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ABC English Phonics: Level 1   Jennifer Christenson   VITAL 372.465 Chr

Increase basic literacy skills with these systematic phonics lessons designed especially for adult and adolescent English learners. In addition to sequential skills presentation and word lists, each level includes more than 20 decodable stories to practice phonics skills in context.

English for Everyone   Thomas Booth   VITAL 428.24 Eng

This self-study series uses graphics and pictures instead of wordy explanations, making vocabulary and grammar easy to remember. Includes course book and practice books for levels 1–4. Audio download available.

English in Action 1   Barbara H. Foley, Elizabeth R. Neblett   VITAL 428.24 Fol   Series: English in Action

English in Action is a four-level, standards-based integrated language learning program that prepares adults for work and academic success. The third edition of English in Action features authentic and high-interest content from National Geographic to promote critical thinking and 21st century skills. 

Get Started: Foundations in English   James R. Morgan   VITAL 428.24 Mor   Series: Get Started

Get Started: Foundations in English provides true beginners with the skills needed for confident communication. Learners build a solid foundation in the grammar, vocabulary, and skills needed to achieve everyday communicative tasks like greeting people and asking for directions.

Interchange Intro   Jack C. Richards   VITAL 428.24 Ric   Series: Interchange series 1-4

The Interchange philosophy is that English is learned best when it is used for meaningful communication. Follow the sequential format for building language skills while engaging in practical conversational language. Interchange series 1–4. Use with Interchange Teacher’s Guide and Workbook (4 levels). Book and CD.

Laubach Way to English   Jeanette D. Macero   VITAL 428.24 Mac

This guide provides comprehensive instruction for teaching listening, speaking, and writing skills at the pre-literacy level. Step-by-step scripts are easy for new ESL teachers to follow. Use with Laubach Way to Reading. (4 levels).

LifePrints: Literacy   Mary Ann Cunningham Florez   VITAL 428.24 Lif   Series: LifePrints series

Develop listening and speaking skills through realistic conversations that center on familiar situations. Help build skills for communicating with health providers, getting and keeping a job, and discovering neighborhood services and resources. Literacy level activities are appropriate for pre-literate adults. LifePrints series (4 levels). Teacher’s Guide and audio download available.

Literacy Plus A   Joan Saslow   VITAL 428.34 Sas

This comprehensive guide aims to teach survival English and basic literacy skills. Literacy Plus A is for students who are pre-literate in their own language and do not know English. Literacy Plus B is for students who are literate in their own language but not in English. Use with Literacy Plus Teacher’s Guide. Book and CD.

Pathways: Foundations   Cynthia Fettig   VITAL 428.24 Fet   Series: Pathways

This academic English program prepares students to work effectively and confidently in an academic environment. Carefully-guided lessons develop the language skills, critical thinking, and learning strategies required for academic success.

What's Next? A Multilevel Phonics Approach for ESL Students   Lia Conklin   VITAL 428.34 Con   Series: What's Next?

This guide features easy-to-read stories about every day life in the U.S. Each lesson builds phonics skills sequentially, and includes exercises in phonemic awareness, writing, vocabulary, and comprehension. What's Next? series (2 levels). Use with What's Next Teacher's Guide.

Word by Word Basic   Steven J. Molinsky   VITAL 423.17 Mol

This workbook teaches the alphabet and basic vocabulary, reading, and writing for pre-literate adults. Use with the Word by Word Basic Picture Dictionary. Book and CD.

I Speak English   Ruth J. Colvin   VITAL 428.24 Col

An ESL resource guide that introduces new teachers to basic techniques and strategies for teaching adults with little to no English experience. Includes tips for getting started, planning your first meeting, assessing language skills, sample lesson plans, sequence of skills, and more.

Teaching Adults: an ESL resource book   New Readers Press   VITAL 374.012 Tea

This go-to guide for ESL instructors covers the basics on English language and American culture learning. The step-by-step format provides instruction for teaching adult English language learners in group and one on one settings. Includes 50+ ready-to-use activities for teaching reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.