Slash Subscriptions in 2024

With so many entertainment platforms, it’s easy to stack subscriptions and blow your budget. We’re here to help you save your hard earned cash! Put away your credit card, pull out your library card, and try some of our Library services.

Instead of Netflix, plan your movie nights with Kanopy, a high-quality video streaming service with over 30,000 films. Don’t miss Kanopy’s selection of brand-new titles from BBC Film!

Instead of Audible, try Libby. With its intuitive app, Libby makes it simple to listen to audiobooks and read eBooks when, how, and where you want. Plus, Libby is compatible with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Bluetooth!

Instead of Hulu, binge watch with Hoopla. Hoopla is a one-stop shop for TV shows, movies, eBooks, audiobooks, comic books, and music. Borrow and stream thousands of titles with no waiting.

Instead of Spotify, explore Freegal Music. Freegal offers unlimited streaming of over 16 million songs, including Sony Music's entire catalog of legendary artists.

Instead of Skillshare, try LinkedIn Learning. Learn whenever and wherever you want with thousands of easy-to-follow video tutorials on web development, graphic design, audio engineering, video production, photography, marketing, business skills, and much more.

Don’t forget—our deals go beyond digital! Before you turn to Amazon, check out our Library of Things. It’s a collection of items you might not expect to find at a library, including seeds, baking equipment, ukuleles, role-playing games, and much more.

Want to see how much the Library can save you in 2024? You can track your savings when you check out physical materials from the Library. Check your receipt (print a physical copy or choose to receive one by email) to view your amount saved for the day, year, and the lifetime of your library card. While you’re at it, snap a pic and share your savings with us on social media by tagging @mcplindiana on Instagram and Facebook!