Staff Picks: A Dash of Trouble by Anna Meriano

Reviewed by Alejandria G.

Leo Logroña is the youngest member of her family. And as the youngest member of her family, she is used to everyone always telling her she is too young to help.

When the annual Día de los Muertos festival approaches, Leo thinks this will finally be the year she will be asked to help with festival preparations at her family’s beloved bakery. But yet again, she is disappointed when she is told she is still too young. After sneaking out of school to make sure all is really okay at the bakery, Leo accidentally discovers the shocking family secret: she belongs to family of brujas -witches- who use their magic to bake up the sweetest (and luckiest) treats in town.

Eager to tap into her own magic ability, Leo decides to take the family magic book and practice on her secret. And when her closest friend finds herself in trouble, Leo determines that a spell is exactly what they need to fix the problem. Of course, it could always make the problem worse.

A Dash of Trouble is a sweet start to Love Sugar Magic series. Even as Leo keeps getting into more and more trouble (in the funniest possible ways), you’ll still keep rooting for her to succeed. There are even real recipes like "Leo’s Lucky Pig" and "Pan de Muerto Mensajero" to try and create after reading the book.

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