Personalized Recommendations for Children's Books

Trying to find the perfect books for yourself or for a young person in your life? We can help!

Complete this form and you'll get up to 10 title recommendations for you to consider.

This form is for children’s material (aimed at birth–11 year olds) and for resources for caregivers and educators of preschoolers and school-age children. If you’re looking for adult or teen material please use the adult recommendation or teen recommendation form.

If you know of a specific book that you’d like, please place a hold through our catalog rather than using this form. If you know of a specific book that you’d like but it isn't in our catalog, please complete the suggest a purchase form.

You can be as general (“books about butterflies” or “surprise me with picture books!”) or specific (“books about yellow butterflies with stripes!”) as you like and we will do our best to find the right books for you!