens not only surveys the best in LGBTQAI+ lit but, just as importantly, offers guidance on how to share it in ways that encourage understanding and acceptance among parents, school administrators, and the wider community.—Baker & Taylor

Montessori learning in the 21st century : a guide for parents and teachers   M. Shannon Helfrich   J 372.87 Sch

Presents more than 250 songs, rhymes, and chants designed to help teachers provide opportunities for children to develop reading readiness and literacy.—Baker & Taylor

Phonemic awareness activities for early reading success : easy, playful activities that help prepare children for phonics instruction   Wiley Blevins   J 372.414 Bl

48 engaging activities teach children that words are made up of sounds and give them practice with rhyme, alliteration, beginning, middle, and final sounds, oral blending, and more. —Scholastic

Rainy Day Play! :explore, create, discover, pretend   Nancy F. Castaldo   J 790.19 Fu

Packed with inspiring ideas, endless self-discovery, and playful learning, rainy days have never been so much fun! Author Nancy Castaldo encourages kids to explore their creativity, curiosity, and imaginations through exciting indoor play.—Google Books

Read me a rhyme in Spanish and English = Léame una rima en español e inglés   Rose Zertuche Treviño   J 027.63 Tre

In this text programming ideas abound for librarians [and teachers] who have bilingual patrons [and students] and wish to present reading programs for children for whom Spanish is the spoken language at home. The bilingual programs are for children of all ages: babies to primary school children.—American Library Association

Real-life homeschooling : the stories of 21 families who make it work   Rhonda Barfield   J 371.042 Ba

Recounts the experiences of twenty-one families who homeschooled their children, exploring the various teaching strategies that were used and discussing why some worked and others didn't.—Baker & Taylor

A reason to read : linking literacy and the arts   Eileen Landay   J 379.24 Lan

A Reason to Read is the culminating work of the ArtsLiteracy Project, an ambitious and wide-ranging collaborative that aims to promote literacy through rich and sustained instruction in the arts.—Harvard Education Press

Rosie Revere's big project book for bold engineers   Andrea Beaty   J609 Be

Presents engineering projects and activities, including a catapult, a solar oven, and a bicycle.—Baker & Taylor

Scribble Art: independent creative art experiences for children   MaryAnn F. Kohl   J 745.5 Ko

An amazing collection of art activities, some familiar, many new, all sure to guarantee complete satisfaction both to teacher and child. Each experience can be set up in an independent art center and enjoyed and explored without adult models to copy. The end result is bounded only by the imagination of the child.—Baker & Taylor

STEAM kids : 50+ science, technology, engineering, art, math hands-on projects for kids   Anne Carey   J 507.8 Car

Projects designed to encourage children to question like scientist, design like a technologist, build like an engineer, create like an artist, deduce like a mathematician, and play like a kid.--Publisher

Stories, songs, and stretches! : creating playful storytimes with yoga and movement   Katie Scherrer   J 027.625 Sch

Young children love to move--and that's a great thing! Because in addition to supporting early learning, storytime can provide young children with opportunities to explore physical movement. The centuries-old contemplative movement practice known as yoga is more than just a passing trend; it can offer physical, emotional, and mental benefits to practitioners of all ages, including young children.—ALA Editions

Teach your baby to sign : an illustrated guide to simple sign language for babies and toddlers   Monica Beyer   J 419.1 Bey

The gift of signing helps children communicate well before they have the verbal ability to do so. Whether you have a young child who hasn't started talking yet, or a child with special needs, signing can open the door to better understanding and connection.In this revised and updated edition of the original Teach Your Baby to Sign—Baker & Taylor

Teaching the essentials of reading with picture books : 15 lessons that use favorite picture books, to teach phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary   Alyse Sweeney   J 372.41 Sw

Build a strong reading foundation with these 15 lessons that use engaging picture books to teach essential skills. Help students identify phonemes in Some Smug Slug and model phrasing and intonation with The Wind Blew-kids will love revisiting read-alouds to explore the sounds, rhythm, and meaning of language. Includes tips for differentiating the lessons, book lists, and extension activities.—Scholastic

And the cow jumped over the moon!: over 650 activities to teach toddlers using familiar rhymes and songs : for toddlers and twos   Pamela Byrne Schiller   J 372.87 Sch

Presents more than 250 songs, rhymes, and chants designed to help teachers provide opportunities for children to develop reading readiness and literacy.—Baker & Taylor

The ultimate book of homeschooling ideas : 500+ fun and creative learning activities for kids ages 3-12   Linda Dobson   J 371.042 Do

Lists top suggested educational activities for children ages five to twelve that provide for a range of subjects from math and science to art and history, offering advice on how to customize activities for homeschooled children for improved creativity and thinking skills. Original.--Baker & Taylor

You can teach someone to read : a how-to book for friends, parents, and teachers : step by step detailed directions to provide anyone the necessary tools to easily teach someone to read   Lorraine Peoples   J 372.41 Pe

Presents a method for teaching reading combining elements of memorization, phonics, and whole language, which can be used to teach children and adults. Emphasis is on basics of memorizing a sight word vocabulary, phonics rules, and comprehension skills. "Silly Stories" illustrate phonics rules. Includes step-by-step directions for facilitating teaching individuals or groups. The author taught elementary children for 33 years, and has taught workshops for educators.—Book News

Your baby & child : from birth to age five   Penelope Leach   J 618.92 Lea

This updated edition of an international classic and best-seller first published in 1977 includes the latest research and thinking on child development and learning, and reflects the realities of today's changing lifestyle and family structures.—Baker & Taylor