Celebrate Winter

Cozy up with these excellent winter reading picks!

In a Holidaze

Christina Lauren
Adult Fiction - Lauren

Maelyn Jones, stuck in a dead-end job and still living at home with her parents, looks forward to her yearly holiday trek to Utah. In a Park City cabin, Maelyn and her family celebrate the season with other families including the Hollis’, owners of the cabin and whose son, Andrew, is her lifelong crush. When the Hollis’ announce their intention of selling the cabin and ending the Christmas tradition, Maelyn wishes for a chance to find happiness (preferably with Andrew). Finding herself reliving the same week over and over, Maelyn gets several chances at making things work. Groundhog Day meets The Holiday in this fun and cheerful read.

An Indiana Christmas

Bryan Furuness
820.8033 Ind

Editor Bryan Furuness brings together a collection of Christmas stories with Hoosier ties to get readers in the holiday spirit. Included are works by James Whitcomb Riley, Kurt Vonnegut, and Jean Shepherd, whose “In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash” inspired A Christmas Story. Stories of family, love, hope, and giving inspire readers for the holiday season.

The Light in the Dark: A Winter Journal

Horatio Clare
Adult Nonfiction - 508.2 Cla

A memoir from Welsh travel writer Horatio Clare, The Light in the Dark is a look into a British winter from the perspective of someone suffering from seasonal affective disorder. Written as diary entries, Clare shares memories of past Christmases, beautiful winter landscapes across the Welsh countryside, and the birth of his son, born in January. His focus on happy winter memories does not work, but after seeking medical advice, he learns of simple ways to treat his depression. No matter how dark winter feels, the promise of spring burns bright.

The Red, Red Snow

Caro Ramsay
Adult Fiction - MYS Ramsay

Detectives Anderson and Costello, reunited partners with a complicated past, attempt to connect a series of murders during Christmastime. With no motive, no witnesses, and few clues left in the snowy landscape, the detectives must work together to solve the mystery. Set in Scotland, the story takes readers through the streets of Glasgow to the Highland countryside.

The Romanov Empress: A Novel of Tsarina Maria Feodorovna

C. W. Gortner
Adult Fiction - Gortner

A fictional account of Maria Feodorovna, born a Danish princess and married to the Romanov heir. Her father-in-law, Alexander II, enacts liberal policies such as the abolition of serfdom. Upon his assassination, her husband becomes Tsar Alexander III and retaliates against any opposition. A tale that spans three emperors, The Romanov Empress explores power, revolution, and family dynamics.

The Santa Suit

Mary Kay Andrews
Adult Fiction - Andrews

Ivy Perkins is looking for changes in her life. Recently divorced, she purchases a farmhouse sight-unseen. Amongst the clutter left from the previous owners, Ivy discovers an old Santa suit with a handwritten note wishing for a father’s safe return from the war. Determined to figure out if the man ever returned, Ivy searches for answers as she discovers her new home.

Spinning Silver

Naomi Novik
Adult Fiction - SF Novik

A fantasy medieval tale with elements of the classic “Rumplestiltskin” story, Spinning Silver focuses on Miryem, a business-savvy daughter who takes over her father’s failing enterprise. She seemingly turns copper and silver into gold by accumulating and selling debts for services and goods others want. This attracts the attention of the Staryk, coldhearted fairies who covet gold. Set against a winter landscape, Miryem accepts the challenge to turn fairy silver into gold. Success will make Miryem a queen; failure has chilling consequences.

A Surprise for Christmas and Other Seasonal Mysteries

Martin Edwards
- editor
Adult Fiction - MYS Surpris

Cozy up over the holiday season with a collection of British mysteries compiled by editor Martin Edwards. Included are stories about a postman murdered on his way to deliver Christmas cards, a Christmas pine tree growing near the scene of an unsolved homicide, and a Yuletide jewelry heist gone terribly wrong. A page-turner full of short stories for the sleuth to enjoy under a blanket on a cold night.

We Gather Together: A Nation Divided, a President in Turmoil, and a Historic Campaign to Embrace Gratitude and Grace

Denise Kiernan
Adult Nonfiction - 394.2649 Kie

A look into the concept of gratitude driven by the story of Sarah Josepha Hale. Hale, a widowed mother with no formal education, campaigned for the holiday of Thanksgiving to receive national recognition at a time the country was at war with itself. With a supporting cast of Abraham Lincoln, Sojourner Truth, Walt Whitman, and Norman Rockwell, Kiernan shows readers how strong-willed people in difficult times can create lasting legacies.

Winter in Sokcho

Elisa Shua Dusapin
Adult Fiction - Dusapin

It’s off-season in Sokcho, a South Korean beach town near the DMZ. A French Korean woman working in the town meets a foreigner keen to learn the “real” Korea. He entices her into taking excursions to snowy mountaintops and risky trips to the North, far from the neon-lit streets she is used to. Through her interactions with the foreigner, she appreciates her strength, intelligence, and independence.