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Read stories of displaced people fleeing their homeland to find safety and a better way of life. This list includes both true and fictionalized experiences from across the globe.

May 22, 2019
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Need the know how on how to start your creative endeavors? Some of these books might be able to help!

April 16, 2019
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Celebrate Women's History Month by reading books about some amazing women from our world's history!

March 6, 2019
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Celebrate Black History Month by reading young adult books written by contemporary African American YA authors!

January 31, 2019
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For International Creativity Month, check out one of these stories and get inspired!If you’re looking for some inspiration, ask a friendly librarian or check out some books in the nonfiction collection.

December 27, 2018
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Use these resources to help you plan for learning opportunities after high school.

September 17, 2018
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Winter is a great time to cozy up with a warm drink and a good book. This list of winter-themed stories is perfect for a cold, snowy day.

December 5, 2017
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Banned Books Week is an annual event celebrating open access to information and our freedom to read. Each year, several books are challenged in libraries and schools across the country, and their removal requested. Banned Books Week shines a light on these attempts at censorship by releasing a list of the most-challenged books that year.

September 24, 2017
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Books that honor the contributions of the world's indigenous peoples—the descendants of a given region's original inhabitants—and the cultural heritage with which they continue to identify. As a way to engage with authentic representations of the indigenous cultures of the United States, these great titles feature Native American characters and authors.


July 25, 2017

From the Young Adult Library Services Association -

The Teens' Top Ten is a "teen choice" list, where you, the teen, nominate and choose your favorite books of the previous year! Exciting, right?! You can participate as long as you are between the ages twelve to eighteen. Reading is a great pastime so we'd love it if you participated!

December 10, 2015

Ready, set, go! Start reading the nominees for the Eliot Rosewater Book Award and vote for your favorite. You just might choose the winner!

July 27, 2015