Requests and Holds

Requesting and Holding Library Items

It's a top priority of ours: a collection that meets our community's demand for great books, music, movies, and more. If what you're looking for isn't available at the moment, we'll do our best to help you explore other options.

Placing Hold Requests

If an item in our collection is checked out, it's easy to request that we hold it for you upon its return. Just place a hold through the our catalog, wait for the notification that it's ready for you, then pick it up at the location you've designated. Requested items may be picked up at the Library location of your choice, including the Bookmobile and Outreach Van.

To place a hold on an item:

  • Log in to My Account
  • Locate the item you'd like in the Library Catalog
  • To the right of the item's name, choose 'Place Hold'
  • From the 'Pickup Library' drop-down menu on the Place a Request page, choose where you would like to pick up your Hold
  • The default Activation Date for your Hold Request is today; if you would like to set a different Activation Date, enter it in the Activation Date field
  • Choose 'Submit Request'

If others have already placed a Hold on the item, your Hold Request will fall into a waitlist. You can view your holds status in "My Account."


Common Hold Statuses

  • Active: When you request a hold, its status is automatically set to active. The system is actively looking for items to fill your request.
  • Cancelled: A hold you cancelled yourself or that staff cancelled because it was left on the holds shelf too long or can't be fulfilled at this time.
  • Expired: A hold that was not filled at a specified time.
  • Held: The item is on the specified "Holds Pickup" shelf and is ready to be picked up. If you no longer need one of your held items, please email libraryckout [at] or call (812) 349-3050.
  • Inactive: An inactive request has an activation date set for the future. You can set holds as inactive to make sure you don't miss a hold while you are on vacation, for example.
  • Pending: The hold on the item can be filled by an item at the Library, but it has not yet been placed on the specified "Holds Pickup" shelf.
  • Shipped: A shipped request means that an item was found at another branch and is en route to the requested pickup branch.
  • Unclaimed: When a held item is not picked up within seven days, the request status automatically changes from held to unclaimed.

You may only have 50 active, pending, or held items in your account at any time.

Depending on the particular eLibrary platform, digital materials (eBooks, streaming media, etc.) may not be immediately accessible as well. Some eLibrary platforms allow you to place a hold on these items; please see their help pages or contact us for assistance.

Is someone else picking up your Hold items? See "Checking Out for Someone Else" on our Borrowing and Fees page.

Suspending and Canceling Hold Requests

You can cancel Hold Requests at any time, or suspend them, reactivating them when you're ready.

To suspend or cancel hold requests on our items:

  • Log in to My Account
  • Select 'My Hold Requests in the left-hand navigation block
  • Check the boxes next to Hold Requests you'd like to suspend
  • Choose 'Suspend/Reactivate Selected' or 'Cancel Selected' below the list of your Hold Requests
  • Enter a reactivate date and choose 'Submit'

Grant Holds Permissions to Other Library Card Holders

You can give other library card holders permission to pick up your holds for you. Log into your Library account and fill out the 'Grant Holds Permissions to Other Library Card Holders' form. You can follow these step-by-step instructions on filling out the form.

Borrowing From Other Libraries, Including Interlibrary Loan

If you don't find what you're looking for in our collection, we recommend visiting Indiana University Libraries. All residents of Indiana are entitled to a free Library Card for use at IU Libraries—that's almost 8 million books at the Bloomington campus alone! You can search IUCAT to see what's in their collection, and see their borrowing policies for more information.

Outside of IU Libraries, Interlibrary Loan enables regional libraries to lend to one another. You may fill out an interlibrary loan request through us. Please note that our ability to borrow through Interlibrary Loan is limited.

These items may not be requested via ILL:

  • Audiovisual materials (CD, DVD)
  • Books published within the last 6 months
  • Books held at IU Bloomington libraries
    • Patrons may check out items from IU Libraries with a state ID at no cost

Suggesting a Purchase

We're always looking for recommendations for our collection! You can request that we purchase specific items by completing a Suggestion for Purchase form.

See related information on our Borrowing and Fees page.