The following policy outlines the criteria and procedures for naming opportunities associated with the Monroe County Public Library. Careful consideration must be given in any naming opportunity to ensure the associated name aligns with Library values, reputation, and public good/support. This policy is in place to ensure proper vetting and consultation before making decisions.


Authority for Naming Opportunities

The Board of Trustees of the Monroe County Public Library (MCPL) shall have sole responsibility for naming, renaming or removing names from Library facilities, parts of facilities/and or properties, programs, equipment, collections, and/or other library services.

The criteria for naming in this policy constitutes minimum standards. The Board of Trustees retains full discretion to decline to adopt a naming proposal that otherwise appears to meet the stated criteria. The Library Board of Trustees is responsible for establishing policies related to naming rights and recognition and may modify such policies from time to time, or as individual circumstances require.

Unless waived by the Library Board of Trustees, any Library facilities, parts of facilities/and or properties, programs, equipment, collections, and/or other Library services shall not be named for: political candidates, elected officials, religious organizations or institutions.

In order to avoid any appearance of commercial influence or conflict of interest or other potentially adverse consequences or distractions to the Library’s use or reputation as a public entity, additional due diligence shall be undertaken before recommending naming opportunities that include a commercial enterprise.


Process for Board Consideration of Naming Opportunities

Naming Opportunity requests may be initiated by an individual, family, charitable organization, foundation, and/or corporation who submits a Letter of Interest along with appropriate supporting documentation to the President of the Monroe County Public Library Board of Trustees. The President will establish a Naming Committee of at least three Trustees to review the proposal and make a recommendation for approval, refinement, or rejection of the proposal to the full Board of Trustees.

A standard legal agreement between the donor and the Library Board containing terms and conditions must be reviewed and signed by both parties. The agreement will outline the amount of the gift, period of naming recognition, payment terms, and any other terms pertinent to the naming opportunity.

No publicity on the recommendation for naming shall be given until the proposed gift is approved by the Library Board and the funding is secured.

The Foundation of the Monroe County Public Library may coordinate fundraising initiatives in support of Library projects. In this case, the Library Foundation will work with the Library Director to identify fundraising goals with potential naming opportunities and appropriate donation levels for each opportunity. The Naming Committee shall review proposals for Library Foundation fundraising campaigns and shall present the naming opportunity plan to the Library Board for approval. Upon approval, the Foundation will be authorized to actively seek donors and offer the naming opportunities identified in the Board-approved plan. Once the Foundation has secured funding, consistent with their fundraising methods, the donation will be transferred to the Library and the project will be managed and administered through standard Board and Library processes.


Duration of Naming Rights

The duration of naming rights will be determined at the time of the donation and described in the legal agreement following these guidelines:

  • Facilities and properties. Naming rights will remain as long as the facility/area of library/property exists without significant updates or changes to its specified use.
  • For all other name recognition opportunities, recognition will remain in place for the earlier of five years or the useful life of the item.


Conditions for Rescinding a Naming Agreement

All naming agreements with the Library Board of Trustees include a clause giving the Library Board the power to rescind a naming agreement with any donor - individual, family, charitable organization, or corporation whose policies, principles, goals, or values are in conflict with those of Monroe County Public Library. All such decisions will be made in consultation with legal counsel.


Naming Opportunities Categories

There are two general categories of naming opportunities:

Naming for Honorarium for Service

Naming for honorarium of service will be considered by the Board of Trustees for a nominee who has provided extensive distinguished service to the Library. These are considered when the depth and breadth of the individual’s contributions are obvious, compelling and reflect outstanding dedication to the Library over a significant period of time.

Philanthropic Benefactor Naming

The Library seeks private funding to enhance its ability to provide for services and amenities to better serve the needs of the community. Benefactor naming recognizes substantial financial contributions by donors and considers the value of the gift in addition to considerations of the appropriateness of associating the donor’s name with MCPL. Naming Opportunities can be offered to an individual, family, organization, foundation or corporation in recognition of a substantial financial contribution. Contribution levels for naming opportunities are based on Library need, square footage, or operational costs and may be reviewed and updated periodically by the Library Board of Trustees.


General Guidelines

  • All naming opportunities must reflect the spirit of the Library’s mission.
  • All solicitations for naming opportunities must be coordinated through the Monroe County Public Library Foundation. Contributions may qualify for tax deductions through the Foundation’s 501(c)(3) status. Tax receipts are not issued for contributions made directly to the Library.
  • Naming due to a philanthropic contribution shall be finalized only after the financial commitment has been honored in full and not on the basis of a pledge for future funds.


Signage and Recognition

Plaques, signage and other recognition vehicles will be placed in appropriate locations and will be consistent with the Library’s brand guidelines, image and design requirements.

Promotion and publicity will occur after Library Board approval.


Approved by the Library Board of Trustees October 19, 2022