Indiana Room

The Indiana Room has reopened with a capacity of ten. Please limit your use to one hour if others are waiting. If your visit may be shortened or improved by providing advance notice of your query details, email indianaroom [at] a few days before you plan to come in. If demand for this service is not too overwhelming, we will gladly set materials out for quick digest, scanning, or photocopying. We expect there to be high demand for local newspapers on microfilm.


Field NotesMonroe County Field Notes

Monroe County Field Notes is a virtual dig to uncover stories about 19th-century landmarks and people, from 1816–1876. It's fun and free to get involved and your research will help us diversify our community’s history! Register and start researching.



  • Monroe County Timeline
  • Monroe County Courthouse
  • Margaret McCalla

Monroe County Timeline

The authoritative and popular index of our county's historical and curiously interesting events.

See also: Library History Timeline.

  • Monroe County Index
  • Bath Once a Luxury
  • Theodore Dreiser
  • Amzi Atwater

Monroe County Index

A finding aid for items held in the Indiana Room including:
Vertical File folders, microfilm and more.

  • Indiana Bedrock
  • Monroe County Public Library
  • McIlveen Portfolio
  • Matthews Family

Indiana Bedrock

Limestone industry archives related to Matthews Brothers Stone Company, an Ellettsville, IN, limestone quarry operating 1862–1978.

  • W. M. Alexander
  • Military Papers
  • Dillman Diary
  • At War and At Home
  • Collage Photo, 1860

At War and At Home

Examine what Bloomington and Monroe County were like before, during, and after the Civil War, 1855-1875.

  • Men on Railcar
  • The Smithville News
  • Formal Portrait
  • Trisler

The Smithville News

A Digital Collection of Smithville's History 1897-1915.

  • Shop Notes
  • 1930 Yearbook
  • Monroe County Community Collections
  • 1957 Plat Map

Monroe County Community Collections

Early Monroe County historical and cultural records and documents.

  • Monroe County Obituary Index

Monroe County Obituary Index

Covers most of the Bloomington newspapers (1824 – current month).

  • Bloomington High School Yearbook, 1941
  • Gothic, 1956
  • 1956 Yearbook
  • Monroe County Yearbook Index

Monroe County Yearbook Index

Includes names of students who attended area middle and high schools in Monroe County and who were included in their yearbook.





Local and Family History