Advice for Adults Bringing Children to the Library

Parents, Teachers, Childcare Staff, Babysitters:

If you bring children to the library, you are responsible for each child's behavior and well-being.

Library staff CANNOT ensure the safety of any library patron.

A public building is not a safe environment for a crawling baby or a toddler. To avoid injury, children under the age of 3 must be in close proximity (within sight) of an adult responsible for their safety. 

You must be present to watch and guide any child under 7 years old.

You need to monitor behavior for any child until you are sure the child is mature enough to follow the rules on their own, and can take responsibility for their own safety. Parents remain responsible for their children even when the parent is not present in the building.

Please make every effort to avoid bringing a sick/contagious child to the library.

If you are in charge of a group of children of any age, you must stay with them and ensure their behavior and well-being while they are in the library.

Remember the basic principle that in this shared space, no one person's behavior may interfere with some one else's use of the library.

Some areas of the library are primarily intended for adult use. Children will need closer supervision in these areas.

If you are with a young child who continues crying, please take the child away from the public areas until the child is calm again.

If a child has conflicts with other children in the library, you need to intervene to help them resolve the conflicts. Things must be shared and people must take turns.

Young children need assistance using computers. Always help your pre-reading child use the computers in the right way. 

Please talk with your child about safety issues that might arise in a public building, and determine a meeting place in the event your child becomes lost.

PLEASE NOTE: If a parent or caregiver places a child in a position of danger through neglect, we must report the situation to child protection agencies.