Aunt Flow period products now available

Approximately 86% of people reportedly start their period in public without the supplies they need.* The Library has selected the vendor Aunt Flow to bring free period products to patrons to help address period poverty, equity, and inclusivity within the community.

We believe that period products should be freely available and accessible to increase the wellbeing and comfort of all patrons. Many libraries and other public spaces are currently participating in this initiative, and MCPL is excited to continue these efforts in Monroe County.

Aunt Flow dispensers can be found at five other Indiana libraries, as well as 135 additional libraries across the country. Dispensers are available in restrooms at the Downtown Library, Ellettsville Branch, and Southwest Branch. The dispensers are ADA compliant and use a push button to distribute the products, which are made of 100% organic cotton. Learn more about Aunt Flow’s mission here.

*Free the Tampons, National Research Study, 2013


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