The Well Said series is designed to improve the pronunciation and communication skills of beginner to advanced students from all language backgrounds. It offers a clear course plan covering the essential areas of pronunciation, including stress, rhythm, and intonation–features that research shows help students the most. Additionally, there are over 50 pages of activities that focus on consonant and vowel sounds. The intro level of Well Said is a slower-paced course that introduces the most important pronunciation features at the beginning to low-intermediate level.

This series is designed to improve pronunciation and communication for beginner-advanced English speakers. Each chapter begins with objectives and a summary, making it easy to break down learner goals into manageable chunks. One of our favorite perks of this series is the supplemental audio, found on their Student Companion website. You can access audio tracks without having to create an account. It works on all devices, including your mobile phone. This series can be used for self-study, or in a one-to-one tutoring pair. After you master the concepts learned in the intro book, you can move on to Well Said: Pronunciation for Clear Communication, Fourth Edition.

You can even try a sample lesson (PDF).

English Pronunciation

  • Pronounce it Perfectly in English

  • Well Said Intro: Pronunciation for Clear Communication

  • Mastering the American Accent

  • Pronunciation Pairs

  • Pronunciation Practice: the Sounds of North American English

  • The American Accent Guide

  • American Accent Training

  • Perfecting Your English Pronunciation

  • The Lost Secret of Speaking Perfect English: the Moving Mouth Dictionary

  • Clear Speech: Pronunciation and Listening Comprehension

  • Clear Speech from the Start

  • English Pronunciation Made Simple

  • Focus on Pronunciation 1