Quaranzine, Vol 3

Welcome to the third issue of the Library's community Quaranzine!

There are two different versions––one is for reading on a screen, and the other has been imposed so it can be printed at home, folded, stapled, and read in that fashion. Select short-side binding on most printers to print correctly.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this zine. Please consider contributing to the next issue, coming September 1!

This is the third publication during the era of COVID-19, and each time these zines, and the spirit of our Bloomington community, keeps getting stronger. With projects like this one, you connect with one another, get a glimpse of how others are truly feeling and thinking, and embark on a larger project together—to publish and create art. Thank you, truly, for all that continue to contribute to this project, those who are newly contributing, and for those who read it. We thank you, we care about you, and you are appreciated.

Being in quarantine for the past three months has been a struggle for every person, albeit in many different ways. While some may be sitting with the peace and reflective time with resolve, some may be bored and aching for physical collaborative life again, and some are struggling with very real issues of housing, food, and education. During this time, it is imperative to check in with your community members and help when it is possible, in whatever ways you can. A simple phone call to check in with a friend may be the difference between them having a hard mental health day and them finding some hope. Conversely, if you are struggling, don’t be afraid to reach out. Friends and family can be a great outlet for help, and may have positive isolation ideas, although there are many resources via telephone, online, or through the Library to help find community elsewhere. We are all in this together.

Per usual, this zine continues to be created as a collaboration between people who express their creativity in different ways, be that through poetry, drawing or painting, digital art, or collaging. Please consider contributing to our next Quaranzine! We love this project and will continue to make zines through this time of isolation and COVID-19. We are accepting new submissions for the next Quaranzine through August 29.

For ideas on other zines to check out, please browse mcpl.info/zines. In this blog, we highlight different zine archives that do a great job of keeping up with updated and pertinent digital zines.

Thank you to all that contributed to this project, or that are taking the time to read our zine! We can’t wait to “see” you again next month.

Call for submissions

Want to contribute to the next volume?

Send your art and thoughts in the form of an 8.5” x 5.5” page of words or images, a photograph or an image, or about 250 words about something. Recipes, pictures, fun projects, and more––all ideas that highlight the community and uplift voices are encouraged and welcome!

Please reach out to quaranzine [at] mcpl.info with any questions or entries. Submissions for the fourth volume will be accepted through August 29. Submissions will be compiled and posted to this site by early September.