Strategic Plan 2007 Update

Adopted by the
Monroe County Board of Trustees
January 17, 2007

Strategic Initiatives and Goals, 2007 Update
Strategic Initiative #1: To Expand Access to the Library
Goal 1: As library usage continues to expand, Monroe County residents will have excellent access to library facilities and services.

1.1.1 Continue to evaluate policies and procedures as we deal with new demands that increased usage brings - holds, browsing collection, etc.

1.1.2 Investigate alternatives to constructing a branch.

  1. Satellite service points.

  2. Lease options.

  3. Expand outreach services.

Goal 2: Library users will have more parking options and experience improved traffic flow in and around the library facility parking lots.

1.2.1 Investigate options for the parking issues at the Main Library.

  1. Discussions/partnerships with other agencies.

  2. Investigate off-site staff parking opportunities.

1.2.2 Increase available parking space for bicycles, scooters and other alternative modes of transportation, ensuring that it is covered, functional and routinely promoted in the community.

Goal 3: Make renovations and enhancements to the 2nd Floor of the Main Library -- both internal and external.

Goal 4: Continue to encourage/promote civic partnerships and cooperative alliances with the Library.

1.4.1 Develop specific guidelines for creating partnerships.

1.4.2 Work with El Centro Comunal Latino Inc. in 2007 to nurture and develop working partnership.

1.4.3 Continue to improve and refine Evans Porter Library Collection at the Banneker Center.

Strategic Initiative #2: To Provide Responsive Service
Goal 1: The Library will have effective public relations/marketing efforts.

2.1.1 Prepare for the creation of a Marketing Plan in conjunction with the new Strategic Plan.

2.1.2 Coordinate marketing efforts with a system-wide focus.

  1. Establish a year round calendar of system-wide events with timeline.

  2. Incorporate special needs/unique features/opportunities that CATS and VITAL departments provide.

  3. Develop and market the new Library Channel on CATS.

Goal 2: Through the development of a new Strategic Plan, the Library will establish a list of priority services and programs that the community has indicated are most valued.

2.2.1 Numerous surveys will be conducted -- online, telephone, in-house...

2.2.2 Focus groups for specific services -- i.e. CATS, VITAL, Outreach, etc.

2.2.3 Community forums of a broader nature.

Goal 3: The library will provide high quality and relevant collections with active collection management.

2.3.1 Continue to enhance the use/effectiveness of the new automation system -- Polaris.

2.3.2 Provide on-going training to the public.

2.3.3 Develop year round training classes for staff.

2.3.4 See that the majority of meeting room requests/reservations are handled via the Library's website and specific software provided.

2.3.5 Empower users with more self-service options, i.e. self-checkout and self-pickup of holds.

Goal 4: The Library will provide services and collections to address emerging demographic trends.

2.4.1 Investigate best ways to serve immerging populations such as seniors, Asian community and Spanish speakers -- see Goal 1.4.1.

2.4.2 Continue to enhance the centralized collection process, focusing attention on on-going communication between departments and selectors.

2.4.3 Plan for and fully implement the Foundation Center as part of the Indiana Room.

2.4.4 Establish criteria to govern the development of collections in languages other than English.

Strategic Initiative #3: To Provide a Welcoming, Central Place in the Community for All to Meet and Exchange Ideas
Goal 1: The library will be a primary community destination and gathering place.

3.1.1 Plan/implement renovations/enhancements to the 2nd Floor of the Main Library.

3.1.2 Develop projects for the Foundation to use as fundraising projects.

3.1.3 Investigate ways to increase use of the public meeting rooms and the public art gallery.

Goal 2: Library users and staff will have a safe and comfortable environment.

3.2.1 Conduct a thorough review of the facilities and make recommendations for enhancing security elements.

  1. Continue to evaluate and train staff on safety issues.

  2. Have Fire Department inspect building.

  3. Conduct periodic emergency drills at both facilities.

3.2.2 Review signage currency and efficacy -- externally and internally.

Goal 3: Customer Service will be a primary focus for all staff.

3.3.1 Incorporate Customer Service Statement into staff training.

Strategic Initiative #4: To Establish and Maintain Effective, Efficient Library Processes.
Goal 1: The Library will have an efficient organizational structure that allows for proactive management and creative leadership.

4.1.1 Continue to explore ways to improve internal communication and to provide opportunities for a wide array of staff to participate in the decision-making process:

  1. Monthly Brown Bag Lunches with the Director

  2. Internal Review Process -- modify/enhance

  3. Interview Teams -- modify/enhance

  4. All Staff Meetings -- brainstorming activities

  5. Consider a blog for the director...

Goal 2: Library staff will be adequately trained and will maintain a sound knowledge base in their area of the organization.

4.2.1 Continue to develop employee handbooks within the departments for workflow and procedural questions/answers.

  1. Conduct review sessions regarding the Personnel Manual with Human Resources Manager via All Staff Meetings.

  2. Enhance the New Employee Orientation.

  3. Implement a year long training schedule for the system -- both public and staff.

  4. Develop system-wide guidelines for selecting and using interns at MCPL.

4.2.2 Rewrite and gain approval on a new Travel/Training Policy.

  1. Establish monthly training opportunities for staff.

  2. Obtain additional funding for training via the Friends.

4.2.3 Continue to improve on the employee Work Plan process.

  1. Provide training to supervisors on how to fairly evaluate staff.

4.2.4 Develop core competencies for each job description.

4.2.5 Basic classes will be developed for all new staff as part of the New Employee Orientation model.

Goal 3: The library work environment will be progressive and incorporate best management practices.

4.3.1 Review and assist in the enhancement and documentation of the VITAL program.

4.3.2 Establish a list of Index libraries for consistent comparisons.

Goal 4. The library will operate with a high level of financial accountability.

4.4.1 Refine the Library's purchasing policy to maximize resources.

4.4.2 Maintain a five-year financial projection of anticipated revenues and expenses.

4.4.3 Establish an effective fixed asset inventory system.

4.4.4 Provide for a Peer Review of our Business Office/Accounting operations -- specific to Internal Controls.

4.4.5 Continue to review departmental staffing and to make adjustments as necessary, given service priorities and limited resources.

Goal 5: Develop options for expanding sources of revenue for the Library -- grants, Capital Projects Fund, County support of CATS, Foundation fund-raising efforts, etc.

4.5.1 Make a recommendation regarding the use of meeting rooms during non-peak hours by profit agencies.

4.5.2 Investigate and make a proposal for use of a Collection Agency to pursue billed items.

4.5.3 Begin steps for a long term development process for the Library.

4.5.4 Plan for a successful LCPF process in 2008.