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Tell me everything - a novel

"With her "extraordinary capacity for radical empathy" (The Boston Globe), remarkable insight into the human condition, and silences that contain multitudes, Elizabeth Strout returns to the town of Crosby, Maine, and to her beloved cast of characters as they deal with a shocking crime in their midst; fall in love and yet choose to be apart; and grapple with the question, as Lucy Barton puts it: What does anyone's life mean? It's autumn in Maine, and the town lawyer Bob Burgess has become enmeshe

No more secrets

"Carter Pierce isn't interested in being fixed up. This wounded ex-soldier just wants to enjoy the peace and quiet of his quirky small town. Too bad that solitude is about to be interrupted by big-city, workaholic journalist, Summer Lentz. Sprung on him by his own mother, she's there to write a story about his family farm. Thanks, Mom. Carter sees the interruption as a barely tolerable irritation. The town sees it as the perfect matchmaking opportunity. Under the watchful eyes of every Blue Moon

The great state of West Florida - a novel

"It's 2026, and Rally is thirteen years old. The long, hot Louisiana summer looms before him like a face-melting stretch of blacktop, and the country is talking civil war while his adoptive family acts more vicious than ever. Rally spends his days wondering about his dead father's people, the Woolsacks of West Florida, who long ago led a failed rebellion to carve their own state from the swamp and sugar-sand of the coast. That family might have been his too--if his mother and a crew of vigilante

Fall into temptation

"Beckett Pierce is the most eligible bachelor in the nosiest small town in upstate New York. But after his last girlfriend handcuffed herself to his porch and set his welcome mat on fire when he broke up with her, he's not looking for any more romance. Even if it lands right in his backyard. Gianna Decker has her hands full. With two kids, a useless ex, and a brand new yoga studio, the last thing on her mind is finding a man who'll cause her more problems. Dating her broody landlord? Yeah, that

Last dance  - a Mike Daley/Rosie Fernandez thriller

Amid the pulsating beats of an upscale strip club in San Francisco's historic North Beach, a chilling crime unfolds. Ex-cop Ce´sar Ochoa stands accused of brutally stabbing the club's star dancer, Chloe Carson. The evidence is damning, but Ce´sar maintains his innocence. In a desperate bid for justice, Ce´sar turns to Public Defenders Mike Daley and Rosie Fernandez. As they delve into the shadows of the club, they unearth a web of sex, drugs, infidelity, and hidden pasts involving the city's eli

Zero stars do not recommend - a novel

"White Lotus meets Kevin Wilson in this whip-smart social satire about a man who finds himself trapped on an island resort after the sun literally explodes, and suddenly must choose whether to save himself from the chaos, or help the fellow guests make itoff the island alive... Vacation Checklist: Pack swim trunks. Apply sunscreen. Survive the (maybe) apocalypse Professional underachiever Dan Foster is finally taking a vacation. Sure, his life has been average at best and, yeah, he has never qui

Zan by Ehtesham-zadeh, Suzi
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024

The Year of What If

Wish I were here

"For type-A mathematician Catherine Lipton, growing up with a free-spirited single dad was more than a little stressful. So as an adult, everything in her life is ordered, from her lists to her lesson plans at her new job as a college professor. Catherine's carefully calculated life goes awry, though, when the university's human resources system rejects her employment paperwork. Soon after, her credit card is declined. At the social security office, Catherine makes a shocking discovery-she's dis

Until our time comes - a novel of World War II Poland

"The German invasion of Poland derails Adia Kensington's plans to learn from the greatest breeders of Arabian horses in the world, but brings a British spy to her aid. Amidst the Blitzkrieg and a tense occupation, the two clash over everything--except their efforts to save the horses."--

The Third Realm

Switched by Ready, Sarah
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024

A witty, charming romantic comedy where love defies the laws of physics by award winning author Sarah Ready.

The Story Collector by Woods, Evie
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024
The Story Collector

The son of man

"From the author of the "extraordinary" Animalia (Sunday Times), winner of the Republic of Consciousness Prize, and finalist for the Lambda Literary Award and Best Translated Book Award, a blazing new novel exploring nature, family, and violence, set on ahostile and glorious mountainside haunted by transgressions of the past. In the soft morning light, a man, a woman, and a child drive beyond the borders of a sleepy French post-industrial town into the forested mountains beyond. After several ye

Side Effects Are Minimal

Shred sisters - a novel

"From Betsy Lerner, celebrated author of The Bridge Ladies, comes a wry and riveting debut novel about family, mental illness, and a hard-won path between two sisters. It is said that when one person in a family is unstable, the whole family is destabilized. Meet the Shreds. Olivia is the sister in the spotlight, but when her stunning confidence morphs into something erratic and unpredictable, she becomes a hurricane leaving the Shred family wrecked in her wake. Put simply, she has no brakes. Yo

Shock Induction by Palahniuk, Chuck
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024
Shock Induction