Pursuant to HEA1437, signed into law on April 20, 2021, Public Library Board members may attend a meeting electronically in the absence of a declared emergency. Library Boards must first adopt a written policy with procedures for electronic participation. This policy will serve as the guideline for participation in electronic meetings of the Monroe County Public Library Board of Trustees.
  • Board members may participate in meetings electronically as long as the technology permits simultaneous communication between board members and also permits the public to simultaneously attend and observe.
  • At least half the board members must be present in person (four of the seven).
  • Board members attending electronically may be counted present and may vote on matters presented before the board. Board members must be able to be both seen and heard to participate in any final action (vote).
  • All votes taken during a meeting with electronic attendees must be taken by roll call vote.
  • Board members may not attend electronically for more than half the board meetings in a year unless due to military service, illness/medical condition, death of relative, or certain emergencies.
  • Electronic participation is not permitted if the board is taking final action on budget adoption; personnel reduction; referendum initiation; establishment, increase, or renewal of fee, penalty, or tax.
  • Board members may attend meetings via electronic means for two consecutive meetings and then must either attend in person or provide an allowable reason.
  • Meeting minutes must state the names of each board member, including who was present in person, who attended electronically, who was absent, and must indicate the means of electronic meetings.
In the event of a declared emergency, the Board may meet electronically with less restrictive provisions, including a quorum participating in person or electronically (or as defined by executive order), the public may attend and observe, and roll call votes are recorded.
Approved by the Library Board of Trustees May 19, 2021