PC Building Guide

Building a PC can take a long time, and without the proper help or guidance, finding reputable information sources discussing this topic can be challenging. This PC Builders Guide provides helpful links and resources so that you have the right tools to build your own PC. The guide compiles resources on sourcing parts, PC building guides, YouTube tutorials, step-by-step instructions, and information on how to do this all safely.



When Building a PC

Take the time to figure out what games you play, and if they require you to have more expensive parts. Remember to take into account other intensive tasks, such as video editing, compiling, or any other hobbies or school-based tasks that might require additional resources. Building a PC takes a long time, and the more research you do, the easier it will be to find the right parts to build a PC.

Look at Other PC Builds 

If there's a popular game that you want to play, see what kind of PC builds people have who play that game. You can build off of what others have done and know that the game you want to play will work.

Always Check the Specifications 

You can play the newest games without breaking the bank; all you need to do is look at the required specifications of a game. For example, game stores like Steam always have a ‘minimum’ and a ‘recommended’ section that tell you what parts you need to play a certain game. 


How to Spot and Avoid Scams

The Price is Not Always Right 

When looking at computer parts, make sure the price is reasonable across the board. Just because a graphics card costs $100 does not mean it’s a good deal, and it could be a potential scam. Make sure to look on websites like Best Buy, Amazon, and Newegg.

Know Who is Selling the Product

Make sure the person or company is reliable. When looking at computer parts, it's really important to see who the seller is. Even though they might have an official company name, it doesn't mean they are reliable. Compare prices with other sites and companies. If the deal looks too good to be true, there is likely a reason for that. Websites like Tom’s Hardware and PCPartPicker can take you to reliable and trusted sellers.

Buying From Amazon 

If you choose to buy from Amazon, make sure you do your research and buy from trusted sellers. How-To Geek wrote an article called “How to Avoid Fake and Scammy Amazon Sellers”. It is a fantastic way to look into the safe path of buying from Amazon. This article also can be useful for different websites like Newegg, which also sells PC parts.

Always Look at Reviews

Looking at product reviews can tell you a lot about the product itself. The more reviews you find, the better you can determine if the seller is scamming or not. Always check multiple review sites, not just the seller’s, to ensure you have a broad swath of information.

Know How to Contact the Seller

If they don't have a reliable way to contact them, then maybe look somewhere else.  


Helpful Websites 

PCPartPicker helps you find the correct parts for your ideal PC. It price-matches each computer part to make sure you get the lowest price while using reliable vendors. PCPartPicker also serves as a community-sharing website with thousands of pre-built PC’s by other builders.

Tech Kids Engineering Build Guide
Tech Kids Engineering Build Guide provides an essential understanding of what each part of the computer does, alongside helpful information on what possible parts you might want.

Can You Run It
Can You Run It is a useful guide to help you figure out what a video game’s requirements are while providing helpful advice on the game that you want to play. Can You Run It is great for aiding you in picking the right parts so you can play your favorite games.

Choose My PC
Choose My PC helps you assemble a PC with a step-by-step picture and instructions. The instructions come with useful tips and information about how to build the PC, and provide information on common mistakes when building a PC.


Professional YouTube Tutorials

Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips is a YouTube channel solely made to help people who are interested in making PCs. It provides in-depth video tutorials on building your first PC and helpful and reliable reviews of PC parts.

Paul’s Hardware
Paul’s Hardware offers videos on more in-depth PC builds as well as long reviews on PC parts. There are also videos on how to build affordable and good PC’s.


Gaming News and Reviews

PC Gamer
PC Gamer has countless articles discussing new video games, product reviews, and PC deals. They review countless PC products like PC parts and gaming accessories, as well as product news within the gaming industry. PC Gamer also reviews PC games and has forums with helpful guides, video game walkthroughs, and PC building guides.

TechRadar reviews and discusses everything new in the tech industry. If you want a better headset or PC monitor, this is the place to go. TechRadar also has a deals section where you can find the latest deals on tons of electronic products.

PC Magazine
PC Magazine is both a website and a magazine subscription. You can find game recommendations and important how-to guides that aren't just about building PC’s. PC Magazine also sells programs for your PC like software development and digital creativity. They offer a wide range of technology reviews, including PC parts and games.

Tom's Hardware
Tom's Hardware has similar resources to TechRadar and PC Magazine as they deal with PC part reviews, tech reviews, and tech deals. If you want to buy a prebuilt gaming PC, Tom’s Hardware provides in-depth reviews on the newest and most powerful gaming PCs. Tom’s Hardware is a safe and reliable website when looking for PC information and products.