Programming Mission:

Monroe County Public Library offers programs that create connections among the community and the Library’s resources to enrich lives and provide opportunities to read, learn, connect, and create.


A program sponsored by the Library is an event in which Library employees are involved in the planning, implementation, and/or evaluation, regardless of locale or time commitment. Library programs are considered a core service and are designed to support the overall mission of the Library.


  1. The Library focuses its programming efforts on meeting community needs and promoting Library resources to further the mission of the Library.
  2. All programs are developed in accordance with the Library’s strategic goals and include a method for evaluation.
  3. Library programs are free of charge and non-commercial in nature. (With prior arrangement, performers may sell and sign copies of their work as a supplement to the content of the program.)
  4. The Library generally avoids competing with other community agencies offering free programs.
  5. Programs may be educational, informational, or for entertainment and are intended to create an engaging Library experience.
  6. Library program audiences include patrons, potential Library patrons, teachers, students, families, caregivers, non-profit organizations, and the Bloomington/Monroe County community at large.
  7. The Library is committed to providing equal opportunities and equal access to Library facilities and programs. The Library may restrict access to programs with a stated target audience (e.g., by age).
  8. Every attempt will be made to accommodate all who wish to attend a program. Attendance may be limited, however, when the safety or success of a program requires it.
  9. Program partnerships with community organizations or corporate sponsorship of programs should aim to reach a broad audience, enhance the Library’s image in the community, support the Library’s mission, and benefit both parties.
  10. Programs that continue to meet community needs or further the mission of the Library may be offered on a recurring basis. However, the Library has limited time, resources, funds, and personnel to support programs. Proposals and requests for programs which do not fit the Library’s needs and schedule may be refused by program coordinators.
  11. The Library follows a tri-annual program planning cycle. Programs are planned and promoted three to five months in advance.
  12. Appropriate effort will be made to provide programs as advertised. The Library reserves the right to cancel any program where unavoidable conflicts arise.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees July 17, 2019