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Why me God? by Cornell, Margaret
Date added:
Jun 20, 2024
Why me God?

In October 2017 Margaret was very shocked when she was diagnosed with Stage Four Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and given two months to live, but God intervened.

Well, This Is Me by Perlman, Asher
Date added:
Jun 20, 2024
Well, This Is Me

Valley so low - one lawyer's fight for justice in the wake of America's great coal catastrophe

"A riveting courtroom drama as victims of a manmade environmental disaster-the survivors-pursue justice in a Tennessee court led by a country lawyer challenging the notion that, in America, justice can be bought"--

A well-trained wife - my escape from Christian patriarchy

"Today it hit me when he hit me, blood shaking in my brain. Maybe there wasn't a savior coming. Maybe it was up to me to save me." Recruited into the fundamentalist Quiverfull movement as a young wife, Tia Levings learned that being a good Christian meantfollowing a list of additional life principles--a series of secret, special rules to obey. Being a godly and submissive wife in Christian Patriarchy included strict discipline, isolation, and an alternative lifestyle that appeared wholesome to o

Slaveroad by Wideman, John Edgar
Date added:
Jun 20, 2024

Shame on you - how to be a woman in the age of mortification

"A courageous, in-depth investigation into the modern epidemic of shame in our society-what it is, why women are uniquely susceptible, and how we can shift the shame off our plates and live our best lives in an over-exposed, image-obsessed world"--

Round here and over yonder - a front-porch travel guide by two progressive hillbillies (yes, that's a thing)

Two comedians and Southern boys present this heartwarming and hilarious travel guide that takes you to the smallest of small towns in the South, to major U.S. cities, and across the pond where there's always something to roast, something to toast and something to learn about what ties us together as humans.

Rethinking rescue - Dog Lady and the story of America's forgotten people and pets

"In Los Angeles's most underserved communities, Lori Weise is known as the Dog Lady, the woman who's spent decades caring for people in poverty and the animals that love them. Long before anyone else, Weise grasped that animal and human suffering are inextricably connected and created a new rescue narrative, an enduring safety net empowering pet owners and providing resources to reduce the number of pets coming into shelters. Rethinking Rescue unites the causes of animal welfare and social justi

Raising capable kids - the 12 habits every parent needs regardless of their child's label or challenge

"A guide for parents to raising children who have been diagnosed as 'different'--written by a parent and expert in educational psychology, with guidance on how to understand your child's strengths and challenges, set realistic and ambitious expectations and support and challenge them when needed"--