Reference Solutions is the premier source for business and residential information for reference and research. Previously known as ReferenceUSA.
The database has information on over 24 million businesses as well as 89 million residential listings. Reference Solutions also provides information on over 2.5 million job postings and more than 800,000 physicians and dentists.
If you are a business owner or are an entrepreneur planning on starting a business, you can use Reference Solutions to research the competition and your potential market.  You can select a location and conduct a search of similar businesses in an area defined by you.  You can look up how long your competition has been in business as well as their sales volume, number of employees and credit rating.
Students can use Reference Solutions to perform powerful searches for research papers and class projects.
Do you have an interview with a company you know nothing about?  Use Reference Solutions to acquire background knowledge that may give you an edge in the interview.  Reference Solutions has details for millions of U.S. businesses, including human resource contacts and links to job postings.


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