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You're an Animal by Libaire, Jardine
Date added:
Jun 5, 2023
You're an Animal

Under the influence - a novel

"The Devil Wears Prada meets The Assistants in this compulsively readable workplace novel following a young woman who takes a job working for an enigmatic influencer and who quickly discovers that having it all and being it all comes with a price"--

Sun House by Duncan, David James
Date added:
Jun 5, 2023
Sun House

The Paris Assignment by Bowen, Rhys
Date added:
Jun 5, 2023
The Paris Assignment

Out of the Dawn by Cast, P. C.
Date added:
Jun 5, 2023
Out of the Dawn

North of nowhere

"After five years in hiding from their murderous father, the day Kristen and Ryan McIntyre have been dreading has arrived: Boyd McIntyre, head of a Los Angeles crime family, has at last tracked his kids to a small Montana town and is minutes away from kidnapping them. They barely escape in a small plane, but gunfire hits the fuel line. The pilot, a man who has been raising them as his own, manages to crash land in the middle of the Montana wilderness. The siblings hike deep into the woods, searc

Mrs. Porter calling - a novel

"A novel featuring plucky aspiring journalist Emmy Lake as she navigates life, love, and friendship in London during World War II"--

Mister Magic by White, Kiersten
Date added:
Jun 5, 2023
Mister Magic

Medusa's Sisters

Las Madres by Santiago, Esmeralda
Date added:
Jun 5, 2023
Las Madres

In a Quiet Town by Garza, Amber
Date added:
Jun 5, 2023
In a Quiet Town

The Hurricane Blonde

Happiness by Steel, Danielle
Date added:
Jun 5, 2023


"A shockingly original first novel about exile, diaspora, and the impossibility of Black refuge in America and beyond"--

Looking glass sound

"In a lonely cottage overlooking the windswept Maine coast, Wilder Harlow begins the last book he will ever write. It is the story of a sun-drenched summer of his youth, and of the killer that stalked the small New England town. And of the terrible tragedy that forever bonded him with his friends Nat and Harper in unknowable ways. Decades later, Wilder returns to the town in an attempt to recount that summer's events in his memoirs. But as he writes, Wilder begins to fear his grip on the truth i

A killer in the family - a novel

"When the police found the first body, left on a bonfire in the fields, they worried it had the hallmarks of a serial killer. Now, as they find the second, they know for sure. Panic about the "bonfire killer" quickly spreads through the sedate, suburban area of Southampton. Women are urged not to travel alone at night, and constant vigilance is encouraged among the local residents. But single mom Aisling Cooley has a lot to distract her: two beloved teenage sons and a quest to find her long-lost

How to care for a human girl - a novel

"From "a writer at the top of her game" (The New York Times) comes a bighearted and sharply funny debut novel about two estranged sisters and the crossroads they face after becoming unexpectedly pregnant at the same time. Two years after the death of their mother, Jada and Maddy Battle both navigate unplanned pregnancies. Jada, a thirty-one-year-old psychology PhD student living in Pittsburgh, quietly obtains an abortion without telling her husband, but the secret causes turmoil in her already s