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At Our Windows   The Free Range Poets   ZINE Poetry/Literature Free

Poetry from a group of poets as they reflect on what they see out of a favorite window and familiar frame. The title is based on an image found in works by both Billy Collins and Wendell Berry. 

A Compost Starter Guide   Emily Poor   ZINE DIY/How To Poor

A brief guide to composting that explains the lifecycle of recycling organic waste and offers tips for beginners. Includes instructions and a resource list for further reading.

A Field of Dandelions   Gary Kachadourian   ZINE Arts Kachado

Gary Kachadourian makes scale pencil and pen drawings of everyday objects and scenarios that are then used for Xeroxed and laser-printed books and posters. The posters are life-sized reproductions of the objects. The books contain buildable paper scale objects and places.

FONT: A Storytelling Game   Michael Dunn-O'Connor   ZINE Nonfiction Dunnoco

FONT is a story game of hope and loss for two to four players. Each session is a stand-alone story, unfolding over one to three hours. Players take on the role of travelers crossing a perilous landscape called "The Fissure." These travelers seek a powerful place called "The Font," which can change their dying world. The characters in each game of FONT may be wildly different, but they're always driven by a shared purpose that their world could be saved.

Houseplants in Horror Films   Paul Cooke   ZINE Arts Cooke

Exactly like the title says, this is a collection of the everyday plants found in the background of some of your favorite horror films, from Psycho to Dawn of the Dead. Cooke talks about the featured plant in each movie, and provides information about the plant itself.

PERF, Issue 4, Food in Black Film   Black Film Center & Archive   ZINE Nonfiction Perf Issue 4   Series: PERF

PERF is a zine published by the Black Film Center & Archive at Indiana University. This issue explores Black films through recipes, a food-centered profile on Eartha Kitt, and tips on how to shoot food on film.

Plump Up for Hibernation #4   Kara Comegys   ZINE DIY/How To Comegys   Series: Plump up for Hibernation

This zine contains vegan-friendly baking recipes, the best vegan substitutes for "traditional" ingredients, and more. Part of vegan cooking series by author Kara Comegys.

Speak Up: David Wojnarowicz, A Role Model for the Unheard   Katari Sporrong   ZINE Social Change Sporron

The story of David Wojnarowicz, his art, and life in the late 80s and early 90s as an artist in New York. David's work has been censored, challenged, and sparked controversy. Read about the author's personal reflection on how Wojnarowicz's art and life transformed him.

The Sweeper and the Graveyard Shift   Ben Sears   ZINE Comics Sears

The Sweeper gang has relocated to Bolt City, and added a new member: Rocky the dog. Their first job is to clean the run-down cemetery outside of town. What will they find after the gates close and the sun goes down?

Through the Red Gate   Zelda Vidal   ZINE Poetry/Literature Vidal

A child wanders off into the woods and find a secret world deep within it. With creatures lurking at every corner, the child must find their way back home.

What Night Says to the Empty Boat   Wayne Miller   ZINE Poetry/Literature Miller

Poet Wayne Miller's debut chapbook is full of poems that celebrate the human experience, create intricate images in the reader's imagination, and rallies readers to fight for the beauty in the darkest days.