In order to carry out its mission and provide exemplary service to customers, the Monroe County Public Library strives to be an employer of choice in the Bloomington region as well as among public libraries nationwide.

The Library recognizes that pay is one of several factors involved in successful recruitment and retention as well as in being an employer of choice. The Library’s strategy is to attract, develop, and retain talented, motivated, creative, engaged, and high-performing employees.

To achieve this strategy the Library will strive to be competitive with the identified market by:

  • Periodically evaluating the classification and compensation plan, including:
    • reviewing positions for significant changes in job responsibilities and reflecting updates in job descriptions
    • reviewing relevant salary survey data and aligning current Library positions and pay ranges
  • Providing employees with appropriate training, development, and job enrichment opportunities.
  • Maintaining a workplace that respects and appreciates the efforts of all employees and provides recognition for performance, contribution, knowledge, skills, and experience.
  • Complying with applicable laws, regulations and contracts.

In addition to base compensation, the Library also considers the value of non-monetary components, including the importance of work/life balance and a pleasant and positive work environment, among other workplace attributes and opportunities.

The Library Board and Administration assume responsibility for the on-going administration, update and revision of the compensation plan and philosophy. 

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees July 17, 2019