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Tyranny of dragons

''Tyranny of Dragons combines and refines two action packed Dungeons & Dragons adventures Hoard of the Dragon Queen and The Rise of Tiamat into a single sweeping campaign. It also includes a gallery of concept art providing a behind the scenes look at thecreation of an epic adventure spotlighting Tiamat, one of the most legendary foes in D&D. A wonderful re introduction to 5th edition's first published adventures for new fansBegins as a low level adventure suitable for new players and evolves in

Poor Gal- The Cultural History of Little Liza Jane

The telling journey of a centuries-old tune and what it says about race, class, and American folk music

Pieces of a Girl

Not your China doll - the wild and shimmering life of Anna May Wong

"Set against the glittering backdrop of Los Angeles during the gin-soaked Jazz Age and the rise of Hollywood, this debut book celebrates Anna May Wong, the first Asian American movie star, to bring an unsung heroine to light and reclaim her place in cinema history"--

Total garbage - how we can fix our waste and heal our world

"What happens to our trash? Why are our oceans filling with plastic? Do we really waste 40 percent of our food 65 percent of our energy? Waste is truly our biggest problem, and solving our inherent trashiness can fix our economy, our energy costs, our traffic jams, and help slow climate change-all while making us healthier, happier and more prosperous. This story-driven and in-depth exploration of the pervasive yet hard-to-see wastefulness that permeates our daily lives illuminates the ways in w

Shakespeare's sisters - how women wrote the Renaissance

"A remarkable work about women writers in the Renaissance explodes our notion of the Shakespearean period and brings us in close to four women who were committed to their craft before there was any possibility of "a room of one's own." In a sparkling andengaging narrative of everyday life in Shakespearean England, Ramie Targoff carries us from the sumptuous coronation of Queen Elizabeth in the mid 16th century into the private lives of four women writers working without acknowledgment at a time

Project Orion - the true story of the atomic spaceship

Shortly after the first Sputnik launch in 1957, an American scientific team proposed Project Orion, an enormous interplanetary spaceship propelled by exploding hundreds of nuclear bombs. The project commenced during the golden age of support for U.S. scientific research, but the team struggled to find ongoing funding. Civilian NASA found Orion unpalatable because of its inextricable link with nuclear weapons, while the military regarded the team's ultimate goal exploration of the solar system as

The practically complete guide to dragons - inscribed by Sindri Suncatcher, the greatest kender wizard who ever lived

"With tips on everything from fighting dragons to riding them, The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons offers abundant insight into the most awe-inspiring creatures in all the worlds. Detailing the appearance, capabilities, habits, lairs, and treasuresof ten dragon kinds, and annotated with the extraordinary wizard Sindri Suncatcher's personal observations and experiences, this beautiful volume will inspire endless adventures in the imagination. The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons combin

No Judgment - Essays by Oyler, Lauren
Date added:
Feb 29, 2024
No Judgment - Essays

InstaBrain- The New Rules for Marketing to Generation Z

In InstaBrain, you will learn: - Where they go for different types of content - What draws them in - How they make a buying decision - What keeps them coming back - How to tailor your marketing strategy for this new generation If you don't know this about Generation Z, you'll be out of business before you can say "IG."

Literary theory for robots - how computers learned to write

"Intelligence expressed through technology should not be mistaken for a magical genie, capable of self-directed thought or action. Rather, in highly original and effervescent prose with a generous dose of wit, Yi Tenen asks us to read past the artifice-tobetter perceive the mechanics of collaborative work. Something as simple as a spell-checker or a grammar-correction tool, embedded in every word-processor, represents the culmination of a shared human effort, spanning centuries.Smart tools, like

The legend of Drizzt visual dictionary

The Forgotten Realms offer D&D players an endless array of secrets to uncover, foes to fight, and treasures to be taken. But there is one name that has always stood out from the rest: Drizzt. Drizzt Do'urden. This legendary drow elf ranger has been adventuring across the Forgotten Realms for decades, whether through New York Times bestselling fantasy novels or award-winning video games. Now Drizzt will take readers on a spectacular journey through his world. This book showcases Drizzt and his tr

If It's Purple, Someone's Gonna Die- The Power of Color in Visual Storytelling

This enlightening book guides film professionals toward making the right color selections for their films, and helps movie buffs interpret why they feel the way they do while watching movies incorporating certain colors. Learn how powerful color can be and increase your awareness of the colors around you and how they make you feel, act, and react.

The freaks came out to write - the definitive history of the Village Voice, the radical paper that changed American culture

"You either were there or you wanted to be. The Freaks Came Out to Write is the definitive oral history of The Village Voice-a New York City institution. Roaming its cramped, chaotic halls were the people who had written the first stories about the Stonewall Riots and the gay rights movement; who had advocated for civil rights before it was mainstream. The Voice was the first to cover hip-hop, the avant-garde art scene, and the AIDS crisis with urgency and seriousness when other papers were dism