Library Visit Request

Please fill out the form below to schedule a visit to the Library for your group or students at a time when a Children’s librarian can provide a guided visit or research instruction.

  • Please provide at least two weeks' advance notice.
  • If arranging for research instruction, please read Library Research Instruction: Information for Teachers. If planning a preschool field trip, read these tips for planning your preschool field trip. Currently, all classroom visits will be virtual visits. Please let us know if you have software or other requirements for conducting a virtual visit with your students. We can host the visits on Zoom, or the school can host the visit whichever is necessary.
(only to be used the day of the field trip in case of an emergency)
(e.g. research instruction*; librarian led storytime; instruction on early literacy topics for teachers, staff, or organizations, etc.)
Upon confirmation, we will ask you for each student's specific research topic, if known in advance of Library visit.
Thank you for using our online request form. When you click on "Submit", a Children's Librarian will receive your information and contact you within the next few days. If you have any immediate questions, please call Monroe County Public Library Children's Services at (812) 349-3050.