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  • Year Published: 1978


    Filled with unforgettable music, the film reverberates with raucous comedy, special concert appearances and non-stop entertainment! Jeff Dugan, L.A.s top rock deejay and program director, presides over an eclectic family of co-workers that has blasted QSKYs popularity with listeners into the stratosphere. Unfortunately, Dugans successful operational format is hit with a blizzard of static when the stations money-hungry corporate officers intervene and attempt to enforce major changes that would

  • Year Published: 2009

    Food, Inc.

    Explores the U.S. commercial food industry, examining corporate control of supply and market. The film seeks to demonstrate how the incentive for corporate profit can overwhelm consumer health needs, as well as the livelihood of the American farmer, the safety of workers and the environment. Reveals various details of food ingredients and additives, and how contemporary mass production methods of food affects U.S. culture.

  • Year Published: 2023

    Superman & Lois Season 3

    Season three of SUPERMAN & LOIS opens weeks after Superman's defeat of Ally Allston. Clark and Lois are now working at the Smallville Gazette together and enjoying small town life. But the Kents' romantic bliss only shines a light on how isolating "the secret" can be. Lois' own work-life balance is put to the test when an undercover assignment reveals a deadly foe that threatens her family.

  • Year Published: 2008

    Keeping up appearances- the full bouquet

  • Year Published: 2023

    William Shatner- You Can Call Me Bill

    An intimate portrait of William Shatner's personal journey across nine decades of a boldly lived and fully realized life, YOU CAN CALL ME BILL strips away all the masks he has worn during his storied career, to reveal the man behind it all.

  • Year Published: 2024

    On the Adamant

    Winner of the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, On the Adamant is an affecting, enlightening documentary from nonfiction master Nicolas Philibert (To Be and to Have, In the Land of the Deaf). It invites viewers to come aboard the Adamant and witness the transformational power of art and community. The Adamant is a one-of-a-kind place: a floating refuge on the Seine River in the heart of Paris that offers day programs for adults with mental illnesses. Its attendees come from across the ci

  • Year Published: 2023

    The Madame Blanc Mysteries Series 3

    Ex-pat antiques dealer Jean White solves new mysteries in Sainte Victoire, from a deep-sea diving mishap to a historical duel, alongside her friend-and flirting partner-Dom. "Enjoyably gentle Gallic whodunit" -Telegraph.

  • Year Published: 2024

    Lawmen - Bass Reeves

    It follows the journey of Reeves and his rise from enslavement to law enforcement as one of the first Black U.S. Deputy Marshals west of the Mississippi. Despite arresting over 3,000 outlaws during his career, the weight of the badge was heavy, and he wrestled with its moral and spiritual cost to his beloved family. This release features over two hours of special features, including an exclusive interview with Production Designer, Wynn Thomas (Malcolm X, Hidden Figures).

  • Year Published: 2024

    One Life

    Tells the true story of Sir Nicholas 'Nicky' Winton, a young London broker, who, along with Trevor Chadwick, and Doreen Warriner of the British Committee for Refugees in Czechoslovakia, rescued 669 children from the Nazis in the months leading up to World War II. Fifty years later, it's 1988 and Nicky lives haunted by the fate of the children he wasn't able to bring to safety in England, always blaming himself for not doing more. It's not until a live BBC television show, 'That's Life!', surpris

  • Year Published: 2012

    Elite squad- the enemy within

  • Year Published: 1982


    Conjured from the unholy meeting of two iconoclastic queer artists, Rainer Werner Fassbinder's final film audaciously raises Jean Genet's controversial novel to the level of myth. In an expressionistic soundstage vision of a French seaport town bathed in fiery reds and complete with phallic spires a strapping sailor and unrepentant criminal comes ashore to arouse passion, rivalry, and violence among the libidinal denizens drawn into his orbit. Enacted with dreamlike stylization by a cast of inte

  • Year Published: 1999

    Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

    A modern crime comedy about four lads getting in over their heads in London's underworld. Contains all-new bonus material.

  • Year Published: 1983

    Dressed in Blue (Vestida De Azul)

    One of the best trans films you've likely never heard of, Antonio Gime´nez-Rico's landmark 1983 documentary explores the lives and loves of a group of six transgender women living in Madrid in the years following Spain's transition to democracy. But more than that, it's a loving portrait of a culture finally emerging from the shadows after being hidden for far too long.

  • Year Published: 2018

    The Commander - the complete collection

    Leading New Scotland Yard's Murder Review Team has Commander Clare Blake feeling trapped in her office. Eager to get back to investigative work, Blake welcomes a transfer to the Homicide and Serious Crime division, where she's assigned to a slate of difficult cases. Ambitious, imperious, and dedicated, Blake keeps her private life separate from her work, until two deeply personal crimes threaten everything she has worked for.

  • Year Published: 2023

    American Fiction

    Monk is a frustrated novelist who's fed up with the establishment that profits from Black entertainment that relies on tired and offensive tropes. To prove his point, he uses a pen name to write an outlandish Black book of his own, a book that propels him to the heart of hypocrisy and the madness he claims to disdain.

  • Year Published: 2024

    The beekeeper

    One man's brutal campaign for vengeance takes on national dangers after he is revealed to be a former operative of a powerful and cover organization known as "Beekeepers."

  • Year Published: 2023

    Titanic- The Musical

    From composer Maury Yeston, five-time Tony Award® winner Titanic The Musical recounts the hopes, dreams and aspirations of all on board her fateful maiden voyage. From the ship's owner, her builder, the millionaire first class passengers to the third class dreaming of a new life in America. This stunning and stirring production is 'Breathtaking' (The Guardian) and 'Magnificent' (The Telegraph).

  • Year Published: 2004

    Silver streak [Motion picture - 1976]

  • Year Published: 2003

    Indianapolis 500 - the 90's - a decade of change

    Relive the closest finish in the history of the Indianapolis 500, Luyendyk rewriting the record books, and Lazier's run for Indy glory. The decade also saw the retirement of some of racing's giants, including Foyt, Andretti, Rutherford, and Unser.

  • Year Published: 2024

    French girl [Motion picture - 2024]

  • Year Published: 2023

    Faceless After Dark

    Following her breakout success as the star of a killer clown horror flick, Bowie now finds herself struggling to capitalize on its success. But when she is suddenly held hostage by an unhinged fan posing as that same killer clown, horror becomes her reality as she fights to survive the night and escape before he completes his sinister plan to recreate the film's fatal plot.

  • Year Published: 2005

    Hamish Macbeth. Series one

    Police constable Hamish Macbeth keeps the peace in the small Scottish town of Lochdubh in his own unique way.

  • Year Published: 2004


  • Year Published: 2004

    Cocoon - the return

    In this sequel to Cocoon, the senior citizens who left Earth for Antarea where people live free from sickness and pain return to their families and friends. They find it hard to face human realities on Earth such as age, illness and personal loss, but soon come to realize that, even with its frailties, life on Earth may not be so bad after all.

  • Year Published: 2018


    Anne and Bob, a well-to-do American couple, have just moved to a beautiful manor house in romantic Paris. To impress their sophisticated friends, they decide to host a lavish dinner party, but must disguise their maid, Maria as a noblewoman to even out the number of guests. When the maid runs off with a wealthy guest, Anne must chase her around Paris to thwart the joyous and unexpected love affair.

  • Year Published: 2014

    Blood feud [Motion Picture - 1978]

    Titina is a happily married Sicilian housewife, but like so many others, is widowed early in life when her husband is brutally murdered by the Mafia. After spending ten years away, Spalione returns home and falls in love with Titina. Also returning to avenge his cousin's death is Nick, a small-time crook who also falls for his cousin's widow. In the deadly game of love - as in war - there is always a winner and loser.

  • Year Published: 2011

    Puccini - Il Trittico

    A production of Puccini's triptych of powerfully contrasted one-act operas. Under the baton of Music Director Antonio Pappano and staged by the ever-inventive Richard Jones, Il tabarro intensely evokes 1930s French cinema, Suor Angelica brings a heart-wrenching central performance from Ermonela Jaho and Gianni Schicchi rounds off events in a suitably riotous fashion.

  • Year Published: 1991

    Career Opportunities

    A young slacker gets a job at Target as a night janitor and meets a pretty girl who fell asleep in one of the dressing rooms.

  • Year Published: 2012

    Save the Date

    After Sarah breaks up with her boyfriend, she turns to Beth, her sister, for support. However, Beth is too busy obsessing over the details of her own wedding. When Sarah finds herself caught up in a rebound romance, she is forced to examine her fears of commitment and vulnerability and decide if she is better off staying single or risking everything on love.

  • Year Published: 2024

    The crime is mine = Mon crime

    After a struggling actress stands trial for the murder of a lascivious producer in 1930s Paris, she ascends to scandalous stardom with her lawyer roommate. A new life of fame, wealth, and tabloid celebrity awaits, until the truth comes out.

  • Year Published: 2009

    Street fighter- the legend of Chun-Li

  • Year Published: 2023

    Orlando, My Political Biography

    Paul B. Preciado's documentary invites a diverse group of trans and nonbinary people to perform interpretations of Virginia Woolf's novel Orlando, interrogating its relevance in the ongoing struggle to secure dignity for trans people worldwide.

  • Year Published: 2004

    The name of the rose

  • Year Published: 2024

    Godzilla x Kong - the new empire [Motion Picture - 2024]

    Relegated to Hollow Earth, Kong feels lonely and continues to search for his family, but instead finds a fearsome enemy imprisoned and on the verge of breaking out to conquer the humans. Alongside his human family -- Jia, Ilene, Trapper, and Bernie -- he ventures above ground to recruit help from Godzilla and other Titans, but making allies from old enemies is never easy!

  • Year Published: 2007


    The original slasher film about Michael Myers, the psychotic killer who dons a mask and terrorizes his hometown, is re-imagined by edgy director Rob Zombie. Includes commentary with Rob Zombie.

  • Year Published: 2024

    Fallen leaves = Kuolleet lehdet

    "A timeless, hopeful and ultimately satisfying love story about two lonely souls' path to happiness--and the numerous hurdles they encounter along the way. Set in contemporary Helsinki"--

  • Year Published: 1971

    Black God, White Devil

    Myth, mysticism, and revolution collide in a blistering existential western from Glauber Rocha, the father of Brazil's socially committed Cinema Novo movement. After killing his swindling boss, ranch hand Manoel goes on the run with his wife, Rosa. In the stark hinterlands, they join forces with armed bandits and pledge allegiance to a self-styled holy man who preaches revolt against rich landowners while perpetrating unspeakable acts of violence against the innocent. Suffused with antiauthorita

  • Year Published: 2024

    Godzilla X Kong- The New Empire

    The epic battle continues! Legendary Pictures' cinematic Monsterverse follows up the explosive showdown of "Godzilla vs. Kong" with an all-new adventure that pits the almighty Kong and the fearsome Godzilla against a colossal undiscovered threat hidden within our world, challenging their very existence, and our own. This film delves further into the histories of these Titans and their origins, as well as the mysteries of Skull Island and beyond, while uncovering the mythic battle that helped for

  • Year Published: 2024

    Grantchester Season 9

    In Season 9, it's 1961 and life is good for Will and Geordie. The families are always together, from Sunday lunches to planning summer holidays and with honorary grandparents Mrs. C and Jack, and adopted uncles Daniel and Leonard, it's one big happy family!

  • Year Published: 2017

    Early Women Filmmakers- An International Anthology

    International in scope, this groundbreaking collection features over 10 hours of material, comprised of 25 films spanning 1902-1943, including many rare titles not widely available until now, from shorts to feature films, live action to animation, commercial narratives to experimental works. This anthology is dedicated to the memory of David Shepard (1940-2017), without whom these films, along with countless others, would simply not have been made available in such beautifully restored editions.

  • Year Published: 2024

    South Park Season 1-10 DVD Collection

    Come on down to South Park with this epic box set! Over 75 classis episodes from Seasons 1 through 10 of South Park have been packed into this one kick-ass Collector's Edition! It's all here, from Starvin' Marvin and Underpants Gnomes, to Towelie and Timmy! So join Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny as they take on anal probes, Chinpoko Mon, and the notorious Scott Tenorman. For them, it's all part of growing up in South Park!

  • Year Published: 2024

    Sweet Dreams

    A wild and off-the-wall journey of second chances from the producer of The Peanut Butter Falcon. Forced into rehab at SWEET DREAMS recovery center, Morris struggles to confront the wreckage of his life. But when their house goes up for auction, he reluctantly agrees to coach their misfit softball team of recovering addicts to win a cash prize and prove that everyone, despite their past, can hit a home run.

  • Year Published: 2006


  • Year Published: 2024

    The old oak [Motion Picture - 2023]

    The Old Oak is the last pub standing in a once thriving mining village in northern England and a gathering space for a community that has fallen through hard times. There is growing anger, resentment, and a lack of hope among the residents, but the pub and its proprietor TJ are a fond presence to their customers. When a group of Syrian refugees move into the floundering village, a decisive rift fueled by prejudices develops between the community and its newest inhabitants. The formation of an un

  • Year Published: 2024

    Monkey Man

    Kid is an anonymous young man who ekes out a meager living in an underground fight club where, night after night, wearing a gorilla mask, he is beaten bloody by more popular fighters for cash. After years of suppressed rage, Kid discovers a way to infiltrate the enclave of the city's sinister elite. As his childhood trauma boils over, his mysteriously scarred hands unleash an explosive campaign of retribution to settle the score with the men who took everything from him.

  • Year Published: 2021


    Meir and Tova are a long-married couple living in an upscale high-rise in Tel Aviv. Itsik is their new neighbor, a worldly modeling agent and bachelor. The couple attend Itsik's karaoke parties and soon become obsessed with him, competing with each other, and other residents of the building, for his attention.

  • Year Published: 2024

    Coup de chance

    Fanny and Jean look like the ideal married couple: they're both professionally accomplished, they live in a gorgeous apartment in an exclusive neighborhood of Paris, and they seem to be in love just as much as they were when they first met. But when Fanny accidentally bumps into Alain, a former high school classmate, she's swept off her feet. They soon see each other again and get closer and closer.

  • Year Published: 1951

    Distant Drums

    Filmed on location in and around the Everglades National Park, Raoul Walsh's film is a rare example of the exotic 'Florida Western.' Gary Cooper stars as Cavalry Captain Quincy Wyatt, who leads a charge upon an old Spanish fort taken over by Seminole gun-runners and kidnappers. After liberating the prisoners, Wyatt, pursued by the vengeful Seminoles, flees into the gator-infested swamps and settles his fate in a spectacular underwater fight with the vicious Chief Ocala.

  • Year Published: 2024

    Ncis Season 21

    NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) focuses on the sometimes complex and always amusing dynamics of a team forced to work together in high-stress situations. Special Agent Alden Parker, a quirky former FBI agent who solves his cases with calm professionalism and sharp, sarcastic charm, leads the NCIS team. From murder and espionage to terrorism and stolen submarines, these special agents investigate all crimes with Navy or Marine Corps ties.

  • Year Published: 2022

    Trenque Lauquen

    The search for a missing woman unspools in two unexpectedly interconnected parts in Laura Citarella's playful new feature. The missing woman is Laura (Laura Paredes), a biologist cataloging plant species in and around the Argentinean city of Trenque Lauquen. The men searching for her: Rafael, her boyfriend, and Ezequiel, a coworker who has come to mean more to her in recent days. But to uncover the truth of Laura's disappearance, a profusion of mysteries must be explored. There's the question of

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  • The Summer Pact

    Four freshmen arrive at college from completely different worlds: Lainey, a California party girl with a flair for drama; Tyson, a brilliant scholar and law school hopeful from D.C.; Summer, a recruited athlete and perfectionist from the Midwest; and Hannah, a mild-mannered southerner who is content to quietly round out the circle of big personalities. Soon after moving into their shared dorm, they strike up a conversation in a study lounge, and the seeds of friendship are planted. As their coll

  • Mastering Ai

    Within the next five years, Jeremy Kahn predicts, AI will disrupt almost every industry and enterprise, with vastly increased efficiency and productivity. It will restructure the workforce, making AI copilots a must for every knowledge worker. It will revamp education, meaning children around the world can have personal, portable tutors. It will revolutionize health care, making individualized, targeted pharmaceuticals more affordable. It will compel us to reimagine how we make art, compose musi

  • Fire and Bones

    It's never easy working fire scenes, Tempe thinks. Called to Washington, DC, to analyze the victims of a building set ablaze amid mysterious circumstances, she sees all her misgivings justified. The building site is in Foggy Bottom, a neighborhood with a colorful past and present, and the property's ownership becomes even more suspicious when Tempe delves into its past. The pieces start falling into place strangely and quickly, and, sensing a good story, Tempe teams with a new ally, telejournali

  • Shadow of Doubt

    A shadowy Russian defector. A beautiful Norwegian intelligence officer. A deadly American spy. An ingenious plot to collapse the United States has been uncovered. But can the highly suspect intelligence be trusted? In the fog of war, when friends can appear as enemies and enemies as friends, only one thing is certain, when in doubt, there is no doubt.

  • Clete

    Clete Purcel, private investigator, ex-member of the New Orleans Police Department, and war veteran with a hard shell and just a few soft spots, is Dave Robicheaux's longtime friend and partner in detective work. But he has a troubled past. When Clete leaves his car at the local car wash, only to return to find it ransacked by a group of thugs tied to the drug trade from Mexican cartels to Louisiana, it feels personal, his grandniece died of a fentanyl overdose, and his fists curl when he thinks

  • Sonny Boy

    To the wider world, Al Pacino exploded onto the scene like a supernova. He landed his first leading role, in The Panic in Needle Park, in 1971, and by 1975, he had starred in four movies, The Godfather and The Godfather Part II, Serpico, and Dog Day Afternoon, that were not just successes but landmarks in the history of film. Those performances became legendary and changed his life forever. Not since Marlon Brando and James Dean in the late 1950s had an actor landed in the culture with such for

  • Red Sky Mourning

  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

    There's a mole in the Circus. Pulled out of (forced) retirement by his old prote´ge´, Peter Guillam, George Smiley must determine who among the high command at the British Secret Intelligence Service is in fact a Soviet spy, one who's been climbing their way up the ranks for decades. The stakes are high: the mole is behind more than one failed operation and has lain waste to some of their best informant networks. With scant resources and few allies, Smiley must use every skill at his disposal to

  • Challenger - A True Story of Heroism and Disaster on the Edge of Space

  • An Angel Walks Through the Stage and Other Essays

    Winner of the 2023 Nobel Prize in Literature Jon Fosse said farewell to theory early in his career, choosing poetry, fiction, and drama as his mediums of choice. Here, however, in a selection from his two books of essays, we see just how incisive a critic and memoirist he can be. Not only including a generous portion of Fosse's writing on literature and theater-including the irresistible "Thomas Bernhard and His Grandfather"-this collection also includes such personal essays such as "My Dear Ne

  • Murder Your Employer

    Who hasn't wondered for a split second what the world would be like if a person who is the object of your affliction ceased to exist? But then you've probably never heard of The McMasters Conservatory, dedicated to the consummate execution of the homicidal arts. To gain admission, a student must have an ethical reason for erasing someone who deeply deserves a fate no worse (nor better) than death. The campus of this "Poison Ivy League" college, its location unknown to even those who study there,

  • Children of Anguish and Anarchy

    When Ze´lie seized the royal palace that fateful night, she thought her battles had come to an end. The monarchy had finally fallen. The maji had risen again. Ze´lie never expected to find herself locked in a cage and trapped on a foreign ship. Now warriors with iron skulls traffic her and her people across the seas, far from their homeland. Then everything changes when Ze´lie meets King Baldyr, her true captor, the ruler of the Skulls, and the man who has ravaged entire civilizations to find he

  • You'll Never Find Me

    Working alone as a private investigator is tough. Estranged from her PI family, Margo Angelhart does what she must to get by, including taking on sordid cases that pay the bills, even if she'd rather be helping those the justice system has failed. That is, until a cheating husband case she's working intersects with her siblings' corporate espionage investigation, forcing Margo to cooperate with the Angelhart firm. Now, as the siblings compare notes, it's clear they need to work together before a

  • The Blue Hour

    An isolated Scottish island, accessible to the mainland only twelve hours a day. A famous (some might say infamous) artist whose notoriously unfaithful husband disappeared after visiting her twenty years ago. A present-day discovery that intimately connects three people and unveils a web of secrets and lies.

  • Morning and Evening

    Winner of the 2023 Nobel Prize in Literature A child who will be named Johannes is born. An old man named Johannes dies. Between these two points, Jon Fosse gives us the details of an entire life, starkly compressed. Beginning with Johannes's father's thoughts as his wife goes into labor and ending with Johannes's own thoughts as he embarks upon a day in his life when everything is exactly the same yet totally different, Morning and Evening is a novel concerning the beautiful dream that our liv

  • The last chronicle of Barset

    Josiah Crawley, an impoverished but stubbornly proud clergyman, is accused of theft and is forced to stand trial, which imperils his daughter Grace's chance to marry the man she loves.

  • A Death in Cornwall

  • Framley Parsonage

  • A Christmas Duet

    Hailey Morgan's life has always revolved around music. She once had big dreams of composing her own songs, but the reality of life has led her to working as an assistant high school band teacher in Portland, Oregon. As the holidays approach, Hailey dreads the annual tradition of Christmas with her meddling family, where she'll have to play nice while dodging their traditional expectations. When Hailey's close friend offers her family's empty cabin for a rejuvenating solo retreat, Hailey finally

  • The Last Chronicle of Barset

  • Flashpoint

    Agents Savich and Sherlock are back in the latest installment in Catherine Coulter's #1 New York Times best selling FBI Thriller series, where the past refuses to stay buried.

  • Mind Games

    As they do each June, the Foxes have driven the winding roads of Appalachia to drop off their children for a two-week stay at their grandmother's. Here, 12-year-old Thea can run free and breathe in the smells of pine and fresh bread and Grammie's handmade candles. But as her parents head back to suburban Virginia, they have no idea they're about to cross paths with a ticking time bomb. Back in Kentucky, Thea and her grandmother Lucy both awaken from the same nightmare. And though the two have ne

  • Dog Day Afternoon

    Retired lawyer Andy Carpenter has run the Tara Foundation, the dog rescue organization named after his beloved golden retriever, for years. It's always been his calling, even as Andy's pulled into representing clients in court. His investigator, Marcus Clark, has been at Andy's side for a long time. Even though they've known each other for years, Marcus keeps his personal life a mystery. So it's a shock when Marcus arrives at the Tara Foundation with two strangers in tow. Turns out Marcus takes

  • The Small House at Allington

  • A Talent for Murder

    Martha Ratliff conceded long ago that she'd likely spend her life alone. She was fine with it, happy with her solo existence, stimulated by her job as an archival librarian, constantly surrounded by thought-provoking ideas and the books she loved. But then she met Alan, a charming and sweet-natured divorcee with a job that took him on the road for half the year. When he asked her to marry him, she said yes, even though he still felt a little bit like a stranger. A year in and the marriage was go

  • Joe Country

  • The small house at Allington

    The two Dale girls, Lily and Bell, live at the Small House. While Bell is in love with the local doctor James Crofts, Lily is pursued by two men: the worldly, rich, and handsome Adolphus Crosbie and the poor but honest Johnny Eames. With each determined to gain her hand in marriage, who will she choose?

  • For the Love of Summer

    As the owner of Twisted, Seattle's best salons, Erica knows that the sharpest cuts come from the people we love. She's terrified that she's losing her teen daughter to her "other" family. Summer disdains Erica's career as shallow, and she's growing close to her stepmom, Allison. All it takes to blow up Allison's happy life is one collect call. From prison. Her beloved husband, Peter, has been arrested, leaving Allison pregnant, scared and alone with a toddler, with no money for rent or, hey, foo

  • The Shadow of War

    In 1961, the new president John F. Kennedy, inherited an ill-conceived, poorly executed invasion of Cuba that failed miserably and set in motion the events that put the U.S. and the Soviet Union on a collision course that nearly started a war that would have enveloped much of the world. Extensively researched and vividly imagined, this novel brings to life the many threads that lead to the building crisis between the Soviet Union and the United States in 1962. Told from a multitude of perspectiv

  • A Conjuring of Light

    London falls and kingdoms rise while darkness sweeps the Maresh Empire, and the fraught balance of magic blossoms into dangerous territory while heroes struggle.

  • First Frost

    In the twentieth installment of the series, Sheriff Walt Longmire faces a daunting crime in Wyoming's unspoiled countryside. Balancing a complex personal life, he confronts a sinister plot that threatens those closest to him, challenging his perception of the beloved Wyoming he strives to protect. The novel continues the success of the award-winning series.

  • The Grey Wolf

  • Shelterwood

  • Resurrection

    Influencer Darcy Gray's ideal life crumbles in Rome on her 20th anniversary. Forced to stay in Paris due to a global crisis, she finds solace with widowed American engineer Bill Thompson and French star Sybille Carton. Amid worries about her daughters, Darcy discovers unexpected possibilities.

  • Framed

    A fundamental principle of our legal system is a presumption of innocence, but once someone has been found guilty there is very little room to prove doubt. Framed shares ten true stories of men who were innocent but found guilty and forced to sacrifice friends, families, wives, and decades of their lives to prison while the guilty parties remained free. In each of the stories, John Grisham and Jim McCloskey recount the dramatic hard-fought battles for exoneration. They take a close look at what

  • Joy

    Allegra's turbulent childhood leads to solace in books. She finds love with Shep, a cadet, but war changes him. Their marriage strained by deployments, she faces loneliness and the aftermath of his trauma, realizing happiness might be fleeting.

  • The Comfort of Ghosts

    In post-war London, psychologist Maisie Dobbs investigates a mysterious group of orphans squatting in a mansion. Their wartime experiences and self-defense skills raise questions. As Maisie digs deeper, she uncovers a decades-old mystery tied to her first husband's death. The quest forces her to confront her painful past and reevaluate long-held beliefs.

  • Bad Actors

  • Framley Parsonage

    Mark Robarts is a young clergyman who has recently been appointed vicar of Framley Parsonage. Desperate to keep up with the local aristocracy, the country parson is persuaded to underwrite the debts of Sowerby, a well-respected peer. However, when the debts are called in, Robarts finds himself in a serious predicament.

  • The Sequel

    Anna Williams-Bonner has taken care of business. That is to say, she's taken care of her husband, bestselling novelist Jacob Finch Bonner, and laid to rest those anonymous accusations of plagiarism that so tormented him. Now she is living the contented life of a literary widow, enjoying her husband's royalty checks in perpetuity, but for the second time in her life, a work of fiction intercedes, and this time it's her own debut novel, The Afterword. After all, how hard can it really be to write

  • Bad actors

    In London's MI5 headquarters a scandal is brewing that could disgrace the entire intelligence community. The Downing Street superforecaster, a specialist who advises the Prime Minister's office on how policy is likely to be received by the electorate, has disappeared without a trace. Claude Whelan, who was once head of MI5, has been tasked with tracking her down.

  • When the Sea Came Alive - An Oral History of D-Day

  • The Uses of Enchantment - The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales

  • The Midnight Feast

    Welcome to the opening weekend of the manor, a luxury resort built on top of old secrets in an ancient wood. The founder. The lover. The mystery guest. The kitchen help. The detective. All have an agenda. All have a past. But not everyone will survive…

  • Into the bright unknown

    Leah is poised to have everything she ever dreamed of on the long, dangerous journey to California's gold fields: wealth, love, the truest friends, and a home. Thanks to her magical ability to sense precious gold, Leah, her fiance Jefferson, and her friends have claimed rich land in California Territory. But their fortune makes them a target, and when a dangerous billionaire sets out to destroy them, Leah and her friends must fight back with all of their power and talents.

  • By Any Other Name

    In 1581, Emilia Bassano, like most young women of her day, is allowed no voice of her own. But as the Lord Chamberlain's mistress, she has access to all theater in England, and finds a way to bring her work to the stage secretly. And yet, creating some of the world's greatest dramatic masterpieces comes at great cost: by paying a man for the use of his name, she will write her own out of history. In the present, playwright Melina Green has just written a new work inspired by the life of her Eliz

  • Free to Be

    An authoritative guide to understanding and navigating gender identity from an acclaimed expert on the mental health of transgender and gender diverse youth.

  • Slough House

  • Some Murders in Berlin

    September 1943: Berlin is the heart of darkness, and the last place Dr. Elin Lund wishes to be. An expert in psychological profiling, she's been summoned from Copenhagen to investigate the gruesome murders of eight young women. Even in the midst of unspeakable evil, these killings stand apart. And with her homeland now under Nazi occupation and a young son to protect, Elin can't refuse such a request. Detective Kurt Schneider, head of the criminal police unit, is grudging in his welcome. The ord

  • Bits and Pieces

    From multi-award winner Whoopi Goldberg comes a new and unique memoir of her family and their influence on her early life.

New Adult Fiction Books

  • The black bird oracle - a novel

    "Diana Bishop journeys to the darkest places within herself--and her family history--in the highly anticipated fifth novel of the beloved #1 New York Times bestselling All Souls series Deborah Harkness first introduced the world to Diana Bishop, Oxford scholar and witch, and vampire geneticist Matthew de Clairmont in A Discovery of Witches. Drawn to each other despite long-standing taboos, these two other-worldly beings found themselves at the center of a battle for a lost, enchanted manuscript

  • Finally found my cowboy

    Arriving in California to recover from a possible career-ending injury, dancer Beth Spence manages widower Eli Murphy's veterinary clinic while staying in his guest house, and despite their undeniable attraction, she has every intention of returning to New York and he has no intention of loving and losing again.

  • We love the nightlife

    "A dazzling and dark page-turner about a toxic female friendship finally coming to a head, set amidst the backdrop of London's exclusive nightclub scene. But these girls have an extraordinary history between them - they're vampires. London 1979. Two womenwith a deep love for disco meet one fateful night on the dance floor, changing the course of both their lives forever. Nicola, a beautiful and brooding vampire for nearly two centuries, can't resist fun-loving and feisty Amber from America, ulti

  • Bring Me Sunshine

  • Artificial Wisdom - Salvation Has a Price

  • Hidden in the Canyon

  • The Imperial Uncle

    In everyone's eyes, Prince Huai is a blight on the virtues of the imperial court. When others come to him to conspire for a coup, he takes this chance to prove his loyalty once and for all.

  • 15 Summers Later

  • Loyally, Luke - a novel

    "Sometimes love means embracing the good, the bad . . . and even the impossible"--

  • The Seventh Veil of Salome

  • Men Who Walk in Dreams

  • The default world

    "The Default World is a novel about a trans woman who sets out to exploit a group of wealthy roommates, only to fall under the spell of their hedonistic lifestyle"--

  • This girl - a novel

  • A Is for Amish

  • Call it what you want - a novel

    "A situationship, a heartbreak, a mistake-you can call it what you want. But was it love? It's 2016, and Sloane Hart's senior year of college is bound to be the best one yet. Her nights consist of drinking cheap vodka and singing along to The Chainsmokerswith her friends, and her days are spent writing as she prepares for the post-grad life in New York City she's always dreamed of. The last thing she needs is for a guy to get in the way of her goals. With graduation so close, she just needs to f

  • The Country of the Pointed Firs

  • Toward Eternity

  • Through the midnight door

    "The Finch sisters once spent long, hot summers exploring the dozens of abandoned properties littering their dying town-until they found an impossible home with an endless hall of doors...and three keys left waiting for them. Curious, fearless, they stepped inside their chosen rooms, and experienced horrors they never dared speak of again. Now, years later, youngest sister Claire has been discovered dead in that old, desiccated house. Haunted by their sister's suicide and the memories of a past

  • Young rich widows - a novel

    "1985, Rhode Island. A private jet carrying four partners of a Providence law firm crashes outside New York City, killing all aboard but leaving behind more questions than answers and setting the stage for four widows to find the truth. Justine: a formerfashion model adjusting to suburban life. Camille: a beautiful, young second wife whom some suspect is a gold digger. Meredith: a stripper who was in a relationship with the firm's only female partner. Krystle: a founding partner's wife committed

  • All friends are necessary - a novel

    "Chino Flores, a queer Latino in his late thirties, was a beloved middle school biology teacher with an adoring wife and a child on the way until a devastating loss dramatically changed his life and he relies on his coterie of new and old friends and lovers in this anthem to queer and platonic love"--

  • What You Leave Behind

  • The lady most likely-- - a novel in three parts

  • The Forest of Lost Souls

  • A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man

  • The Heir to a Thugs Heart

  • Five-star stranger - a novel

    "Would you hire someone to be the best man at your wedding? Your stand-in brother? Your husband? In Kat Tang's exciting and resonant debut, a "Rental Stranger"-a companion hired under various guises-walks the line between personal and professional in surprising new ways. Five-Star Stranger follows a man who is a top-rated performer on the "Rental Stranger" app, where users can hire a pretend fiancae, Referred to only as Stranger, the narrator navigates New York City under the guise of the charac

  • The Trial of Mrs. Rhinelander

  • The lost boy of Santa Chionia

    "Calabria, 1960. Francesca Loftfield, a twenty-seven-year-old, starry-eyed American, arrives in the isolated mountain village of Santa Chionia tasked with opening a nursery school. There is no road, no doctor, no running water or electricity. And thanks to a recent flood that swept away the post office, there's no mail, either. Most troubling, though, is the human skeleton that surfaced after the flood waters receded. Who is it? And why don't the police come and investigate? When an old woman be

  • Tell me who you are - a novel

    "The Silent Patient meets Gone Girl in this sharp psychological thriller about a psychiatrist with a shocking past and her dangerous new patient"--

  • The Secret Keeper of Main Street - a novel

    "From acclaimed African-American novelist Trisha Thomas comes the story of Bailey Dowery, a Black dressmaker in 1950s Oklahoma whose gift of "second sight" pulls her into a dangerous small-town scandal involving a society wedding, a murder, and shocking family secrets"--

  • Our Evenings

  • The Midnight Feast

  • Stuart Woods' Smolder

    "When he is drawn into a case involving a ring of art thieves, which has links to his own mother's paintings, Stone Barrington must draw out a familiar enemy and face down his most vindictive threat yet"--

  • The one percent- tales of the super wealthy and depraved

  • The Year of What If

  • Nicked

    "The year is 1087, and a pox is sweeping through the Italian port city of Bari. When a lowly monk is visited by Saint Nicholas in his dreams, he interprets the vision as a call to action. But his superiors, and the power brokers they serve, have differentplans for the tender-hearted Brother Nicephorus. Enter Tyun, a charismatic treasure hunter renowned for "liberating" holy relics from their tombs. The six-hundred-year-old bones of Saint Nicholas rest in distant Myra, Tyun explains, and they're

  • Molly Sand Must Die

  • Don't be scared / Tears of Pride / Devil's Gambit

    Contains two classic stories of danger and desire, in one of which, "Devil's Gambit," Tiffany Rodes, after tragedy hits her horse breeding farm, is forced to consider selling it a mysterious stranger who holds devastating secrets about the past.

  • We Used to Live Here

  • My three dogs

    "My Three Dogs is a charming and heartfelt new novel from the #1 bestselling author of A Dog's Purpose, about humankind's best, most loyal friend, and a wonderful adventure of love and finding home. When a tragic accident separates three dogs from their human, they find themselves up for adoption -- separately. But Riggs, an Australian Shepherd with a heart of gold, refuses to see his family torn apart. After the exuberant and fun-loving doodle Archie and quick-witted jack russell Luna are taken

  • Body Friend

  • The outlaw Noble Salt - a novel

    "When infamous outlaw Butch Cassidy decides to go straight, he discovers that too many of the powerful men he crossed won't let bygones be bygones. To have a chance at a new life, he'll have to become someone else entirely. A brief, fateful encounter with the celebrated singer Jane Touissant on the eve of his escape offers a glimpse of what might have been, but Butch disappears, leaving her behind, until their paths unexpectedly converge again in Paris. Despite having discovered his true identi

  • The Sleuth of Blackfriars Lane

  • An elevator in Saaai Gaon

    "A young Vietnamese woman living in Paris travels back to Saigon for her estranged mother's funeral. Her brother had recently built a new house in Saigon, and staged a grotesquely lavish ceremony for their mother to inaugurate what was rumored to be the first elevator in a private home in the country. But shortly after the ceremony, in the middle of the night, their mother mysteriously fell down the elevator shaft, dying in an instant. After the funeral, the daughter becomes increasingly fascina

  • Santa's Secret

  • Do What Godmother Says

  • Finding Mr. Write

    "Daphne McFadden is tired of rejection. After submitting her manuscript to dozens of agents, she's gotten rejection after rejection, and now it's time for something drastic. And so, Daphne submits her manuscript again... under a man's name. Imagine her surprise when it sells for big money at an auction and soon becomes a publicity darling. Only problem: she needs a man to play her super macho alter ego Zane Remington. Enter Chris Stanton, who absolutely looks the part of a survivalist and has a

  • The Third Realm

  • Lo fi

    "In the sweaty music clubs and late-night house parties of Nashville, an aspiring songwriter tries to make friends, find love, and write songs-without losing herself"--

  • Friends Without Benefits- An Unrequited Romance

New Adult Nonfiction Books

  • A Gentleman In Prison- With The Confessions Of Tokichi Ishii Written In Tokyo Prison (1922)

  • No cloak, no dagger - a professor's secret life inside the CIA

    "No Cloak, No Dagger gives an inside look at the double life of Lester Paldy, a university professor who was recruited by the CIA and brought into the secret world of espionage"--

  • The Daughters of George III - Sisters and Princesses

  • The 12-hour film expert - everything you need to know about movies

    "The 12-Hour Film Expert is for anyone who wants to learn more about film and how to truly appreciate what they are watching, but they aren't sure where to begin. This book guides its readers through a selection of film masterpieces in a variety of genres, from silent films and westerns to dramas and romantic comedies"--

  • The Mighty Moo - The Uss Cowpens and Her Epic World War II Journey from Jinx Ship to the Navy's First Carrier into Tokyo Bay

  • Every landlord legal guide

  • A mission without borders - why a father and son risked it all for the people of Ukraine

    "Author, speaker, and former Force Recon Marine Chad Robichaux offers an honest, no-holds-barred account of what has really been happening in Ukraine and shares powerful stories that are soaked in resiliency and determination, faith and sacrifice in the face of overwhelming opposition"--

  • Thom Gunn - a cool queer life

    "The first biography of Thom Gunn, a poet who could "give the dead a voice, make them sing" (Hilton Als, The New Yorker )"--

  • Empresses of Seventh Avenue - World War II, New York City, and the Birth of American Fashion

  • Fodor's essential Ireland 2025.

  • Starting & building a nonprofit - a practical guide

    "This essential guide to starting and running a nonprofit organization includes practical advice, legal information, tips, and step-by-step instructions. It explains how to develop a strategic plan and budget; recruit and manage board members, volunteers,and staff; market an organization to a target audience; raise money-including traditional methods and crowdfunding; build a website and use social media strategically; and adopt policies that are legally sound. Includes helpful checklists and a

  • Fighting for Our Friendships - The Science and Art of Conflict and Connection in Women's Relationships

  • Dare to Bird - Exploring the Joy and Healing Power of Birds

  • Father Time - A Natural History of Men and Babies

  • The spacious path - practicing the restful way of Jesus in a fragmented world

    "A simple invitation into a life ordered by restful rhythms of listening and love. Whether on a personal scale or at the global level, cycles of change and disruption tend to create an increasing sense of disorientation as familiar pathways crumble and often result in fragmented relationships with God, others, and our own souls. But in this reality, our lives share a common theme with Jesus and centuries of his followers. When Jesus offered the stunning invitation to come to him to learn how to

  • Lies my liberal teacher told me - debunking the false narratives, defining America's school curricula

    "A college professor refutes liberal narratives which define much of America's school curricula"--

  • Group Living and Other Recipes

  • Meet the Neighbors - Animal Minds and Life in a More-than-human World

  • Wild Chorus - Finding Harmony With Whales, Wolves, and Other Animals

  • A brief history of intelligence - evolution, AI, and the five breakthroughs that made our brains

    "In the last decade, the science of understanding the human brain and replicating its most complicated processes through artificial intelligence has grown exponentially. Intricate neurological functions ranging from writing poetry to crafting original articles, arenas that had long been thought of as science fiction, have become our reality. And yet, large gaps remain in what AI can achieve-gaps that, as pioneering artificial intelligence entrepreneur Max Bennett argues compellingly, exist becau

  • Spice - The 16th-Century Contest That Shaped the Modern World

  • Pentimento

  • Fugitive/Refuge

  • Manboobs - A Memoir of Musicals, Visas, Hope, and Cake

  • The Letters of Emily Dickinson

    The Letters of Emily Dickinson collects, redates, and recontextualizes all of the poet's extant letters, including dozens newly discovered or never before anthologized. Insightful annotations emphasize not the reclusive poet of myth but rather an artist firmly embedded in the political and literary currents of her time.

  • One Step Sideways, Three Steps Forward - One Woman's Path to Becoming a Biologist

  • Manifest anything you want - six magical steps to create an extraordinary life

    "This book shows readers how to dissolve emotional pain in a healthy way and provides actionable tools and techniques to cultivate a high vibrational state and enhance their ability to manifest with ease. It offers readers an effective path to bring theirbiggest, boldest dreams to life from a place of authentic desire and true joy"--

  • Take Control of Your Ibs - The Step-by-step Guide That Actually Works

  • Best Story Wins - Storytelling for Business Success

  • Starring Joan Crawford - the films, the fantasy, and the modern relevance of a silver screen icon

    "Starring Joan Crawford is a rollicking exploration of the powerful women this iconic performer vividly brought to life in her films-and the lasting, ever-evolving impact she has had on popular culture. Having carved out a revolutionary path through the entertainment industry while relying on men-whether her studio bosses or her many husbands-as little as possible, she created a gallery of strong, assertive women who outsmarted men and refused to conform to gender expectations. In movies like Mi

  • Get better at anything - 12 maxims for mastery

    "The author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller Ultralearning explores why it's so difficult for people to learn new skills, arguing that three factors must be met to make advancement possible, and offering 12 maxims to improve the way we learn"--

  • The shortest history of Italy - 3,000 years from the Romans to the Renaissance to a modern republic--a retelling for our times

    "From a foremost author of historic Italy, this is a concise, star-studded retelling of the nation's past, from Caesar and Augustus to da Vinci and Michelangelo, tracing the story of a country with prodigious global influence"--

  • My child is trans, now what? - a joy-centered approach to support

    "My Child Is Trans, Now What? is for parents and loved ones of transgender youth and young adults at any stage in their journey. Trans education free of judgment is in short supply, and this book combines personal stories, key resources, and emotional support to guide those who wish to help trans youth but don't know how"--

  • Christian atheism - how to be a real materialist

  • Nearly departed - adventures in loss, cancer, and other inconveniences - a memoir

    "In this funny and heartfelt memoir, Gila Pfeffer recounts losing both parents to cancer and the choices she made to avoid the same early demise"--

  • Gather me - a memoir in praise of the books that saved me

    "An inspiring memoir of family, community, and resilience, and an ode to the power of books to help us understand ourselves, from the renowned founder of Well-Read Black Girl. 'She is a friend of my mind. She gather me, man. The pieces I am, she gather them and give them back to me in all the right order.'--Toni Morrison. For Glory Edim, that 'friend of my mind' is books. Edim, who grew up in Virginia to Nigerian immigrant parents, started the popular Well-Read Black Girl book club at age thirty

  • Burma '44 - the battle that turned Britain's war in the East

    "Celebrated historian of World War II James Holland chronicles the astonishing Allied victory at the Battle of the Admin Box in Burma (now Myanmar), a turning point of the war in the Far East. In February 1944, in one of the most astonishing battles of World War II, a ragtag collection of British clerks, drivers, doctors, muleteers, and other base troops, stiffened by a few dogged Yorkshiremen and a handful of tank crews, managed to defeat a much larger and sophisticated contingent of some of th

  • The Untold Story of Books - A Writer's History of Publishing

  • Learn to Whittle - Fascinating People in Wood; Make Hundreds of Different Expressions With One Knife

  • Miller's Antiques Handbook & Price Guide 2024-2025

  • The Cure for Alcoholism - The Medically Proven Way to Eliminate Alcohol Addiction

  • Sweet home macrame - a beginner's guide to macrame - learn to make jewelry, home decor, plant hangings, and more

    "Sweet Home Macrame: A Beginner's Guide to Macrame features step-by-step instructions for making wall hangings, jewelry, home decor, and more from macrame"--

  • The perfect fit - creating and altering basic sewing patterns for tops, sleeves, skirts, and pants

    "Every body is different, and standard sizes certainly do not fit all! You're going to spend hours making your homesewn garment, so you want to be sure the final product will fit flawlessly. This starts with a pattern that is drawn to your (or your model's) exact measurements. With The Perfect Fit as your guide, you'll learn the necessary skills for altering "off-the-rack" patterns to measure, and even drafting your own creations. For amateur sewists who want to bring their craft to the next lev

  • City of light, city of shadows - Paris in the Belle aEpoque

    "A top historian offers a new history of Paris's Belle aEpoque, the luminous age of the Eiffel Tower and the Sacrae-Cœur Basilica, but also of social unrest and violent clashes over what it meant to be French From the wrought ironwork of the Eiffel Towerto the flourishing art nouveau movement, the Belle aEpoque is remembered as a golden age for Parisian culture. Beneath the veneer of elegance, however, fin de siaecle Paris was a city at war with itself. In City of Light, City of Shadows, Mike Ra

  • Fallen - George Mallory and the tragic 1924 Everest expedition

    In the years following his disappearance near the summit of Mount Everest in June 1924 at the age of thirty-seven, George Mallory was elevated into a legendary international hero. Dubbed "the Galahad of Everest," he was lionized by the media as the greatest mountaineer of his generation-a man who had died while taking the ultimate challenge. His body was only recovered in 1999 and there is still speculation about whether he made it to the summit. Handsome, charismatic, and daring, Mallory was a

  • The motherly guide to becoming mama - redefining the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey

    Pregnancy is about more than simply growing a baby-- it's about becoming a mama. Long before your baby is born, motherhood means a decision to focus on your health; to start saving up for your first home; to connect more deeply with your partner. Motherhood will mold you in unexpected ways-- but becoming a mama doesn't mean leaving the woman you are behind. Koziol, Tenety and Spalding are here to coach you through this season of transformation. -- Adapted from "Dear Mama."

  • Pulling Back the Iron Curtain - Stories from a Cold War Missionary

  • Too tired to fight - the 13 essential conflicts parents must have to create connection

    "Decode the 13 conflicts that derail many couples' communication after kids-like what you're really saying when you fight about discipline or diapers, and how to work through tough issues together-from popular Instagram counselors Erin Mitchell, MACP, andStephen Mitchell, PhD"--

  • Ground Control - An Argument for the End of Human Space Exploration

  • Lunch poems

New Young Adult Books, Graphic Novels, Manga & Zines

  • Sweet Tooth - the return

    "Acclaimed author Jeff Lemire and colorist Josae Villarrubia, who first brought you the strange adventures of Gus, the human-deer hybrid boy, dive back into the strange, dark world of their creation. This haunting tale is both new and familiar, as we return to a planet long past the point of devastation. Are Gus's dreams leading him to forge a better future for himself and the other hybrid children? Or are they the dreams of a mind as lost and wandering as its dreamer?"--

  • The last Ronin / The Last Ronin

    What terrible events destroyed his family and left New York a crumbling, post-apocalyptic nightmare? All will be revealed in this climactic Turtle tale that sees longtime friends becoming enemies and new allies emerging in the most unexpected places. Canthe surviving Turtle triumph?

  • Usagi Yojimbo - 40th anniversary reader

    "A collection of colorized tales from Usagi Yojimbo's forty years of publication"--

  • Strange places

    "Hellboy's complete story is presented for the first time in chronological order for the ultimate reading experience. Hellboy loses faith in the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense when they strap a bomb to one of his fellow not-quite-human agents.He gets answers about his destiny, like it or not, in over 300 pages of comics mostly drawn by Mignola, featuring award-winning guests Gary Gianni and Richard Corben."--

  • The super hero's journey

    "Imbued with the creativity, artwork, and heart of Patrick McDonnell, this all-new graphic novel love letter features the classic Marvel super heroes including the Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Black Panther, and Spider-Man, and isthe synthesis of McDonnell's positive, inspirational sensibility and Marvel's blockbuster brand. Using the Marvel Universe as avatars, McDonnell muses on how comics changed his life and inspired him to become a cartoonist, instilling a moral sen

  • Tender

  • Ms. Marvel - the new mutant

    "Kamala Khan is back--and she's an X-Man! Ms. Marvel bursts into the next phase of her life in an exciting adventure co-written by Iman Vellani, the MCU's own Kamala, and Sabir Pirzada of both DARK WEB: MS. MARVEL and her Disney+ series! That's right--thegood news is that in the wake of her recent world-saving sacrifice, Ms. Marvel has been resurrected via Krakoan technology! What a way to learn she's both an Inhuman and a mutant! The bad news is that her debut at the Hellfire Gala didn't go exa

  • Lore Olympus. Volume six

    "Chaos reigns in Olympus as Zeus publicly declares Persephone a traitor and issues a warrant for her arrest. But Hades defies his brother's decree, sheltering Persephone in the Underworld--and as the pair spend more time together, they are able to speak openly about their pasts. The goddess of spring admits the truth behind the bloody secret that led to Zeus's ire, and the king of the Underworld shares the trauma he suffered at the hands of his power-hungry father, Kronos. But as that relationsh

  • Young Hag and the Witches Quest

  • Bad Dreams in the Night

  • Masters of the Nefarious - mollusk rampage

    "A tsunami slams into the Maluku islands. Giant mollusks wreak havoc. An ominous, quadrilateral UFO appears in the night sky. And a mysterious villain watches and waits in the shadows... Twin paranormal investigators, Montgomery and Chris, and their bestfriend, Fongor, are on the case, delving into this unduly complicated and possibly nefarious plot. They're the only ones who can unravel the mystery, but they might not--especially if they can't stay on task. Between journeys to Uganda, primordia

  • More uncelebrated narratives from Black history / More Uncelebrated Narratives from Black History

    Presents historical and cultural commentary on eight lesser-known African Americans, including the only known female Buffalo soldier, and a fighter pilot who flew for France in World War I.

  • Poison Ivy. The virtuous cycle

    "Pamela Isley has been a lot of things in her life. A living god, a super-villain, an activist, a scientist, and dead. In a new body that she didn't ask for and with a renewed sense of purpose, Ivy leaves Gotham and sets out to complete her greatest work-a gift to the world that will heal the damage dealt to ending humanity. On her journey to doom humankind, a heartbroken and betrayed Poison Ivy encounters obstacles (plant assassins!) and dodges the law along the way, in a body horror-in

  • Bad dream - a Dreamer story

    "Nia Nal's spent her whole life taking a back seat to her older sister, Maeve, who's expected to inherit their mother's Naltorian powers--the ability to see the future through dreams. They'll soon learn the dreaming powers had other plans... When Nia's hit in the face with a kickball, the powers that weren't meant for her are suddenly triggered. Saddled with guilt, Nia resolves to suppress her powers in an attempt to protect her relationship with her sister. But Nia can't keep the dreams out for

  • Farmhand. The Seed Volume 4, The seed

    "Jedidiah Jenkins was a simple farmer. His cash crop wasn't corn or soy. He grew fast-healing, highly customizable human organs, which he used to heal the world. But it was all a lie. What Jedidiah planned for good, a dark entity has used to transform humanity into something monstrous. Only Jedidiah's children stand in its way. Not all of them will survive."

  • Pillow Talk

  • Polar vortex - a family memoir

    "A graphic of two whirlwind months in the life of the author, when she suddenly has to care for her dementia-impaired mother, whose last home she urgently needs to find"--

  • Shadows of starlight / Shadows of Starlight

    "Who lived? Who died? Little has been revealed about the year following the fall of Starlight Beacon and the ultimate triumph of the Nihil - until now! The Jedi Council, reeling from its losses, has recalled its Jedi Knights from across the galaxy and instituted its emergency measures. Master Yoda has a plan to save both the Order and the galaxy, but he must touch the dark side to achieve it, and the consequences will be grave indeed. Jedi Knight Bell Zettifar, with his trusty charhound Ember at

  • Prez - setting a dangerous president

    "It's 2046 and America has just elected its first teenage president! Oregon teen Beth Ross has just been elected President of the United States of America. Age restrictions were abolished when corporations gained the right to run for office. Elections arenow held on social media, and after a corndog accident makes Beth Ross go viral, a nation is shocked to wake up and find that "Corndog Girl" has just become their new president. The eyes of the world are on Beth. But in a nation so used to misru

  • Fantastic Four 1 - Whatever Happened to the Fantastic Four?

  • Red Harvest - A Graphic Novel of the Terror Famine in Soviet Ukraine

  • Monthly girls' Nozaki-kun. 10

    With her class about to embark on the school trip, lovelorn Chiyo studies up on Nozaki's itinerary, while back at school, Wakamatsu's popularity suddenly skyrockets and Hori uncovers Kashima's embarrassing secret.

  • The golden voice - based on the true story of Ros Serey Sothea

    "There is a saying in Cambodia: Music is the soul of a nation. Perhaps no one embodied that spirit more than Ros Serey Sothea, a young woman who would forever change the landscape of Cambodian music as the Queen with the Golden Voice. From a humble rice farmer to nationally recognized singer, Sothea's success captured the hearts of the Khmer people. Throughout her career, she recorded over 500 songs, her signature angelic voice soaring over genres from traditional ballads to psychedelic rock and

  • Langosh & Peppi - fugitive days

    "This debut graphic novel tells the story of the 2015 European "migrant crisis" in Budapest, Hungary through the perspective of Langosh and Peppi, a vagabond and his faithful dog. The pair brings to mind an older, down-on-their-luck Tintin and Snowy with adventures to match. A semi-autobiographical work based on Post's own experiences, Langosh and Peppi escape the pressures of conformity by exploring out-of-the-way places, where they stumble on the vestiges of the war torn region's hidden past.

  • By night. Volume two

  • Langosh, Peppi & Yeva 2 - Hot to Trot

  • Daring women of D-day - bold spies of World War II

    "An action-packed graphic novel about agents who helped the Allies prepare for D-Day and push the Germans out of France during World War II. In 1942, World War II was growing more and more intense. Germany and its allies had occupied a great deal of Europe-including part of France. With the enemy just a few miles from England, Prime Minister Winston Churchill was determined to help free France. To make his plan work, he needed people who could secretly help prepare the French for a big fight. He

  • Single Mothering

  • Miles Morales- Spider-Man. Spider-Man Trial By Spider Trial by spider

    "Someone's not walking away from this one! Spider-Man faces the strongest super-powered foes and most dangerous gauntlets the Multiverse can throw his way. And every time Miles Morales falls, he rises again--stronger than before. Until now. There are somepunches you don't get up from, and a new villain isn't pulling a single one as they threaten everyone and everything Miles loves. Between school, home, his love life and fighting crime night and day, Miles is reaching his breaking point. And whe

  • Blessed Be

  • Predator versus Wolverine

    "The bloodthirsty saga you've been waiting for! Wolverine has lived one of the longest and most storied lives in Marvel Comics history. Now witness the untold greatest battles of Logan's life--across the ages, against a Predator! One Yautja seeks the greatest prey in existence--and finds it in Weapon X. From the blood-ridden snows of the Canadian wilderness to the sword-slinging streets of Madripoor, Wolverine and a Predator will destroy everything in their paths on their way to the ultimate vic

  • Advocate - a graphic memoir of family, community, and the fight for environmental justice

    "Born in Texas to Korean immigrants, Eddie grew up working at his family's store with the weighty expectations that their sacrifices would be paid off when he achieved the "American Dream." Years later after moving to San Francisco and earning a coveted law degree, he then does the unthinkable: he rejects a lucrative legal career to enter the nonprofit world. In carving his own path, Eddie defies his family's notions of economic success, igniting a struggle between family expectations, professio

  • By night

  • Victory parade

    "One of a group of women working as welders in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Rose Arensberg has fallen in love with a disabled veteran while awaiting the return of her husband, Sam, a soldier in the American army serving in Europe. As we follow the bittersweet,heartbreaking stories of Rose and her fellow Rosie-the-Riveters, we're immersed in the day-to-day challenges of life on the home front as seen through the eyes of these resilient women, as well as through the eyes of Eleanor, Rose's impressionab

  • Universal Monsters - Dracula

  • 1177 B.C. - a graphic history of the year civilization collapsed

    "A beautiful, full-color graphic version of Eric Cline's bestselling 1177 B.C., adapted by award-winning author-illustrator Glynnis FawkesEric Cline's 1177 B.C. tells the story of one of history's greatest mysteries: what caused the ancient civilizations of the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean to collapse more than three thousand years ago, bringing the Late Bronze Age to an abrupt end? In this vivid and captivating full-color graphic adaptation of the landmark book, author-illustrator Glynnis F

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Last Ronin- Lost Years The last ronin, lost years

    "For Michelangelo in particular, the march to his heartbreaking last battle was long and dangerous, taking him from New York City, to Japan, across Asia and Europe, and then back home again to administer final justice against those guilty of killing his family. But what happened during those fateful years when he had only the need for vengeance and Master Splinter's journal to guide him? What battles did he fight? What hard lessons did he learn?--

  • The Avengers - the impossible city

    "The Star. The Icon. The Witch. The Construct. The God. The Engineer. The King. In a time of Tribulations, they will answer the call as Earth's Mightiest Heroes! But when the towering Terminus attacks, a new and insidious danger rears its head. One that the Avengers know all too well, and one who comes to them in the most dangerous of guises: that of a friend! Soon, the Ashen Combine, a collection of the Multiverse's greatest monsters, descends from the Impossible City--and they destroy metropol

  • Something is killing the children. Volume four

    "Erica Slaughter went to hell and back in Archer's Peak, but that may be nothing compared to the events that forged her at the House of Slaughter. What events brought Erica to the House of Slaughter? And what did she have to do to join the Order of St. George?"--

  • The lonesome hunters. Volume one

    "An old and out-of-practice monster hunter in hiding crosses paths with a young girl that forces him to confront these chaotic creatures. As the beasts invade their tenement, they set off on a supernatural road trip to stop these ancient evils in a story that explores the ways that youth informs adulthood and how early traumas can haunt us of in old age"--

  • Groo - in the wild

    "Bumbling barbarian Groo tries to figure out where all the delicious wildlife has gone"--

  • Inside the mind of Sherlock Holmes - the case of the scandalous ticket

    "Set in the Victorian era, the discovery of a mysterious powder on some clothing and a very special show ticket leads Sherlock Holmes to believe a patient isn't the only victim of a grand conspiracy. Indeed, it seems the strange disappearance of Londonerscan be explained by the performances of a Chinese magician. When other tickets are found, the detective's suspicions are confirmed..."--

  • One in a million

    "Debut graphic novelist Claire Lordon's medical misfortunes may be one in a million in this relatable memoir, but so is her determination, grit, and passion to beat the odds and reclaim her life. Something is wrong with Claire, but she doesn't know what.Nobody does, not even her doctors. All she wants is to return to her happy and athletic teenage self. But her accumulating symptoms--chronic fatigue, pounding headaches, weight gain--hint that there's something not right inside Claire's body. Cla

  • The wild hunt

    "The rise of the witches and their queen Nimue combines Arthurian legend and British folklore with Mignola's signature take on otherworldly occultism, revealing new facts about Hellboy's origins in his greatest battle yet"--

  • Deadpool vs. Wolverine

    "Katanas and claws clash in their brutal first meeting-but when someone targets Weapon X survivors, Wolverine must ride to Deadpool's rescue! Doctor Bong tolls for our heroes, then things get hairy over a werewolf! And when a bounty is placed on Logan's head, guess who tries to collect! An assault on a Hydra base will have them at each other's throats, while Wolvie plays straight man to Wade's wisecracker in a showdown with a Shi'ar robot. But things really go off the deep end in the main event-

  • Escape from St. Hell - my trans teen life levels up

    In this sequel to the Indie bestseller WELCOME TO ST. HELL, Lewis Hancox tells the hilarious, inspiring story of coming into his own as a trans man.

  • The werewolf at dusk - and other stories

    Through three interconnected stories, linked by the dread of things internal, the #1 New York times best-selling author of Stitches and modern master of graphic literature turns his attention to the twilight of life and to aging, gracefully or otherwise.

  • Fantastic Four - four stories about hope

    "Reunited once more! The Fantastic Four settle into their surprising new home - unaware that a mysterious threat has made it there first! As their knowledge of language itself begins to melt from their minds, the members of the First Family sink into disarray - and the greatest villain of all time grasps the chance to seal their Doom! Then, Sue and Alicia spend some quality time together in town. But when they return, everything is different - and a very different Fantastic Four is formed! Can t

  • City boy

    "Meet a new Korean hero named...City Boy! Or at least, that's the best translation of what the cities call him. City Boy, a.k.a. Cameron Kim, is just trying to make a living by using his powers of being able to speak to cities to find lost and hidden goods to pawn, and it's only just enough to get by. And those abilities mean he hears everything everywhere all the time, including each city's histories and the truths behind them. (It's very loud in his head and something he has to live with.) As

  • The mortal instruments - the graphic novel

    Suddenly able to see demons and the Shadowhunters who are dedicated to ridding the earth of them, Clary Fray, a seemingly ordinary New York teenager, is drawn into their bizarre world when her mother disappears and Clary herself is almost killed by a monster.

New Large Print Books, Foreign Language & VITAL Materials

  • Summer romance

  • Swamp kings

  • Sun of blood and ruin

  • The God of the Woods

  • Not in love

  • Court of swans

  • A court of mist and fury

    Though Feyre now has the powers of the High Fae, her heart remains human, but as she navigates the feared Night Court's dark web of politics, passion, and dazzling power, a greater evil looms--and she might be key to stopping it.

  • Swift river

  • It had to be you

  • Spirit Crossing

  • Tired ladies take a stand

  • The orchids of Ashthorne Hall

  • The wide wide sea - imperial ambition, first contact and the fateful final voyage of Captain James Cook

    Part high-seas adventure, part examination of the Age of Exploration, this account of Captain James Cook's last voyage in 1776 charts how his overt and covert missions came to a head on the island of Hawaii and left behind a complex and controversial legacy still debated to this day.

  • The waters

  • Board to death

  • The cowboy nanny

  • W. E. B. Griffin zero option

  • The glassmaker

  • Grief is for people

    "Disarmingly witty and poignant, Sloane Crosley's memoir explores multiple kinds of loss following the death of her closest friend. How do we live without the ones we love? Grief Is for People is a deeply moving and suspenseful portrait of friendship, anda book about loss that is profuse with life. Sloane Crosley is one of our most renowned observers of contemporary behavior, and now the pathos that has been ever present in her trademark wit is on full display. After the pain and confusion of lo

  • I will ruin you - a novel

    "In the latest novel from New York Times bestselling author Linwood Barclay, a teacher's act of heroism inadvertently makes him the target of a dangerous blackmailer who will stop at nothing to get what he wants"--

  • Tell me who you are

  • Training the K-9 Companion

  • A Death in Cornwall

  • Walden - or, life in the woods

    A record of an experiment in simple living, bare of creature comforts, but rich in contemplation.

  • For the love of summer

  • Bits and Pieces - My Mother, My Brother, and Me

  • I cheerfully refuse

  • The Roads We Follow

  • Peach tea smash

  • The boy wh9o cried bear

  • A court of thorns and roses

    "Dragged to a treacherous magical land she only knows about from stories, Feyre discovers that her captor is not an animal, but Tamlin, a High Lord of the faeries. As her feelings toward him transform from hostility to a firey passion, the threats againstthe faerie lands grow. Feyre must fight to break an ancient curse, or she will lose Tamlin forever"--

  • When I think of you

  • The things we did know

  • The plus one

  • Husbands & Lovers

  • The diva goes overboard

  • When among crows

  • The angel of Indian Lake

  • Tess of the d'Urbervilles - a pure woman faithfully presented

    The life of a simple country girl in nineteenth-century England is destroyed by her father's determination to use her in order to regain the family's former social standing.

  • The age of grievance

  • The rom commers

  • Bride

    "Misery Lark, the only daughter of the most powerful Vampyre councilman of the Southwest, is an outcast--again. Her days of living in anonymity among the Humans are over: she has been called upon to uphold a historic peacekeeping alliance between the Vampyres and their mortal enemies, the Weres, and she sees little choice but to surrender herself in the exchange--again... Weres are ruthless and unpredictable, and their Alpha, Lowe Moreland, is no exception. He rules his pack with absolute author

  • The black moth

  • Funny story

    "Daphne always loved the way Peter told their story. How they met, fell in love, and moved back to his lakeside hometown to begin their life together. Too bad it turned out to be more of a prequel, a complication to Peter's actual love story, the one thatends with him dumping Daphne before their wedding to begin a relationship with his lifelong best friend, Petra. And so that's how Daphne's story really begins: stranded in beautiful Waning Bay, Michigan, without friends or family but with a drea

  • Ours

  • The fatal folio

  • A different dawn

  • Love on a whim

  • Far from the madding crowd

    The tale of a passionate, independent woman and her three suitors, Far from the Madding Crowd tells the story of Bathsheba Everdene and her relationships with the devoted Gabriel Oak, the dashing Sergeant Troy, and the reclusive gentleman farmer, Mr. Boldwood. Through her wayward nature and a winding path of events propelled by Thomas Hardy's recurring feminist themes, Bathsheba is led to tragedy and, finally, true love. Written in 1874, Far from the Madding Crowd was Hardy's first masterpiece.

  • Tom Clancy art of defiance

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Featured: New Children's Picture Books

  • Queens.

    "Bluey and Bingo are playing Queens, but when they both want to play Butler, they can't decide who will take the throne. Will Bluey and Bingo find a new Queen to serve? Read along to find out!"--

  • If you spot a shell

    Text and illustrations show how, with imagination, a seashell can become anything from a swimming cap to a ferris wheel to a submarine. Includes instructions for a sand art project and shell rubbing.

  • Banana

    "A quirky and hilarious picture book parable about parental distraction and a daughter's clever solution"--

  • I am bold - for every kid who's told they're just too much

    "Sometimes people tell Bea she's just too much. Whether she's bugging her brother like a buzzing bee, helping out a bit too much in class, or blasting her trombone as loud as it goes, she is often misunderstood. While grownups and even other kids might see Bea as loud, we know that she's got stuff to say, things to do, and friends to make! This story is for the child who lives out LOUD and boldly uses their voice to be heard above the crowd. Bea's story shows us that when the strongest voices ar

  • Noura's Crescent Moon

  • The dinosaur in the garden

    "After waiting millions of years, a T Rex thinks a curious girl might just find the clues he left behind, making his story part of hers"--

  • On a summer night

    On a hot summer night a little girl wakes up, and wonders what has woken her, and the rest of the nighttime world.

  • Bluey. Queens

    "Bluey and Bingo are playing queens, but they both want to be the butler. Who will have to wear the crown?"--

  • The first day of school

    When Alex loses his new red backpack on the first day of school, Chase, Skye and the rest of Adventure Bay's PAW Patrol come to the rescue.

  • Heatwave

    An almost unbearably hot day of one hundred degrees is transformed as raindrops fall one by one, culminating in a downpour.

  • Bubblegum Street

  • My guncle and me

    A young boy named Henry has a hard time at school and feels different from everyone else, but with the help of his gay uncle, Henry learns the importance of staying true to yourself.

  • Lali's flip-flops

    "Lali has worked hard to earn money for a special treat--but should she spend her earnings on herself or her friends?"--

  • Come out, come out, chameleon!

    "A charming old man is searching everywhere for his pet chameleon. His dog tries to help... but the man just can't see his colorful pet! The clever chameleon camouflages himself as a flower, a banana, a sock, and much more. When the man finds some pet care instructions stuck to the bottom of his slippers, he realizes that all he needs to do is shout 'Come out, come out, chameleon,' to make the chameleon appear"--

  • Shared space

    When messy Pak-Rat moves in next door, Mouse finds his neat and orderly world turned upside down, in this unlikely friendship story about honest communication and boundaries.

  • Hen in the Bed

  • The Quickest Bedtime Story Ever!

  • The Walk of the Field Mouse

  • Brave Like Godzilla

  • The Day Bell Found Her Sound

  • The egg tree

    Katy's Easter morning discovery renews the tradition of the Easter egg tree.

  • Peaches

  • What Does Little Crocodile Say at the Birthday Party?

  • The girl and the mermaid

    Alina worries as her grandmother's memories fade, but when she meets a mermaid who takes her on an adventure everything changes.

  • Mermaid Helper

  • There are no dragons in this book

    Even though clues point to the contrary, a dragon reassures the reader that there are no actual dragons in the book.

  • The truth about the couch

    An imaginative telling of the couch's origin story.

  • Summer - a solstice story

    Owl and friends gathering up gifts of love from the woodlands to honor the shining spirits of new life on the longest day of the year.

  • Merdaddy

  • (Sittin' on) the dock of the bay

    Otis Redding and Steve Cropper's timeless ode to never-ending days is given fresh new life in this heartwarming picture book.

  • Sometimes I feel like an oak

    "Twelve lyrical poems look at twelve different trees, from early spring to deep winter. In each poem, a child identifies with a feature of the tree--such as the smooth trunk of a birch whose bark has peeled away, the strong branches of a spruce that shelter small birds or the pink flowers of a cherry blossom that tumble like confetti. The poems provide an opportunity to learn about each tree, inspiring us to look afresh at the trees around us--whether in the schoolyard, neighborhood or park--and

  • Rumie Goes Rafting

  • My pet feet

    After awakening to find that her pet ferret is now pet feet, a young girl discovers that the letter "R" has disappeared and its absence is causing chaos throughout her town.

  • Molly, Olive, and Dexter - The Guessing Game

  • Tiny troubles - Nelli's purpose

    "Meet best friends Nelli and Worthi. Like all tiny succulents, Nelli and Worthi have VERY busy schedules--napping in the sun, sipping on water drops, and filling the days doing nothing. But one morning, Nelli wonders: Is there more? Have you ever heard of a purpose? Hmm . . . Is it a baked potato? That doesn’t sound right. So what is it? Join two curious best friends as they embark on the ultimate adventure to answer big philosophical questions: What is purpose, and where can one find it?

  • Wonderful goodbyes

    A young girl faces the loss of her beloved dog by spending the day doing all their favorite things.

  • Maisy goes to the eye doctor

    "When Maisy's friend Ella has trouble seeing numbers on the board at preschool, the two go together to Dr. Flamingo the optometrist's office to have their eyes tested. Pirate Maisy has fun wearing an eyepatch and naming all the things she can see in a picture on the wall. But when it's Ella's turn, everything inside the picture looks blurry. Oh dear! Luckily, Dr. Flamingo is there to take care of her, with a special machine that looks inside her eyes and some big funny glasses with dials that le

  • Archie celebrates an Indian wedding

    "Archie's Poppy Uncle is marrying Emma's Aunt Julie, and Archie is asked to look after Emma, who has never been to an Indian wedding"--

  • A World Wonder

  • Leo and the pink marker

    Leo enjoys doodling with his pink marker and when his moms are busy with work, he adds some vibrant pink touches to various items that lead to a colorful surprise.

  • Piglet comes home - how a deaf blind pink puppy found his family

    Inspired by the real-life Instagram sensation Piglet the Pink Puppy, a deaf and blind pup finds his forever home.

  • If You Run Out of Words

  • The dinosaur in the garden

    "After waiting millions of years, a T Rex thinks a curious girl might just find the clues he left behind, making his story part of hers"--

  • Finding things

    An invitation to find joy in the simple things that are all around, if you know how to notice them.

  • My guncle and me

    A young boy named Henry has a hard time at school and feels different from everyone else, but with the help of his gay uncle, Henry learns the importance of staying true to yourself.

  • There was an old lady who swallowed a worm!

    In this adaptation of the traditional nursery rhyme, a woman swallows a worm, some dirt, and a flower in order to throw a picnic.

  • Tell me a lion story

    "The reader becomes the storyteller in this funny, interactive picture book by author-illustrator Kara Kramer." --

  • Aloha everything

    "When Ano, a courageous young girl, begins to dance the hula--a storytelling dance form that carries the knowledge, history and folklore of the Hawaiian people, she comes to understand the true meaning of aloha"--

  • Little Toot

    Little Toot the tugboat conquers his fear of rough seas when he single-handedly rescues an ocean liner during a storm.

  • Two Wheels