Tips on Writing a Book Review

Whether you love or hate a book, a book review is the perfect way to share your opinion on what you read. But what makes a good review?

  • Set the scene!
    Who is the main character and what is the issue they face? What do they want and what gets in the way? Where do they live and go to school?
  • Introduce the topic.
    If you notice a theme in the book such as love, friendship, bullying, etc. make a note of that so your readers know what kind of book it is!
  • Tease the reader without giving away everything!
    Make the person reading your review want to read the book. A good technique is to ask a question at the end of your review, such as “Will John ever be able to defeat the alien overlord and find his family?”
  • Mention readalikes.
    If your book is similar to another book, you can mention the readalike in your review to attract readers. For example, if you were writing about a book with a kid who has magical powers who solves mysteries with their friends while defeating evil, you could mention that fans of Harry Potter may also like your book.

If you’re writing a book review for school, make sure to check with your teacher or your assignment for any other special requirements you’ll need to include in your book review.

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