2019 Be More Award Recipients are VITAL

Be More Awards 2019

The ​​City of Bloomington Volunteer Network Be More Awards is the local community's way of honoring and applauding the outstanding, but often unrecognized efforts of its volunteers. Ten awards are presented annually during a celebration honoring nominees in which a $500 check is presented to each of the recipient's volunteer organizations in honor of their outstanding service.

Congratulations to Volunteers in Tutoring Adult Learners (VITAL) tutor Molly Gleeson for winning the 2019 Be More Knowledgeable (Education/Literacy) award, and to VITAL tutor David White for winning the 2019 Be More Dedicated (Lifetime of Service) award.

Molly Gleeson has been an adult literacy tutor with VITAL since August of 2012. With 1 of every 10 adults in Monroe County in need of help with literacy and language skills, her service is of great value. Molly's commitment to VITAL goes above and beyond the scope of a volunteer tutor. She freely offers her passion, intellect, time, and energy to this program and plans imaginative and inspiring real-life activities. Molly‘s generous nature and giving personality have impacted more than just those individuals who received tutoring, her diligent thoughtful efforts have also inspired fellow volunteers.

In partnership with South Central Community Action Program (SCCAP), David White currently is editor, publisher and financial supporter of the Safety-Net free community newspaper. David started Safety-Net in 2005 and continues to be the main organizer. He has called for community action on issues of the environment, civil rights, homelessness, and education. For those who lack resources, David provides what the overburdened system cannot. By his direct service, he has filled many unmet needs of social service agencies and more importantly given non-judgmental support to folks experiencing hard times. David White is a tremendous asset to people in need, to nonprofit organizations, and government agencies in Bloomington. David is also a VITAL tutor.

David and Molly are exemplary examples of the dedicated volunteers at VITAL, who by improving the lives of individuals one-by-one, improve our community at large.