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Zero Victim- Overcoming Injustice With a New Attitude

"We live in a hostile world where imperfect people develop imperfect systems. We all endure difficulties at no fault of our own, turning us each into victims. But have you noticed how some people rise above their victimization while others sink into mental and spiritual defeat? Despite similar circumstances, some people thrive while others wither away. In [this book], author and corporate executive James Ward shows how repeated victimization destroys your positive outlook by permanently creating

The privateers - how billionaires created a culture war and sold school vouchers

"A deep-dive investigation of education privatization that reveals voucher programs as the faulty products of decades of work by wealthy patrons and influential conservatives In The Privateers, Josh Cowen lays bare the surprising history of tax-funded school choice programs in the United States and warns of the dangers of education privatization. A former evaluator of state and local school voucher programs, Cowen demonstrates how, as such programs have expanded in the United States, so too has

Half a Life- Half a Life- A Memoir

By turns comic, tragic, and heartrending, "Half a Life" is a bold, unsentimental portrait of the artist as a girl from nowhere, making herself up from scratch, acting up, and finally overcoming the consequences of being the child of a father incapable of love and responsibility. "Tender, unsentimental, and filled with moments of contagious joy and heartbreak, her 'half a life' is more than most people experience in a lifetime".--"Publishers Weekly".

The Discourses of Epictetus and the Enchiridion (Royal Collector's Edition) (Case Laminate Hardcover with Jacket)

The Discourses of Epictetus are a series of practical informal lectures. Epictetus directs his students to focus attention on their opinions, anxieties and desires so they may never fail to get what they desire. Also included is the Enchiridion.

Jerusalem through the ages - from its beginnings to the Crusades

"The knobbiest town in the world"--so Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain) described Jerusalem in The Innocents Abroad, a travelogue of his visit to the Holy Land in 1867 (Fig. 0.7). He was struck by the Old City's small size; the small white domes protrudinglike knobs from the flat roofs of the tightly-packed houses; the narrow, crooked, uneven stone-paved streets; the poverty and filth; and the throngs of beggars: "To see the numbers of maimed, malformed and diseased humanity that throng the holy p

Wilding - returning nature to our farm

"For many years Isabella Tree and Charlie Burrell struggled to make a go as farmers, doing everything they could to make the heavy clay soils of their farm at Knepp in West Sussex as productive as possible, while rarely succeeding in making a profit. By 2000, facing bankruptcy, the couple decided they would try something new. They would restore their 3,500 acres, farmed for centuries, even millennia, to the form that they had had before human intervention. They would bring back the wild. This wa

Bloody spring - forty days that sealed the Confederacy's fate

In the spring of 1864, Virginia remained unbroken, its armies having repelled Northern armies for more than two years. Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia had defeated the campaigns of four Union generals, and Lee's veterans were confident they could crush the Union offensive this spring, too. But their adversary in 1864 was a different kind of Union commander-Ulysses S. Grant. The new Union general-in-chief had never lost a major battle while leading armies in the West. A quiet, rumpled m

Moravian Soundscapes- A Sonic History of the Moravian Missions in Early Pennsylvania

Combined with access to an interactive website that immerses the reader in mid-18th century Pennsylvania, and framed with an autobiographical narrative, Moravian Soundscapes recovers the roles of sound and music in Moravian communities and provides a road map for similar studies of other places and religious traditions in the future.

The Essential Chuang Tzu

Toni Morrison and the geopoetics of place, race, and be/longing

"In this interdisciplinary work of Literary Criticism, notable Toni Morrison scholar Marilyn S. Mobley endeavors to apply geopoetics toward establishing a new framework for understanding Morrison's famous call to create and allow for "spaces for the reader to come into the text.""--

ketoCONTINUUM Consistently Keto For Life

"A comprehensive resource patients and patient-educators can use to prevent and reverse illnesses of aging. David was obese, depressed, and headed for a heart attack, Keto chemistry pumped life back into his brain, relationships, and business. Dr. Bosworth uses David's story to teach how to implement keto chemistry and stay consistently keto. Based on research in neuroscience, metabolism, substance abuse, diabetes, and psychology, this essential guide provides evidence-based strategies and pract

Year of no garbage - recycling lies, plastic problems, and one woman's trashy journey to zero waste - a memoir

"In this book Eve O. Schaub, humorist and stunt memoirist extraordinaire, tackles her most difficult challenge to date: garbage. Convincing her husband and two daughters to go along with her, Schaub attempts the seemingly impossible: living in the modernworld without creating any trash at all. For an entire year. And- as it turns out- during a pandemic. In the process, Schaub learns some startling things: that modern recycling is broken, and single stream recycling is a lie. That flushable wipe

Viewfinder - a memoir of seeing and being seen

"Long before he directed Wicked, In The Heights, or the groundbreaking film Crazy Rich Asians, Jon M. Chu was a movie-obsessed first-generation Chinese American, helping at his parents' Chinese restaurant in Silicon Valley and forever facing the culturalidentity crisis endemic to children of immigrants. Growing up on the cutting edge of 21st-century technology gave Chu the tools he needed to make his mark at USC film school, and to be discovered by Steven Spielberg, but he soon found himself str

The triumph of life - a narrative theology of Judaism

"The Triumph of Life is Rabbi Irving Greenberg's magnum opus-a narrative of the relationship between God and humanity as expressed in the Jewish journey through modernity, the Holocaust, the creation of Israel, and the birth of Judaism's next era. Greenberg describes Judaism's utopian vision of a world, created by a God who loves life, who invites humans to live on the side of life and enables the forces of life to triumph over death. The Bible proclaims our mission of tikkun olam, repairing the

Toxic government - exposing the Flint water crisis cover up and the poisoning of 100,000 people

"Toxic Government exposes the full, never-before-told story of who is responsible for the poisoning of Flint and the coverup of the Flint water crisis. From state and local government to Wall Street and beyond, readers will uncover one of the biggest government cover ups of the 21st century that is still ongoing and attacking innocent people"--

Reclaiming Calliope - freeing the female voice through undomesticated singing

"An exploration of the practice and politics of singing with the uninhibited, authentic female voice"--

A survivor's education - women, violence, and the stories we don't tell

"In Berkeley, on a picturesque university campus in the springtime, a young woman is shoved backwards down a concrete stairway by her partner. This follows months of escalating violence, during which he slams her into walls, chokes her, pours beer on her,threatens to kill her, stalks her, promises to split her head open with a hammer. She ends the relationship, cuts off contact, flees to the other side of the country, and initiates a Title IX case against him at the university. She knows what ha

Shocks, crises, and false alarms - how to assess true macroeconomic risk

"War. Inflation. Recession. Pandemic. The semblance of macroeconomic stability is long gone, with the volatility of recent years challenging leaders and companies to preserve and create value as they navigate the business landscape. When turmoil hits, executives and investors face notoriously unreliable macroeconomic forecasts, whipsawing data, and contradictory opinions. Are disruptions transient and ephemeral-or permanent and structural? False alarms are costly traps, but so are true structura

The reactionary spirit - how America's most insidious political tradition swept the world

"There is a fundamental contradiction at the heart of American politics that has endured since our nation's birth. The defining ideals of democracy and liberty for everyone have always existed uneasily alongside realities of slavery, widespread disenfranchisement, and other grave impediments to true democracy. How has this paradox survived for so long in the face of America's foundational claim of liberty and justice for all? In The Reactionary Spirit, Zack Beauchamp explains that this tension i

A plausible man - the true story of the escaped slave who inspired Uncle Tom's cabin

"The story of the man behind the book that helped spark the Civil War"--

On James Baldwin

"Colm To´ibi´n's personal account of encountering James Baldwin's work, published in Baldwin's centenary year. Acclaimed Irish novelist Colm To´ibi´n first read James Baldwin just after turning eighteen. He had completed his first year at an Irish university and was struggling to free himself from a religious upbringing. He had even considered entering a seminary and was searching for literature that would offer illumination and insight. Inspired by the novel Go Tell It on the Mountain, To´ibi´n

Loving me after we - the essential guide to healing, growing, and thriving after a toxic relationship

"For fans of How to Do the Work by Dr. Nicole LePera and The Book of Boundaries by Melissa Urban, Loving Me After We is the book that will teach you how to love yourself after you've lost yourself in a toxic relationship, and embody confidence, emotionalsecurity, and self-love. A breakup can feel like the end of the world-but what if it could serve as the start of a better you? In our search for love, affection, and acceptance, we often find ourselves repeating old patterns with new partners. Ou

The light work - reclaim your feminine power, live your cosmic truth, and illuminate the world

"Unlock your infinite potential in every area of your life and become your own inspiration. Using the concept of Light as a tool for personal and spiritual growth, bestselling author and entrepreneur Jessica Zweig challenges readers to hit the proverbial"light switch" and illuminate their own lives. Rooted in the Pleiadian teachings of Light as "Information," "Truth," and "Love," Jessica's philosophy teaches readers to name, claim, and reframe their inner darkness in order to unlock their infini

Inspire greatness - how to motivate employees with a simple, repeatable, scalable process

"From sought-after speaker and consultant Matt Tenney, Inspire Greatness outlines a simple, scalable, four-step process that any leader can follow to routinely bring out the best in team members and improve performance for their team or organization"--

Gray matters - a biography of brain surgery

"A popular biography of brain surgery told by one of its preeminent practitioners"--

Feh - a memoir

"A memoir of the author's attempt to escape the biblical story he'd been raised on and his struggle to construct a new story for himself and his family"--

Christopher Isherwood inside out / Inside Out

"A stunningly intimate portrait of the writer and gay cultural icon and of his lifelong search for authenticity"--

Business on the edge - how to turn a profit and improve lives in the world's toughest places

"Many companies worry that expanding into emerging markets is a risky--and even dangerous--move. Professors Viva Ona Bartkus and Emily S. Block see things differently. They argue that by entering markets in the world's frontline regions--areas stuck in cycles of violence and extreme poverty--business can actually create stability and expand opportunity for communities and corporations alike. From helping Colombian farmers transition from growing coca to produce, to disrupting human trafficking r

Bring judgment day - reclaiming Lead Belly's truths from Jim Crow's lies

"This deeply researched book explores the life and music of folk legend Lead Belly within the context of the Jim Crow era. The work will appeal to a range of audiences, from Lead Belly fans and historians to readers interested in civil rights, mass incarceration, and the power of narrative"--

The body alone - a lyrical articulation of chronic pain

"The Body Alone is a lyrical nonfiction inquiry into the experience, meaning, and articulation of pain. It is a hybrid account incorporating research, scholarship, and memoir to examine pain through the lenses of medicine, theology, and philosophy. Brokenbodies tell broken stories. This is why the pain experience is portrayed through an engaging but tangled, cyclical narrative of primers, vocabulary lessons, prescription records, and hypothesized internal monologues. The Body Alone is fractured

Sonny Boy by Pacino, Al
Date added:
Jun 10, 2024
Sonny Boy

Patriot by Navalny, Alexei
Date added:
Jun 10, 2024

Othered - finding belonging with the God who pursues the hurt, harmed, and marginalized

"For anyone who has felt left out or pushed out, this book is your invitation to find spiritual rest and belonging in a God who loves, restores, and blesses the outcast and the marginalized"--

No nonsense spirituality - all the tools no faith required

"Drawing from the wellsprings of science, philosophy, religion, and psychology, this illuminating work charts a course for those who seek a meaningful life without dogma or woo. Hartley draws on her work as an atheist spiritual director to provide practical guidelines for navigating a secular approach to ritual, morality, awe, transcendence, wisdom, community, intuition, connection, and meaning that can withstand the harsh truths of reality. With wisdom gleaned from the best of rationalism and

Memoir of a milk carton kid - the Tanya Nicole Kach story

The haunting story of a girl lost in the cracks of the sytem, and forced to spend more than ten years as the prisoner of her school's security guard. Provides insight into Kach's emotional state of a criminal justice system that allowed her ordeal to happen.

Lifeform by Slate, Jenny
Date added:
Jun 10, 2024

Lies I taught in medical school - how conventional medicine is making you sicker and what you can do to save your own life

"In Lies I Taught in Medical School, Robert Lufkin, MD, explains that metabolic dysfunction is the common underlying cause of most chronic diseases that has been overlooked for decades, providing the tools needed to prevent and reverse them in ourselves.He draws on expansive, peer-reviewed evidence, proving that standard medical recommendations are killing us"--

John Lewis - A Life

Killed by a traffic engineer - shattering the delusion that science underlies our transportation system

"In Killed by a Traffic Engineer, civil engineering professor Wes Marshall shines a spotlight on how little science there is behind the way that our streets are engineered, which leaves safety as an afterthought. While traffic engineers are not trying to cause deliberate harm to anyone, he explains, they are guilty of creating a transportation system whose designs remain largely based on plausible, but unproven, conjecture. Thoroughly researched and compellingly written, Killed by a Traffic Engi

The Indian card - who gets to be native in America

"A groundbreaking and deeply personal exploration of Tribal enrollment, and what it means to be Native American in the United States "Candid, unflinching....Her thorough excavation of the painful history that gave rise to rigid enrollment policies is a courageous gift to our understanding of contemporary Native life." --The Whiting Foundation Jury. Who is Indian enough? To be Native American is to live in a world of contradictions. At the same time that the number of people in the U.S. who claim

I can't remember if I cried - rock widows on life, love, and legacy

"The stories of rock musicians who die young are the thing of lore and legend. Accidents, drug overdoses, plane crashes-all have taken the lives of male rock stars still in their primes. But what became of their widowed brides? How did they survive a lossso great? What is it like to have to share your grief with millions of strangers? And where are these widows today?"--

Gather me - a memoir in praise of the books that saved me

"An inspiring memoir of family, community, and resilience, and an ode to the power of books to help us understand ourselves, from the renowned founder of Well-Read Black Girl. 'She is a friend of my mind. She gather me, man. The pieces I am, she gather them and give them back to me in all the right order.'--Toni Morrison. For Glory Edim, that 'friend of my mind' is books. Edim, who grew up in Virginia to Nigerian immigrant parents, started the popular Well-Read Black Girl book club at age thirty

Framed - astonishing true stories of wrongful convictions

"In his first work of nonfiction since The Innocent Man, #1 bestselling author John Grisham and Centurion Ministries Founder Jim McCloskey share ten harrowing true stories of wrongful convictions. Impeccably researched and grippingly told, Framed offers an inside look at the victims of the United States criminal justice system. A fundamental principle of our legal system is a presumption of innocence, but once someone has been found guilty there is very little room to prove doubt. Framed shares

Everything is predictable - how bayesian statistics explain our world

An award-winning science writer shows how Bayes's theorem, which can predict the probability of an event, affects every aspect of our lives in fields as diverse as medicine, law and artificial intelligence.

Dolci! - American baking with an Italian accent

"Italian, American, and Italian-American recipes, from the revered baker of Ciao, Gloria and co-founder and former co-owner of Baked"--

The essential guide to alpha-gal syndrome

The Essential Guide to Alpha Gal Syndrome is a guide FOR THE NEWLY DIAGNOSED. Alpha Gal Syndrome is often called the "red meat allergy" but it is so much more than that! The Essential Guide to Alpha-Gal Syndrome offers tips and advice: What to eat and what to possibly avoid; Dangers in and around the home; Dangers in other places; Reactions; Relief; Tips for Family Members; And so much more! The Essential Guide to Alpha-Gal Syndrome includes 7 jump start steps to help you immediately

Dinner for Vampires

Brothers by Van Halen, Alex
Date added:
Jun 10, 2024

Bright cooking - recipes for the modern palate

"In Bright Cooking, her highly anticipated first cookbook, celebrated chef and tastemaker Camille Becerra offers 125 fresh, natural dishes to boost one's mood with stunning beauty and one's body with plant-based, healthful ingredients. Fifty foundationalpantry basics-mother sauces, broths, dusts, finishing oils, and more-are combined in uncommon and uncomplicated ways to create 75 eat-anytime dishes"--

The widow's guide to dead bastards - a memoir

"A widow's life is turned upside when she uncovers the truth about her late husband in this lyrical, witty, and deeply moving memoir of tragedy and betrayal. In the midst of mourning her husband's sudden death, writer Jessica Waite discovered shocking secrets that undermined everything she thought she knew about the man she'd loved and trusted. From uncovered affairs to drug use and a pornography addiction, Waite was overwhelmed reconciling this devastating information with her new reality as a

Whosoever whole

"Poems that offer an anti-capitalist consideration of life and selfhood for women in contemporary society. The poetry in Elizabeth Scanlon's Whosoever Whole asks how we arrive at and nurture a sense of self amid a culture that wants us only to consume. Navigating the fractal and often fractured experiences of a citizen, a parent in the time of climate change, and a woman in an embattled era, Scanlon invites the reader into an interior space filled with anger, joy, wonder, and hope. Employing met

Weavers, Scribes, and Kings- A New History of the Ancient Near East

A sweeping history of the ancient Near East from 3500 to 323 BCE, Weavers, Scribes, and Kings is built around the life stories of many ancient men and women. Their habits of daily life, beliefs, triumphs, and crises, and the changes that they faced over time are explored through their own written words and the buildings, cities, and empires in which they lived

Unstressable - a practical guide to stress-free living

"Unstressable is a handbook for those who realize stress isn't what happens to you; it's how you handle what happens to you. It's a left brainer's solution to a modern right-brain problem. Mo Gawdat is an engineer. What most of us see as inchoate, insurmountable problems he sees as systems overloads to tackle and solve. Unstressable breaks stress into inputs and effects, classifying human stressors as: stress to the mind, stress to emotions, stress to the body, and stress to the soul. Once class

Sturge Town by Dawes, Kwame
Date added:
Jun 6, 2024
Sturge Town

Undefeated - changing the rules and winning on my own terms

"Single mother of five, entrepreneur, and producer/creator of Basketball Wives, Shaunie Henderson (formerly Shaunie O'Neal, ex-wife of Shaquille O'Neal) opens up about finding love and partnership; gives advice for raising strong, smart, grounded Black children in today's world; and reveals how she defined her career and herself, all on her own terms. This inspirational memoir will appeal to Basketball Wives fans, Black moms, and all women who are looking to be heard. They will find Shaunie's wo

This earthly globe - a Venetian geographer and the quest to map the world

"In the autumn of 1550, a thick volume containing a wealth of new geographical information, with startling wood-cut maps of Africa, India and Indonesia, was published in Venice under the title Navigationi & Viaggi (Journeys & Navigations). The person whohad edited this remarkable collection of travelogues, journals, and classified government reports was unknown. Two more volumes delivered the most accurate information on Asia and the "New" World that was available. The three volumes together con

Takedown - inside the fight to shut down pornhub for child abuse, rape, and sex trafficking

"For years, it was an open secret that Pornhub was infested with child sexual abuse material, revenge porn, and illegal content. The billion-dollar website's executives happily took advantage of how difficult it was to moderate and discipline criminals, and for years they were rewarded financially. That is, until activist Laila Mickelwait decided to do something about it. Takedown is a shocking exposae of the criminal inner workings of the world's largest porn empire, and one activist's battle t

Sonnets for a missing key - (and some others)

"Do keys matter? Do they speak to different parts of us? Inspired by the Preludes of Chopin and the piano solos of Art Tatum, these experimental sonnets seek to question timbre and tone. That's bullshit. They are just sonnets"--

The Shield of Achilles

Sailing alone - a surprising history of isolation and survival at sea

"A story as vast and exhilarating as the open ocean itself, SAILING ALONE chronicles the daring, disastrous, and often absurd history of those who chose to sail across the ocean, in very small boats, alone. Sailing by yourself, out of sight of land, can be invigorating and terrifying, compelling and tedious - and sometimes all of the above in one morning. But it is also a wide expanse of time in which to think. Sailing Alone tells the story of some of the remarkable people who, over the last fou

Plays for the plague year

"A stunning collection of plays from Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Suzan-Lori Parks that captures the societal rupture of the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. On March 13, 2020, as theaters shut their doors and so many of us went into lockdown, Suzan-Lori Parks picked up her pen and set out to write a play every day. What emerged is a breathtaking chronicle of our collective experience throughout the troubling days and nights that followed. Plays for the Plague Year is at once a personal

The Penguin book of pirates

"Real-life accounts of the world's most notorious pirates-both men and women, from the Golden Age of Piracy and beyond-compiled by the New York Times bestselling author of A True Account: Hannah Masury's Sojourn Amongst the Pyrates, Written by Herself A Penguin Classic Spanning three centuries and eight thousand nautical miles, and compiled by a direct descendant of a sailor who waged war with pirates in the early nineteenth century, The Penguin Book of Pirates takes us behind the eye patches, t

Patent, copyright & trademark - an intellectual property desk reference

Provides an overview of intellectual property law, including what legal rights apply to a work, what trade-secret law protects, and the scope of copyright protection.

Opening doors - the unlikely alliance between the Irish and the Jews in America

"The extraordinary untold story of how Irish and Jewish immigrants worked together to secure legitimacy in America. Popular belief holds that the various ethnic groups that emigrated to the United States at the turn of the twentieth century regarded one another with open hostility, fiercely competing for limited resources and even coming to blows in the crowded neighborhoods of major cities. One of the most enduring stereotypes is that of rabidly anti-Semitic Irish Catholics, like Father Charles

Nuclear is not the solution - the folly of atomic power in the age of climate change

"Breaks any illusions in the hope of nuclear power to create a green energy future"--

Newt - a cookbook for all

"Newt's relatable charm and uproarious cooking videos have taken the internet by storm and now, he invites you to step into his world, where cooking is an adventure. His debut cookbook is for everyone, with more than 75 beginner friendly, hugely satisfying recipes"--

My Journey with Farrah- A Story of Life, Love, and Friendship

Writing candidly about aging, marriage, motherhood, and faith--all topics she and Farrah Fawcett dealt with together over the years--Stewart provides a moving tribute to her close friend, once Hollywood's golden girl, and an inspiring celebration of life.

Microskills - small actions, big impact

"In Microskills you will learn how to build your career without breaking yourself. How to manage your task list to get work done. How to build and maintain your professional reputation. How to become a subject matter expert. How to grow and nurture your network. How to become a better communicator and so much more"--

Making room - three decades of fighting for beds, belonging, and a safe place for LGBTQ youth

"Carl Siciliano met Ali Forney-a Black nonbinary teenager overflowing with life-in 1994 while working at a daytime center for homeless youth in New York City. Nineteen years old and driven from home, Forney was the heart of the community, known for infectious laughter, fierce loyalty to friends, and an unshakeable faith that "my God will love me for who I am." Then Forney was murdered, a moment of horror and devastation that exposed the brutality that teenagers like Forney faced in a city marked

Lies my liberal teacher told me - debunking the false narratives, defining America's school curricula

"A college professor refutes liberal narratives which define much of America's school curricula"--

I want to matter - your life is too short & too precious to waste

The beloved four-time Emmy Award winning actress, author and television host guides you on a 60-day journey to self-discovery and purpose through personal stories, inspiring prompts and her trademark positive spirit.

The Liberation Line - the untold story of how American engineering and ingenuity won World War II

"There have been many books about D-Day and the Allied invasion of Europe that ended the World War Two. But one dramatic aspect of this story has been almost entirely ignored. Until now. "The Liberation Line" shows that without the incredible, indomitablework of the US Military Rail Service, and their counterparts in the British Royal Engineers, who overcame enemy attacks, sabotage, and booby traps to repair many hundreds of miles of destroyed railway tracks and dozens of bridges and tunnels, th

I don't want to be understood

"A transsexual woman pieces together fragmented details of a repressive religious childhood and an unsupportive family, drawing from autobiographical experiences of the poet's life. I Don't Want To Be Understood is a work of resistance against the conventional trans narrative, and a resistance against the idea that trans people should have to make themselves clear and understandable to others in order to deserve human rights. This is a compelling, urgent collection about the body and survival th

A hummingbird in my house - the story of Squeak

An account of Squeak, a young ruby-throated hummingbird, chronicles the bird's rescue, its daily activities and behavior, its growth to maturity in the author's indoor garden, and its eventual release back into the wild.

The hostess handbook - a modern guide to entertaining

"What's the secret to every good party? Is it the tasty but not overly fussy food? The warmth of a good host who doesn't disappear into the kitchen halfway through the night? The beautiful tablespace or the eclectic mix of glassware? It's all of the above, and now, you don't have to sweat it because The Hostess Handbook shows how to master the art of entertaining. Author Maria Zizka starts with the first rule of party planning (being, there are no rules!), then walks readers through some options

Hope for cynics - the surprising science of human goodness

"Runaway cynicism is turning our world into a meaner, sicker place; director of the Stanford Social Neuroscience Lab, Dr. Jamil Zaki, is about to disrupt this narrative. For thousands of years, people have argued about whether humanity is selfish or generous, cruel or kind. In 1972, half of Americans agreed that most people can be trusted; by 2018, that figure had fallen to 30%. Different generations, genders, religions, and political parties can't seem to agree on anything, except, perhaps, on

Guilty creatures - sex, God, and murder in Tallahassee, Florida

"From the critically-acclaimed author and psychoanalyst Mikita Brottman comes the murky retelling of the murder of Mike Williams committed under the haze of faith and devotion. Perfect for true-crime and literary fiction fans alike"--

The gravity of math - how geometry rules the universe

"On November 25th, 1915, Albert Einstein published his field equations of general relativity and reinvented gravity. Rather than being some mysterious unseen force pulling objects together, gravity, Einstein told the world, is a manifestation of the curvature of space-time caused by the presence of massive objects. But Einstein's theory wasn't born in a vacuum, not even the vacuum of space. Instead, the theory of general relativity relies upon complicated geometry; Einstein worked closely with m

Give me space but don't go far - my unlikely friendship with anxiety

"Ever since Haley Weaver was a child, anxiety has been at her side to remind her about what-if and worst-case scenarios, kind of like a bad houseguest who can't read a room. Like most people, Haley saw her anxiety as an obstacle to happiness--she wanted dump it at her therapist's office, or send it on trip far, far away...anything to be rid of it. But what Haley slowly began to understand is that anxiety isn't just an annoying visitor; it's who she is and it keeps her safe, so she might as well

Girl online - a user manual

"In this arresting personal narrative, Joanna Walsh constructs a philosophical investigation into the constraints and possibilities of the technological self, exploring thoughts on technology, identity, and labour"--

The future was now - madmen, mavericks, and the epic sci-fi summer of 1982

"From legendary entertainment journalist and author of Caddyshack comes a rollicking history of 1980s cinema-how eight legendary sci-fi films changed Hollywood forever In the summer of 1982, eight science fiction films were released within six weeks of one another. E.T., Tron, Star Trek: Wrath of Khan, Conan the Barbarian, Blade Runner, Poltergeist, The Thing, and Mad Max: The Road Warrior changed the careers of some of Hollywood's now biggest names-altering the art of movie-making to this day.

Dressing the Bear by L. Leary, Susan
Date added:
Jun 6, 2024
Dressing the Bear

The focus fix - finding clarity, creativity and resilience in an overwhelming world

"With focus and a clear mind, we can achieve almost anything. But we are constantly subjected to a deluge of distractions, from endless notification pings to anxiety and self-doubt.The Focus Fix explores how you can reset your mindset in order to reclaimyour focus and achieve incredible results. In this fascinating book, leading creativity expert Chris Griffiths and journalist Caragh Medlicott unearth scientific studies and inspiring case studies to offer practical and proven techniques that wil

The filmmaker's eye - learning (and breaking) the rules of cinematic composition

"Telling stories with moving images is one of the most exalted art forms of our era. This fully revised and updated new edition of the classic book on cinematic composition will help you harness the power of this genre by explaining how images work to tell a story. This is the only book that combines conceptual and practical instruction on creating polished and eloquent images for film and video with the technical know-how to achieve them. Loaded with hundreds of revised full-color examples, the

Fallen - George Mallory and the tragic 1924 Everest expedition

In the years following his disappearance near the summit of Mount Everest in June 1924 at the age of thirty-seven, George Mallory was elevated into a legendary international hero. Dubbed "the Galahad of Everest," he was lionized by the media as the greatest mountaineer of his generation-a man who had died while taking the ultimate challenge. His body was only recovered in 1999 and there is still speculation about whether he made it to the summit. Handsome, charismatic, and daring, Mallory was a

Elevating child care - a guide to respectful parenting

"A Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE) teacher and student of pioneering child specialist Magda Gerber, Janet Lansbury helps parents look at the world through the eyes of their infants and relate to them as whole people who have natural abilities to learn without being taught. Once we are able to view our children in this light, even the most common daily parenting experiences become stimulating opportunities to learn, discover, and connect with our child. A collection of the most-read article

The electrocution of Baby Lawrence - a murder that shook a New England town

"In September of 1943, six-month old Lawrence Noxon, who had recently been diagnosed with Down Syndrome died mysteriously while in his father's care. The case and following arrest, trial, and conviction of John Noxon, divided their small town Was it an accident? Was it a "mercy killing"? Was it murder?"--

Discovering Daniel- Finding Our Hope in God's Prophetic Plan Amid Global Chaos

Bestselling author Amir Tsarfati reveals how Daniel's prophecies--and his unwavering faith amid a contentious culture--provide vital insights for living out these last days with hope and wisdom.

CPA exam for dummies

Provides an overview of the exam, including content reviews, practice tests, and advice and strategies.

Divorce without court - a guide to mediation & collaborative divorce

"This book guides the reader through all the steps of negotiating a divorce settlement, using mediation or collaborative law. It explains mediation and collaborative divorce and shows you how to choose the right method for your family; maximize opportunities for settlement; get an agreement in writing; find mediators, attorneys, and advisers, and protect your children first, last, and always. It also provides state court website information, contact information for mediation organizations, and c

The darkness has not overcome - lessons on faith and politics from inside the halls of power

"American life today is consumed by politics. Even our churches are tearing themselves apart over political candidates, cultural flashpoints, and debates about whether certain pastors are vessels for the Holy Spirit or an unholy political agenda. So how should Christians approach our lives in this time of strife and division? How should we engage in politics and respond when we find that our beliefs are at odds with the culture? And how do we keep our focus on eternity when the present attractio

The conservative environmentalist - common sense solutions for a sustainable future

"A passionate, provocative vision for solving our climate crisis from a young, forward-thinking conservative climate activist. Activists, politicians, and pseudo-experts have led us to believe that there are only two viable approaches to climate change: panicked doomerism or flat-out denial. Conservative climate activist Benji Backer argues that both are failing. In The Conservative Environmentalist, he proposes a new strategy for fixing the climate-while serving the American people instead of w

Citizen cowboy - Will Rogers and the American people

"Citizen Cowboy is a probing biography of one of America's most influential cultural figures. Will Rogers was a youth from the Cherokee Indian Territory of Oklahoma who rose to conquer nearly every form of media and entertainment in the early twentieth century's rapidly expanding consumer society. Through vaudeville, the Ziegfeld Follies and Broadway, syndicated newspaper and magazine writing, the lecture circuit, radio, and Hollywood movies, Rogers built his reputation as a folksy humorist whos

Chapter 13 bankruptcy - keep your property & repay debts over time

A bankruptcy and litigation attorney helps readers decide whether or not filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the right decision and offers tips and advice on how to keep valuable property and rebuild your credit after a bankruptcy filing.

Bethlehem- A Celebration of Palestinian Food

"Bethlehem is a celebration of Palestinian food and culture from one of the area's most dynamic chefs and a portrait of one of the most storied cities in the world."--Provided by publisher.

The Aztec myths - a guide to the ancient stories and legends

Based on Nahuati-language sources that challenge the colonial history passed down to us by the Spanish, this essential guide to the world of Aztec mythology returns to the original tales, told at the fireside by generations of Indigenous Nahuati speakers,revealing a rich tapestry of mythic tradition that defies modern expectations.

As long as you need - permission to grieve

"Veteran hospital chaplain to the sick, dying, and bereaved, J.S. Park offers you both the permission and the process for how to grieve and heal at your own pace. In As Long As You Need, J.S. offers an honest and unrushed engagement with grief, decoding four types of grieving-spiritual, mental, physical, and relational-and offering compassionate self-care and soul-care along the way. If you are struggling to process loss, pain, or grief from the last few years or the last few minutes, J.S. is an

Alaska by Kirkland, Erin
Date added:
Jun 6, 2024

8 ways to avoid probate

This guide to developing an optimal estate plan focuses on strategies such as leaving real estate with transfer-on-death deeds, using a living trust, and naming the right beneficiaries for IRAs, 401(k)s, and other retirement plans.

Teacherpreneurs by Berry, Barnett
Date added:
Jun 3, 2024

This book offers the recipe for a bold new brand of teacher leadership. "Teacherpreneurs" are highly accomplished classroom teachers who teach in schools while also making powerful change outside the classroom. The authors tell the story of a number of innovative teachers who embody the concept of teacherpreneurism.

Stash statement - make the most of your fabrics with easy improv quilts

"Learn how to make structured improvisational quilts, how to prepare your fabrics, and 15 projects organized by technique"--

Scrap-Happy Quilts by Annie's (COR)
Date added:
Jun 3, 2024
Scrap-Happy Quilts

Teaching with AI - a practical guide to a new era of human learning

"How AI is revolutionizing the future of learning and how educators can adapt to this new era of human thinking.Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way we learn, work, and think. Its integration into classrooms and workplaces is already underway, impacting and challenging ideas about creativity, authorship, and education. In this groundbreaking and practical guide, teachers will discover how to harness and manage AI as a powerful teaching tool. Josae Antonio Bowen and C. Edward W

String quilts - sustainable patchwork projects using fabric scraps

"Many quilters are rediscovering a range of traditional patchwork and quilting techniques that, at their heart, are based on recycling and reusing materials. A style of patchwork that is true to this ethos, and which has been around for centuries, is string patchwork with its use of sewn fabric strips. Due to the scrap nature of string quilts, they are good for using a wide range and eclectic mix of fabrics that, otherwise, would have gathered dust in the corner of a room"--

Sew a winter woodland christmas - mix & match 20 paper-pieced blocks, 9 projects

""Learn how to make twenty adorable creatures blocks with a wintery twist and nine projects that would make excellent holiday gifts. This book offers paper piecing step-by-step instructions for beginners and loads of enjoyable patterns for intermediate quilters"-- Provided by publisher"--

Scrappy wonky quilt block extravaganza - 12 blocks, 13 projects, deceptively simple & fun

"Make something FAB out of (seemingly) nothing at all! There are twelve blocks and thirteen accessible and beginner-friendly projects included inside for all quilters. Readers will learn how to use scraps, odd cuts, and small fabric treasures in unexpected ways to create one-of-a-kind quilts"--

Quilting Through Life by Doan, Jenny
Date added:
Jun 3, 2024
Quilting Through Life

Please, sorry, thanks - the three words that change everything

"The best predictor of success in life, in love, and in leadership is your proficiency at please, sorry, and thanks. Those three words are the foundation of all healthy relationships and successful careers. Those three words are the only ceiling on achieving your dreams. Those three words will determine how happy you are"--

Make just one change - teach students to ask their own questions

"The authors of "Make Just One Change" argue that formulating one's own questions is the single most essential skill for learning and one that should be taught to all students. They also argue that it should be taught in the simplest way possible. Drawing on twenty years of experience, the authors present the Question Formulation Technique, a concise and powerful protocol that enables learners to produce their own questions, improve their questions, and strategize how to use them. "Make Just One

Loving someone who has dementia - how to find hope while coping with stress and grief

"Research-based advice for people who care for someone with dementia. Nearly half of U.S. citizens over the age of 85 are suffering from some kind of dementia and require care. When Someone You Love Has Dementia is a new kind of caregiving book. It's notabout the usual techniques, but about how to manage on-going stress and grief. The book is for caregivers, family members, friends, neighbors as well as educators and professionals, anyone touched by the epidemic of dementia. Dr. Boss helps careg

Fun with squares - 11 creative designs that use 5" or 10" squares

"Squares are one of the basic shapes used in quilting and can lead to a lot of fun designs. This book features projects ranging from a pillow to table runners to wall and throw quilts in skill levels from beginner to confident beginner. Grab your 5" or 10" squares and start sewing. Most of these projects can be made in a weekend. Featuring designs by Wendy Sheppard, Julie Weaver, Cassie Harms, Preeti Harris, Scott Flanagan, Julie Weaver, Carolyn Beam, Nancy Scott, Mary Beth Temple and Annette Fa

You don't have to do it alone - the power of friendship

"A celebration of friendship and community from bestselling author Mark Nepo In his newest book, New York Times bestselling author Mark Nepo turns his attention to the value of community, offering another insightful and inspiring take on our shared humanexperience. You Don't Have to Do It Alone is an earnest exploration and joyous affirmation of one of the most important aspects of being human: friendship. Sharing examples from history, mythology, and his own life, Mark unravels the nuances of c

Why are people into that? - a cultural investigation of kink

"From a no. 1 Apple podcast host, Lambda Literary fellow, and former dominatrix, a sex-positive, judgement-free cultural deep-dive into the world of kink. When BDSM educator and former dominatrix Tina Horn first launched "Why Are People Into That?!", publications from "Esquire" and "The Guardian" to Vice, Bustle, Buzzfeed, and beyond heralded the undertaking as one of the best podcasts about sex. Each episode centered around a different aspect of kink, erotic fantasy, and human sexuality, though

Shy by design - 12 timeless principles to quietly stand out

"This book shares the transformation from feeling left out to leading others while staying true to his shy nature. Through simple frameworks, flips on conventional wisdom, and inspiring human experience stories, readers will be armed with the communication skills to own their voice, build win-win relationships, and grow their influence through the power of words. In addition to the principles, readers will be equipped with resource banks consisting of phrases of exactly what to say - and what no

Private revolutions - four women face China's new social order

"A sweeping yet intimate portrait of modern China told through the lives of four ordinary women striving for a better future in a highly unequal society"--

Like children - Black prodigy and the measure of the human in America

"A history of childhood that revises the story of manhood, race, and human hierarchy in America"--

Power moves - ignite your confidence & become a force

"Stripping our minds of the expectations that inundate our world has never been more difficult. One quick scroll of our phones and we're consumed by other people's projections of how we should be feeling or responding. The ability to determine your truthwithout judgment is the beginning of harnessing authentic power in Christ. When we do the work of embracing where we are, we create space for God's love to meet us in our most raw form and then polish us to shine like never before. Power does not

Pixel flesh - how toxic beauty culture harms women

"A generation-defining exposae of toxic beauty culture-from Botox and Instagram filters to lip flips and editing apps-and the realities of coming of age online We live in a new age of beauty. With advancements in cosmetic surgery, walk-in treatments, augmented reality face filters, photo editing apps, and exposure to more images than ever, we have the ability to craft the image we want everyone to see. We pinch, pull, squeeze, tweeze, smooth and slice ourselves beyond recognition. But is our bea

Nine lives and counting - a bounty hunter's journey to faith, hope, and redemption

"In his riveting follow up to two New York Times bestsellers, bounty hunter and reality television star Duane "Dog" Chapman reveals the story of how God redeemed his life and gave him renewed purpose and along the way recounts the adventures and exploitsthat have made him legend"--

The language of climate politics - fossil-fuel propaganda and how to fight it

"The Language of Climate Politics dismantles fossil-fuel propaganda and offers new strategies for climate communication. It argues that partisans on the right and the left often repeat the same fossil-fuel talking points and that this repetition producesa centrist consensus upholding the status quo. The book uncovers the falsehoods of this centrist consensus using rhetorical and ideological analyses of the terms that dominate current climate-change discourse: we, alarmist, cost, growth, "India a

Flannery at the Grammys

"A devout Catholic, a visionary-and some say prophetic-writer, Flannery O'Connor (1925-1964) has gained a growing presence in contemporary popular culture. While O'Connor professed that she did not have an ear for music, allusions to her writing appear inthe lyrics and narrative form of some of the most celebrated musicians on the contemporary music scene. Flannery at the Grammys sounds the extensive influence of this southern author on the art and vision of a suite of American and British singe

F1 racing confidential - inside stories from the world of Formula One

"An access-all-areas look inside the thrilling world of Formula One. Formula One is one of the most intense, complex and secretive sports on the planet. Recent documentaries such as Netflix's Drive to Survive series have given a glimpse of life inside thepaddock, but there are so many more stories from this high-stakes, globetrotting world that remain untold. In F1 Racing Confidential, Guardian journalist Giles Richards draws on more than a decade of experience working at the heart of Formula On

The essential lectures of Charlotte Perkins Gilman, 1890-1894

"The last decades have seen a resurgence of interest in Charlotte Perkins Gilman, now considered among the most important thinkers in US history. She is best known for fiction-such as the classic short story "The Yellow Wall-Paper" (1892)-and nonfiction,including her manifesto Women and Economics (1898), a work of intersectional sociology avant la lettre. Nevertheless, as a young writer, Gilman made her living delivering lectures. One cannot know Gilman without some knowledge of this body of lec

Dateable - swiping right, hooking up, and settling down while chronically ill and disabled

"Disabled people date, have casual sex, marry, and parent. Yet, our romantic lives of are conspicuously absent from the media and cultural conversation. Sexual education does not typically address the specific information needed by disabled teens. Mainstream dating apps fail to include disability as an aspect of one's identity alongside race, ethnicity, gender identity, and sexual orientation. The few underutilized disability-focused apps are paternalistic and unappealing. Bestselling dating boo

The motherly guide to becoming mama - redefining the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey

Pregnancy is about more than simply growing a baby-- it's about becoming a mama. Long before your baby is born, motherhood means a decision to focus on your health; to start saving up for your first home; to connect more deeply with your partner. Motherhood will mold you in unexpected ways-- but becoming a mama doesn't mean leaving the woman you are behind. Koziol, Tenety and Spalding are here to coach you through this season of transformation. -- Adapted from "Dear Mama."

The United States governed by six hundred thousand despots - a true story of slavery - a rediscovered narrative, with a full biography

"Narratives written by enslaved Africans in America are few in number. Some are transformative, like that of Harriet Jacobs; others are lesser, like the brief one attributed to Harriet's brother, John S. Jacobs. The revelation, here, of a much longer, richer, and more radical version of John's story, is a major historical event. His work is all the more significant for having been written and published in Australia, outside the sanitizing and bowdlerizing influence of the American Abolitionist m

The ultimate scholarship book 2024 - billions of dollars in scholarships, grants and prizes

"Information on 1.5 million scholarships, grants, and prizes is easily accessible in this revised directory with more than 300 new listings that feature awards indexed by career goal, major, academics, public service, talent, athletics, religion, ethnicity, and more"--

The spacious path - practicing the restful way of Jesus in a fragmented world

"A simple invitation into a life ordered by restful rhythms of listening and love. Whether on a personal scale or at the global level, cycles of change and disruption tend to create an increasing sense of disorientation as familiar pathways crumble and often result in fragmented relationships with God, others, and our own souls. But in this reality, our lives share a common theme with Jesus and centuries of his followers. When Jesus offered the stunning invitation to come to him to learn how to

Romancing the Beat- Story Structure for Romance Novels

"What makes a romance novel a romance? How do you write a kissing book? Writing a well-structured romance isn't the same as writing any other genre - something the popular novel and screenwriting guides don't address. The romance arc is made up of its own story beats, and the external plot and theme need to be braided to the romance arc - not the other way around. Told in conversational (and often irreverent) prose, Romancing the Beat can be read like you are sitting down to coffee with romance

Pentimento by Hellman, Lillian
Date added:
May 30, 2024

Gospel-shaped womanhood

National registry paramedic prep - practice + proven strategies

"Kaplan's National Registry Paramedic Prep provides essential content and focused review to help you master the national paramedic exam. This new edition features comprehensive content review, board-style practice questions, and test-taking tips to help you face the exam with confidence."

Jungle Nama by Ghosh, Amitav, author.
Date added:
May 30, 2024
Jungle Nama

"Thousands of islands rise from the rivers' rich silts, crowned with forests of mangrove, rising on stilts. This is the Sundarban, where great rivers give birth; to a vast jungle that joins Ocean and Earth". Jungle Nama is a beautifully illustrated verse adaptation of a legend from the Sundarbans, the world's largest mangrove forest. It tells the story of the avaricious rich merchant Dhona, the poor lad Dukhey, and his mother; it is also the story of Dokkhin Rai, a mighty spirit who appears to h

The indoctrinated brain - how to successfully fend off the global attack on your mental freedom

"Throughout the world, mental capacity is declining, especially among young people, while depression rates are rising dramatically. Meanwhile, one in forty men and women suffers from Alzheimer's, and the age of onset is falling rapidly. But the causes arenot being eliminated, quite the opposite. Can this just be coincidence? The Indoctrinated Brain introduces a largely unknown, powerful neurobiological mechanism whose externally induced dysfunction underlies these catastrophic developments. Mich

The Bin Ladens - an Arabian family in the American century

The Bin Ladens rose from poverty to privilege; they loyally served the Saudi royal family for generations--and then one of their number changed history on September 11, 2001. Journalist Steve Coll tells the story of the rise of the Bin Laden family and of the wildly diverse lifestyles of the generation to which Osama bin Laden belongs, and against whom he rebelled. Starting with the family's escape from famine at the beginning of the twentieth century, through its jet-set era in America after th

Beachbum Berry's potions of the Caribbean - 500 years of tropical drinks and the people behind them

"History with recipes, including 77 vintage Caribbean drink recipes, 16 of them never before published"

Alice's Wonderland sampler quilt - 100 quilt blocks to improve your sewing skills

"Alice's Wonderland Sampler Quilt combines machine and hand-sewing techniques in one stunning quilt, which features 100 blocks to improve your sewing skills. Designs such as square-in-a-square, checkerboard, log cabin and Ohio Star combine with English Paper pieced blocks and raw edge applique animals, flowers, butterflies, hearts and stars"--

Ace the data science interview - 201 real interview questions asked by FAANG, tech startups, & Wall Street

"Authored by two Ex-Facebook employees, Ace the Data Science Interview is the best way to prepare for Data Science, Data Analyst, and Machine Learning interviews, so that you can land your dream job at FAANG, tech startups, or Wall Street."--Amazon website

The greatest knight - the remarkable life of William Marshal, the power behind five English thrones

Brings to life medieval England's most celebrated knight, William Marshal--who served under Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, Richard the Lionheart, and his infamous brother, John--providing an unprecedented view of this age and the legendary warrior class that shaped it.

Tagalog for beginners - an introduction to Filipino, the national language of the Philippines

After journeying through the carefully paced explanations, conversations cultural info and activities, learners will be able to use Tagalog (Filipino) in a wide range of common situations. From shopping for food to asking directions, from telling time to expressing how you feel, this book gives you the communication skills you need.

Why machines learn - the elegant math behind modern AI

"A rich, narrative explanation of the mathematics that has brought us machine learning and the ongoing explosion of artificial intelligence"--

Whole Dog Parenting- Everything You Need to Raise and Train an Urban Pup

A comprehensive guide to raising and training dogs in the city, Whole Dog Parenting covers it all. From obedience training and socialization to understanding nutritional needs, readers will look no further for the help they need.

Why would feminists trust the police? - a tangled history of resistance and complicity

"Leah Cowan traces the history of British feminism's alliances and struggles with the law and its enforcers. Drawing on the legacy of Black British feminism, Cowan reminds readers of the vibrant and creative alternatives envisioned by those who have longknown the truth: the police aren't feminist, and the law does not keep women safe"--

The way of belonging - reimagining who we are and how we relate

"What if belonging isn't something to attain, but someone to become? Sarah E. Westfall takes our longing to belong as an invitation to embrace and extend God's love. Teaching a posture of welcome in the way of the Father, she guides us toward a deep connection where our humanity draws us closer to people and envelops us in the heart of God"--

Super Slick - life and death in a Huey helicopter in Vietnam

"Tom Feigel's memoir recounts the thick and thin of helicopter combat in Vietnam. Heart-pumping missions into hot landing zones and much more. It was dangerous and thrilling. The crews loved it and hated it. They were proud of it. And they never wanted todo it again. Super Slick is close as you can get to being inside a Huey"--

Starring Joan Crawford - the films, the fantasy, and the modern relevance of a silver screen icon

"Starring Joan Crawford is a rollicking exploration of the powerful women this iconic performer vividly brought to life in her films-and the lasting, ever-evolving impact she has had on popular culture. Having carved out a revolutionary path through the entertainment industry while relying on men-whether her studio bosses or her many husbands-as little as possible, she created a gallery of strong, assertive women who outsmarted men and refused to conform to gender expectations. In movies like Mi

Shareworthy - advertising that creates powerful connections through storytelling

"In today's competitive marketplace, a brand must possess both a Big Story and individual stories that people connect to emotionally and viscerally. A brand, whether it's a company, a commercial product or service, a nonprofit, or an individual, can onlybreak through when people believe and respect their story. The big story as well as each individual story must hit a nerve and be authentic. Brands must be socially responsible-it is not enough to peddle a product. People want more than the utili

Seeing through - a chronicle of sex, drugs, and opera

"The memoirs of composer Ricky Ian Gordon: the heartbreaking, exhilarating story of "a life that comes out of chaos"--

Second-class saints - Black Mormons and the struggle for racial equality

"This book provides a detailed look at how the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints lifted its longstanding ban barring Black men from the priesthood and Black families from access to Mormon temples. Adapting a Protestant teaching that Black peoplebore a divine curse, and reinforced by a unique Latter-day teaching that Black people were "less valiant" in a pre-earth existence, these twin teachings became the fulcrum that underpinned the church's priesthood and temple ban. The book discuss

The road to unforgetting - detours in the American South, 1997-2022

"The Road to Unforgetting gathers 175 of Pete Candler's black-and-white film photographs from road trips across the American South from 1997 to 2022, along with his insightful essay on the imaginative potential of the unplanned detour. A meditation on "back-roading" with a film camera as a spiritual exercise, Road documents lesser-known, often unmarked, sites in the history of the South that exist off the main drag of collective memory. A powerful collaboration of word and image in search of dee

Revolutionary mothering - love on the front lines

"Inspired by the legacy of radical and queer black feminists of the 1970s and ’80s, Revolutionary Mothering places marginalized mothers of color at the center of a world of necessary transformation. The challenges we face as movements working for racial, economic, reproductive, gender, and food justice, as well as anti-violence, anti-imperialist, and queer liberation are the same challenges that many mothers face every day. Oppressed mothers create a generous space for life in the face of

Pizza night / Deliciously Doable Recipes for Pizza and Salad

"Make pizza night a fun weekly tradition with these 52 seasonal pizzas paired with salads for a complete meal-from the award-winning author of Bread Toast Crumbs and creator of the blog Alexandra's Kitchen Creating consistently great pizza from scratch isn't complicated--even kids can get in on the fun and lend a hand! Whether cooking pizza in your kitchen oven, a tabletop pizza oven, or an outdoor wood-burning oven, it all starts with the dough. In Pizza Night, professional chef Alexandra Staff

Permission to Be Black- My Journey with Jay-Z and Jesus

While many saw a confident, six-foot-five Black man, A. D. "Lumkile" Thomason lived most of his life deeply wounded by encounters with violence, abandonment, and family tragedy. Tracing how the art of Jay-Z gave voice to his own longings and how the gospel of Jesus brought him healing, A. D.'s powerful story gives you permission to be Black, to be Christian, and to be the person God has made you to be.

The New Modernist House- Mid-Century Homes Renewed for Contemporary Living

Mid-century modern continues its resurgence. Discover twenty-one examples of modernist residential architecture thoughtfully adapted for the present day.

A mission without borders - why a father and son risked it all for the people of Ukraine

"Author, speaker, and former Force Recon Marine Chad Robichaux offers an honest, no-holds-barred account of what has really been happening in Ukraine and shares powerful stories that are soaked in resiliency and determination, faith and sacrifice in the face of overwhelming opposition"--

The Levantine Vegetarian- Recipes from the Middle East

"This glorious celebration of a bold vegetarian cuisine features 140 easy-to-make, bright, uplifting plant-based recipes, including classics such as falafels, hummus, and tabbouleh, as well as unique dishes reflective of region, religion, and culture across the Levantine. The food is fresh and delicious, whether it's garlic-laced mezze dishes, pitas stuffed with pickles, tahini, and grilled vegetables, or sweet and spicy desserts. Covering a vast area straddling Africa, Asia, and the gateway to

Kingdom kindness - a movement to bring calm to the culture

"In a world of selfishness, pride, and mean-spiritedness, bestselling author and pastor teaches Christians how to become a countercultural force by reflecting God's kindness to the people around you"--

Joel Meyerowitz - a question of color

"An early advocate of color photography, Joel Meyerowitz has impacted and influenced generations of artists. For fifty-eight years, the master photographer has documented the United States' ever-changing social landscape.During the late 1960s, Meyerowitzcarried two cameras: one loaded with monochrome stock, the other with color. Just how, when, and why American fine art photographers switched from black-and-white image-making, prized within the gallery system, to color photography, once seen as

The island - war and belonging in Auden's England

"Using Auden's work of the 1930s and 1940s as a case study, The Island describes his mid-twentieth-century shift from lyrics of poetic nationalism to a poetics of lyric cosmopolitanism."--

Hot springs - photos and stories of how the world soaks, swims, and slows down

"Immerse yourself in hot springs from around the globe with this stunning visual oasis that features over 200 photos and fascinating insights showcasing their unique topography, uses, cultural meanings, and more"--

Hitler's forgotten children

"Created by Heinrich Himmler, the Lebensborn program abducted as many as a half million children from across Europe. Through a process called Germanization, they were to become the next generation of the Aryan master race in the second phase of the FinalSolution. In the summer of 1942, parents across Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia were required to submit their children to medical checks designed to assess racial purity. One such child, Erika Matko, was nine months old when Nazi doctors declared her f

Habsburgs on the Rio Grande - the rise and fall of the second Mexican Empire

"The Second Mexican Empire has often been dismissed as a mere parenthesis in the history of the Americas. Here, Raymond Jonas shows how important it is in understanding the globally destabilizing effect of the expanded US republic. Habsburgs on the Rio Grande is a rich narrative history story of how nineteenth-century European rulers conspired with Mexican conservatives in an outlandish plan to contain the rising American colossus by establishing an Old-World empire on its doorstep."--

Gratitude - why giving thanks is key to our well-being

"An award-winning author shows that gratitude is not only our righteous duty but also the single best predictor of our own well-being, encompassing joy, generosity, contentment, better relationships, and improved health"--

Financial literacy for all - disrupting struggle, advancing financial freedom, and building a new American middle class

"Former vice-chairman of the U.S. President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy, John Hope Bryant, delivers an accessible and powerful resource for everyday Americans seeking to build a strong financial foundation. This book is an easy-to-follow first step toward a fulfilling financial future, helping you understand your relationship to work and money. With an insightful foreword by Doug McMillon, president and CEO of Walmart Inc., you'll learn how to create wealth for yourself and your fam

Disbelief - the origins of atheism in a religious species

"A revelatory book, Disbelief is not about defining the relationship between science and religion; it's about using science to better understand religion in order to better understand human nature"--

Did I ever tell you? - a memoir

Based on the author's "Modern Love" essay in The New Yorker, this life-affirming memoir tells the story of the gifts and letters left behind by her mother who was diagnosed with terminal cancer during her childhood.

A deeper South - the beauty, mystery, and sorrow of the southern road

"The author's road trips through the American South lead to a personal confrontation with history. In A Deeper South: The Beauty, Mystery, and Sorrow of the Southern Road, Pete Candler offers a travel narrative drawn from twenty-five years of road-tripping through the backroads of the American South. Featuring Candler's own photography, the book taps into the public imagination and the process of both remembering and forgetting that define our collective memory of place. In this highly personal

Crochet monsters / With More Than 35 Body Patterns, You Can Mix and Match Options for Thousands upon Thousands of Possibilities!

"This book contains instructions for 37 unique monster bodies and more than 15 teeth patterns, tongues and horns, hair and scales, tails and limbs, and more! Nearly everything is interchangeable, with over 30 limb options and so many more ways to customize your monster"--

Camo by Muriu, Thandiwe
Date added:
May 23, 2024

Breathing space - Iranian women photographers

"A magnificently illustrated book showcasing the work of twenty-three contemporary women photographers from Iran"--Provided by publisher.

Any person is the only self - essays

"Contagiously curious essays on reading, art, and the life of the mind from the acclaimed author of The Unreality of Memory"--

The American Teacher- A History

Told chronologically and divided into ten decades, The American Teacher sheds light on the important role that teachers have played in this country over the last one hundred years. It is parsed through the voices of educators, intellectuals, and journalists who have weighed i...

Balzac's Paris - the city as human comedy

"Eric Hazan follows in Balzac's footsteps, criss-crossing the city in the novelist's outsize boots, running between printers, publishers, coffee merchants, mistresses and friends, stopping for a moment, struck by a detail that would be fixed in Balzac's photographic memory. More than a tour of the city, this is an attempt to measure the soul of a city as recovered in its finest literature"--

Art monster - on the possibility of New York

"Being a working artist is a romantic idea - actually pursuing art as an occupation is absurd. Why do people choose the the life of an artist and how do they accomplish it? What is it about the romanticism of New York that makes it a magnet for artistic dreamers? In Art Monster, Marin Kosut guides the reader into the lives, minds, and emotions - including her own - of artists who live and work on the margins of New York's art world. Through an honest and personal prose style, she explores the ir

Princeton Review AP world history by
Date added:
May 21, 2024
Princeton Review AP world history

Princeton Review AP physics C prep by
Date added:
May 21, 2024
Princeton Review AP physics C prep

Princeton Review AP physics by
Date added:
May 21, 2024
Princeton Review AP physics

Princeton Review AP chemistry prep by
Date added:
May 21, 2024
Princeton Review AP chemistry prep

Princeton Review AP biography prep by
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May 21, 2024
Princeton Review AP biography prep

The Overstreet comic price guide by
Date added:
May 21, 2024
The Overstreet comic price guide

Nolo's patents for beginners by
Date added:
May 21, 2024
Nolo's patents for beginners

Moon Arizona & the Grand Canyon by
Date added:
May 21, 2024
Moon Arizona & the Grand Canyon

Guinness World Records 2025 by
Date added:
May 21, 2024
Guinness World Records 2025

The winter market gardener - a successful grower's handbook for year-round harvests

""The Winter Market Gardener is a guide to year-round vegetable production. Based on years of experimentation in techniques, tools, and cultivars, it presents planting, care, and harvesting details for dozens of winter crops that earn money and provide the highest quality, most delicious produce for local markets"-- Provided by publisher.

The unofficial SNES pixel book

"The definitive pixel art book for collectors, connoisseurs and fans, with hundreds of exclusive images, screenshots, maps and articles about the most beautiful video game classics of an unforgettable era"--Cover.

Transformative experience

How should we make choices when we know so little about our futures? L.A. Paul argues that we must view life decisions as choices to make discoveries about the nature of experience. Her account of transformative experience holds that part of the value of living authentically is to experience our lives and preferences in whatever ways they evolve.

Smart, not loud - how to get noticed at work for all the right reasons

"An introduction to a new way of getting noticed at work that's neither loud, aggressive, nor boastful"--

The ultimate cooking for one cookbook - 175 super easy recipes made just for you

"Cooking for one is harder than it seems and it can leave anyone wanting to make a healthy, tasty meal either throwing out extra helpings or watching expensive ingredients expire. But it's possible to prepare single-serving recipes that are full of flavor, easy to make, and economical if you have the right guide. The Ultimate Cooking for One Cookbook allows you to make a fresh, delicious, home-cooked meal for one without creating a week's worth of leftovers or leaving an abundance of unused fres

Speed capital - Indianapolis auto racing and the making of modern America

"The 1909 opening of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway marked a foundational moment in the history of automotive racing. Events at the famed track and others like it also helped launch America's love affair with cars and an embrace of road systems that transformed cities and shrank perceptions of space. Brian M. Ingrassia tells the story of the legendary oval's early decades. This story revolves around Speedway cofounder and visionary businessman Carl Graham Fisher, whose leadership in the buildin

Rebels with a cause - reimagining boys, ourselves, and our culture

"From NYU professor of developmental psychology Niobe Way, an in-depth exploration about what boys and young men teach us about themselves, us, and the toxic culture we have created, one in which we value money over people, toys over human connection, andacademic achievement over kindness. Based on her longitudinal and mixed-method research over thirty-five years, Rebels with a Cause is a true call to action to change the culture so that we stop the vicious cycle of violence and blame. Dr. Niobe

How not to get sick - a cookbook and guide to prevent and reverse insulin resistance, lose weight, and fight chronic disease

"In this companion guide to Why We Get Sick and featuring 70 low-carb and keto-friendly recipes, Bikman has teamed up with the fitness expert and recipe developer Diana Keuilian to help the nearly 9 in 10 American adults affected with insulin resistance.Together, they translate the latest research into actionable, easy-to-follow steps"--

Grocery story - the promise of food co-ops in the age of grocery giants

"Grocery Story makes a compelling case for how food co-ops, as alternatives to corporate grocery giants, are spurring the creation of delicious local food economies and stronger communities, while changing the global food system for the better."--

Zora Neale Hurston

Willkie Sprint - a story of friendship, love, and winning the first women's Little 500 race

"In the triumphal spirit of Breaking Away comes the unforgettable true story of the first women's Little 500 race at Indiana University.In 1987 four young women from different walks of life enrolled at Indiana University. No one knew that these four freshmen would defy the odds and go down in history as the underdog team to win the first ever women's Little 500 bicycle race the following spring. Willkie Sprint is the inspiring true story of that year of wonder and challenge, of the unbreakable b

Why animals talk - the new science of animal communication

"From leading zoologist Arik Kershenbaum, a delightful and groundbreaking exploration of animal communication and its true meaning Animal communication has forever seemed intelligible. We are surrounded by animals and the cacophony of sounds that they make-from the chirping of songbirds to the growls of lions on the savanna-but we have yet to fully understand why animals communicate the way they do. What are they saying? This is only part of the mystery. To go deeper, we must also ask, what is m

There was nothing you could do - Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the U.S.A." and the end of the heartland

"A thought-provoking exploration of Bruce Springsteen's iconic album, Born in the U.S.A.--a record that both chronicled and foreshadowed the changing tides of modern America. On June 4, 1984, Columbia Records issued what would become one of the best-selling and most impactful rock albums of all time. Bruce Springsteen's Born in the U.S.A. would prove itself to be a landmark not only for the man who made it, but rock music in general and even the larger American culture over the next 40 years. Be

Red Dead's history - a video game, an obsession, and America's violent past

"A pathbreaking new way to examine US history, through the lens of a bestselling video game Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption II, set in 1911 and 1899, are the most-played American history video games since The Oregon Trail. Beloved by millions,they've been widely acclaimed for their realism and attention to detail. But how do they fare as recreations of history? In this engaging book, award-winning American history professor Tore Olsson takes up that question and more. Weaving the gam

Opacities - on writing and the writing life

"In a series of compressed, dynamic prose pieces, Samatar blends letters from her friend with notes on literature, turning to aEdouard Glissant to study the necessary opacity of identity, to Theresa Hak Kyung Cha for a model of literary kinship, and to avariety of others, including Clarice Lispector, Maurice Blanchot, and Rainer Maria Rilke, for insights on the experience and practice of writing. In so doing, Samatar addresses a number of questions about the writing life: Why does publishing fee

On Cuba - reflections on 70 years of revolution and struggle

"A conversation between public intellectuals examining the contentious interplay between the Cuban Revolution and U.S. empire"--

Invisible doctrine - the secret history of neoliberalism

"A sharp, fiercely argued takedown of neoliberalism that not only defines this slippery concept but connects it to the climate crisis, poverty, and fascism-and shows us how to fight back"--

Morning after the revolution - dispatches from the wrong side of history

"As a card-carrying lesbian, Hillary voter, and New York Times reporter, Nellie Bowles fit right in with her San Francisco neighbors and friends - until she started questioning whether the progressive movement she knew and loved actually helped people. Gently informed that asking these questions meant she was "on the wrong side of history," Bowles did what any reporter worth her salt would do: she started investigating for herself. The answers she found were stranger--and funnier--than she'd exp

I don't want to go home - the oral history of the Stone Pony, the house that Springsteen built

"A captivating oral history of the iconic music venue the Stone Pony and of the rise, fall, and rebirth of Asbury Park, New Jersey-featuring interviews with Bruce Springsteen, Steve Van Zandt, Southside Johnny, members of the E Street Band and Asbury Jukes, the Ramones, the Jonas Brothers, Jack Antonoff, and other legendary musicians. In 1970, Asbury Park, New Jersey, was ripped apart by race riots that left the once-proud beach town an hour away from Manhattan smoldering, suffering and left for

Green rush - the rise of medical marijuana in the United States

"To understand the expansion of marijuana access and policies in the United States, you must start with the role of the states"--

The education wars - a citizen's guide and defense manual

"A guide to the core issues driving the education wars, offering essential information about issues, actors, and potential outcomes"--

The art of The last of us part II

"Created in collaboration between Dark Horse Books and the developers at Naughty Dog, The Art of The Last of Us Part II offers extensive insights into the making of the long-awaited sequel to the award-winning The Last of Us."--

Compton in my soul - a life in pursuit of racial equality

"When Al Camarillo grew up in Compton, California, racial segregation was the rule. His relatives were among the first Mexican immigrants to settle there--in the only neighborhood where Mexicans were allowed to live. The city's majority was then White, and Compton would shift to a predominantly Black community over Al's youth. Compton in My Soul weaves Al's personal story with histories of this now-infamous place and illuminates a changing US society--the progress and backslides over half a cent

The art of Horizon Forbidden West.

"THE FORBIDDEN WEST AWAITS A dynamic, full-color hardcover featuring concept art and creator commentary chronicling the development of the next adventure in the epic Horizon saga. When a mysterious red blight threatens to strangle all life, the heroic young Aloy must tackle new dangers in the mysterious frontier of the Forbidden West in order to save her world. The highly anticipated sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn has finally arrived, and with it, all new vibrant landscapes, jaw-dropping machines,

How to love the empty air - [poems]

New York Times bestselling nonfiction writer and poet Cristin OKeefe Aptowicz's How to Love the Empty Air reaches new heights in her revelatory seventh collection of poetry. Continuing in her tradition of engaging autobiographical work, How to Love the Empty Air explores what happens when the impossible becomes real-- for better and for worse. Aptowicz's journey to find happiness and home in her ever-shifting world sees her struggling in cities throughout America. However, the upward trajectory

Your postpartum body - the complete guide to healing after pregnancy

"What should you expect when you're done expecting? Too many of us think that there's no way to fix everyday concerns after a pregnancy, such as pelvic floor issues, exhaustion and burnout, and getting back into a fitness routine. But it's simply not true. With this revolutionary resource in hand, you'll learn what happens to the body during pregnancy and childbirth, common changes in function and feeling, and solutions for healing. The Postpartum Human was written with expertise by a pelvic flo

A year of granny squares - 52 grannies to crochet, one for every week of the year

"Kylie Moleta has designed these colorful, creative, and diverse squares with the changing seasons in mind. From lacy, lightweight summer squares to heavier, textured designs for when it gets chilly. From charming florals to geometric patterns, each granny square is a mini-masterpiece waiting to be brought to life by your skilled hands. 4 seasonal projects are included, with the flexibility to use many of the 6 x 6in. (15 x 15cm) squares in them. Here, you'll find designs for all skill levels, w

Writing on empty - a guide to finding your voice

"Bestselling author and teacher Natalie Goldberg shares her inspiring personal journey out of a devastating period of writer's block and back into a life of growth, creativity, and healing. Natalie Goldberg has been writing for the past fifty years. But at the beginning of the pandemic, she suddenly wasn't able to write anymore. Her imaginative wellspring had dried up, and she was forced to ask herself: what do I do when what has always worked for me doesn't work anymore? In this beautifully wri

Women in the Valley of the Kings - the untold story of women Egyptologists in the Gilded Age

"The never-before-told story of the women Egyptologists who paved the way of exploration in Egypt and created the basis for Egyptology. The history of Egyptology is often told as yet one more grand narrative of powerful men striving to seize the day and the precious artifacts for their competing homelands. But that is only half of the story. During the Golden Age of Exploration, there were women working and exploring before Howard Carter discovered the tomb of King Tut. Before men even conceived

Sweet home macrame - a beginner's guide to macrame - learn to make jewelry, home decor, plant hangings, and more

"Sweet Home Macrame: A Beginner's Guide to Macrame features step-by-step instructions for making wall hangings, jewelry, home decor, and more from macrame"--

The well-connected animal - social networks and the wondrous complexity of animal societies

"In the cloud forests of Monteverde, Costa Rica, pairs of male long-tailed manakins-clad in their stunning, red, blue, and black plumage-use perches as a stage for a coordinated song-and-dance to attract mates. Because the potential benefits are so great,males compete intensely for access to the stage. Who wins that competition? If you want a good perch to attract a mate, you need to have connections-and be deeply embedded in the manakin social network from the days of your youth. This is just o

Vegan candles

"Making your own candles allows you to choose ingredients that are healthy for you and for the planet. Even if it's your first time, you'll find success by following the instructions in this book. You'll learn: the materials and tools needed, and how to choose the best natural ingredients; the steps necessary to make both container and molded candles; 21 recipes with the scents to combine to make candles for a variety of moods"--

A Supreme Court unlike any other - the deepening divide between the justices and the people

"Today's Supreme Court is unlike any other in American history. This is not just because of its jurisprudence. It is because today's Court is uniquely distanced from the democratic processes that buttress its legitimacy. For example, five of the nine justices took their seats after winning confirmation with the support of senators who won far fewer votes than their colleagues in opposition, and three of these five justices were also nominated by a president who lost the popular vote. In A Suprem

Slow burn- - the hidden costs of a warming world

"Thinking about climate change, many of us picture the catastrophic effects that the science has shown are sure to come if we don't act, and we often hear that global temperatures are rising at increasing and alarming rates. While those trends of rising temperatures will certainly bring about catastrophe if allowed to continue, they are also already having devastating effects right now. This book will focus on the economic implications of heat events happening now, and the warming that is alread

Shock values - prices and inflation in American democracy

"How inflation fears shaped American society, then and now. For most of its history, the United States has benefited from price stability-a steady relationship between supply and demand, characterized by prices that don't inflate or deflate in unpredictable fashion. Across these long stretches, the US economy became famously free-market: prices did the job of stabilizing the economy so the government didn't have to. In this sweeping and revelatory history of American economy and democracy, Carol

Saying no to hate - overcoming antisemitism in America

"Saying No to Hate grounds readers in the history of antisemitism in America, emphasizing the strategies Jews have used to address threats and thereby preparing us to recognize, understand, and confront hatred today"--

Sharks don't sink - adventures of a rogue shark scientist

"From a marine biologist and co-founder of Minorities in Shark Sciences, a powerful debut memoir: the uplifting story of a young Black scientist's challenging journey to flourish outside the traditional confines of academia, inspired by her innate connection to nature's most misunderstood animal-the shark. You never forget your first shark. For Jasmin Graham, it was a little bonnethead, a type of hammerhead shark: three feet long, gray with a white underbelly, rough-skinned, strongly muscled, an

Selected poems of Robert Frost

The most famous American poet of the twentieth century, Robert Frost wrote some of the most enduring verse ever put to paper. Selected Poems of Robert Frost gathers over 100 of Frost's best-known works in one beautifully designed gift edition. Featuring the full contents of Robert Frost's first three volumes of poetry -- A Boy's Will, North of Boston, and Mountain Interval -- this collection is a testament to the beauty of the master's writing. Including "Mending Wall," "The Road Not Taken," and

Ruin their crops on the ground - the politics of food in the United States, from the Trail of Tears to school lunch

"The first and definitive history of the use of food in American law and politics as a weapon of conquest and control, a Fast Food Nation for the Black Lives Matter era In 1789, to subjugate Indigenous tribes, George Washington ordered his troops to "ruintheir crops on the ground and prevent them planting more." Destroying the sources of food is just one way that the United States has used nourishment as a political tool. To prevent enslaved people from or escaping or rising up, enslavers restri

Original love - the four inns on the path of awakening

"The essential meditation guide for the twenty-first century: renowned mindfulness teacher Henry Shukman replaces the concept of original sin with original love, teaching us to tap into the love that shapes our world and can transform who we are"--

Loving your Black neighbor as yourself - a guide to closing the space between us

"An inspiring and actionable guide to fight racial injustice by fulfilling Jesus's call to love our neighbors-starting with our Black Neighbors: our Black colleagues at work, the Black parents at the PTA meeting, the new Black family at church"--

Negotiating while Black - be who you are to get what you want

"There's no shortage of negotiation books that advise you to "get to yes," urge you to "never split the difference," and push you to "ask for more." But these one-size-fits-all negotiation techniques disregard the reality of our complex, multifaceted, multicultural world, where snap judgements are made based on perceived differences. When bias lies behind every negotiation, the only constant is you. Learn to leverage who you are-and gain the upperhand. Negotiating While Black is the indispensabl

Manifest anything you want - six magical steps to create an extraordinary life

"This book shows readers how to dissolve emotional pain in a healthy way and provides actionable tools and techniques to cultivate a high vibrational state and enhance their ability to manifest with ease. It offers readers an effective path to bring theirbiggest, boldest dreams to life from a place of authentic desire and true joy"--

Kinky history - a rollicking journey through our sexual past, present, and future

"Contrary to popular belief, our predecessors had all sorts of obscene hobbies long before Christian Grey hit the scene. In this enlightening romp, learn about the first instances of homosexuality on record from the ancient world and the diverse history of nonbinary gender; encounter a thousand years' worth of hilarious and horrifying contraceptive methods; consider the positive and negative effects of the widespread availability of pornography in the digital age-and how our relationship to it c

Keanu Reeves is not in love with you - the murky world of online romance fraud

"Online romance fraud is a problem across the globe. It causes financial and emotional devastation, yet many people refuse to take it seriously. This is the story of one middle-aged woman in a cardigan determined to understand this growing phenomenon. Noother woman has had so many online romances--from Keanu Reeves to Brad Pitt to Prince William--and Becky Holmes is a favorite among peacekeeping soldiers and oil rig workers who desperately need iTunes vouchers. By winding up scammers and investi

JFK Jr. - an intimate oral biography

"The first oral biography of John F. Kennedy Jr. is an extraordinarily intimate, comprehensive look at the real man behind the myth. Sharing never-before-told stories and insights, his closest friends, confidantes, lovers, classmates, teachers, and colleagues paint a vivid portrait of one of the most beloved figures of the 20th century, revealing how the boy who saluted became the man America came to know and love who still captures public imagination twenty-five years after his tragic death. Bo

It's not hysteria - everything you need to know about your reproductive health (but were never told)

"An inclusive and essential guide to reproductive health--including period problems, pelvic pain, menopause, fertility, sexual health, vaginal and urinary conditions, and overall wellbeing--from leading expert and fierce advocate Dr. Karen Tang Did you know 1 in 3 women experience menstrual abnormalities or pelvic issues? Yet these conditions are overwhelmingly misunderstood, misdiagnosed, or dismissed. The root causes for these issues, such as PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cysts, PMDD,

In the shadows - true stories of high-stakes negotiations to free Americans captured abroad

"Brittney Griner, Danny Fenster, Otto Warmbier, Trevor Reed, Paul Whelan, Kenneth Bae...When an American citizen is unjustly imprisoned overseas, that's when Mickey Bergman's phone starts to ring. Who else are their desperate loved ones supposed to call?Mickey and his tight team of savvy negotiators at the Richardson Center for Global Engagement are the go-to rescuers of last resort, carrying on the high-stakes, round-the-world mission of master negotiator Bill Richardson. Mickey and his team do

How to love someone without losing your mind - forget the fairytale and get real

"Whether you're on the apps or have already walked down the aisle, you are probably struggling to feel authentically connected. It's not just you; modern love is a mess. We've all heard the advice: You deserve to be loved unconditionally! People pleasingis bad! Your ex is a toxic narcissist! Love yourself first before you try to love someone else! But psychotherapist and sex therapist behind the popular YourDiagnonsense accounts Todd Baratz is here to share the hard truth: These rules are merely

Homestyle kitchen - fresh & timeless comfort food for sharing

"Homestyle Kitchen, by Julia Rutland, is a nostalgic yet elevated nod to vintage recipes. The cookbook is both sentimental and aspirational, connecting home cooks with past generations through dishes they once made in their home kitchens while introducingnew generations to meals you may have enjoyed as a child. The recipes draw on the simple goodness of fresh ingredients and love. Plus, the author is a professional writer, recipe developer, recipe tester, food stylist, and television/media demon

Hollywood pride - a celebration of LGBTQ+ representation and perseverance in film

"Just in time for Pride Month, this book is a first-of-its-kind in-depth exploration of LGBTQ+ representation from the dawn of cinema through today, from noted film critic Alonso Duralde and Turner Classic Movies"--

Herbs and the earth - an evocative excursion into the lore & legend of our common herbs

"Lavender, basil, hyssop, balm, sage, rue - the thinking gardener's guide to herbs. Writer/naturalist Henry Beston, a founding father of the environmental movement, believed that a strong connection to nature is essential. "It is only when we are aware ofthe earth and of the earth as poetry that we truly live," Beston says in his now-classic Herbs and the Earth. In this book, Beston shares one of those connections as seen through the oldest group of plants known to gardeners. "A garden of herbs,

The handy civics answer book - how to be a good citizen

"Answers to over 500 questions about how your federal and state governments work, including the history of the U.S. Constitution, an explanation of citizens' rights outlined in the Bill of Rights, explanations of the operations of the three branches of the U.S. government, U.S. Supreme Court history, a discussion of the Civil Rights Movement, and explanations of your rights and responsibilities as a U.S. citizen"--

Gym launch secrets by Hormozi, Alex
Date added:
May 16, 2024
Gym launch secrets

Good taste - a life of food and passion

"At twelve years old, Alain Ducasse had never been to a restaurant. Less than fifteen years later, he received his first Michelin star. Today he is one of just two chefs to have been awarded twenty-one stars. Now, for the very first time, Ducasse shares alifetime of culinary inspirations and passions in a book that is part memoir and part manifesto. Good Taste takes us on a journey from his childhood, where he picked mushrooms with his grandfather on a farm in Les Landes, to setting up groundbre

Feel it all - a therapist's guide to reimagining your relationship with sex

A certified sex therapist challenges outdated cultural perspectives on sex which often lead to feelings of inadequacy and offers a new framework to free us to develop more satisfying relationships with our sexual selves.

Fix it yourself - how to recognize the faults in your game--and correct them

"A contemporary look at the most common faults that plague golfers today and the simple and effective solutions based on Leadbetter's popular original bestseller, Faults and Fixes. From the world's number one golf coach, the pro who teaches the pros, comes the only guide you'll need to improve your game, whatever your level of play. Leadbetter's Faults and Fixes, published in 1993, remains one of the most important golf guides to players all over the world. Thirty years later, he brings us a mod

Feather trails - a journey of discovery among endangered birds

"The story of one woman's remarkable work with a trio of charismatic, endangered bird species-and her discoveries about the devastating threats that imperil them. In Feather Trails, wildlife biologist and birder Sophie A. H. Osborn reveals how the harmfulenvironmental choices we've made--including pesticide use, the introduction of invasive species, lead poisoning, and habitat destruction--have decimated Peregrine Falcons, Hawaiian Crows, and California Condors. In the Rocky Mountains, the cloud

Discipleship as Holy Collaboration- Helping Others Follow Jesus in Real Life

In this practical guide, Yolanda Solomon offers biblical exposition and personal narratives to help us become disciples who are invited by Jesus to collaborate with God in a sacred group project. With a discussion guide and multiple step-by-step praxis activities, this book will encourage, equip, and reignite your passion to disciple others.

Designing with dried flowers - creating everlasting arrangements

"Step into the world of beautiful everlasting flowers with this book of thirty-two floral designs that can be made all year round. The beauty of flowers is often fleetingly lovely, but a dried bouquet is a gift that can last for years. In Living with Dried Flowers, farmer-florist Hannah Muller of The Wreath Room at Full Belly Farms shares her everlasting floral arrangements that are full of color and texture. Bursting with images of her stunning creations, from small vases and centerpieces to wr

Container gardening-the permaculture way - sustainably grow vegetables and more in your small space

"Based on the author's own experience growing a lush permaculture garden on her balcony, this book teaches anyone, anywhere to grow fresh, healthy produce in containers, free of chemical fertilizers or insecticides"--

Dark calories - how vegetable oils destroy our health and how we can get it back

"In recent years, on the heels of high profile revelations about nutrition gatekeepers and new technologies that are capable of measuring how foods are metabolized in the body, Dr. Cate has been shouting something new from the rooftops. If you are lookingfor the most powerful driver of the obesity and nearly all disease epidemics afflicting both young and old, you need look no further than the vegetable oils listed as main ingredients on the packages you buy. If you've had trouble losing weight,

Burn - the Burn boot camp 5-step strategy for inner and outer strength

"How would you like to create a life you love? As the CEO and COO of Burn Boot Camp, one of the fastest growing health franchises in the world, Devan and Morgan Kline have spent years devising the ultimate plan to answer that question. Now, they share their all their best advice in Burn, your five point plan to stop self-sabotage and break bad habits like eating junk food, drinking too much, and not exercising enough or at all. And once and for all, you can end your depression and experience gre

Build like a woman - the blueprint for creating a business and life you love

"From the self-made businesswoman and founder of the global platform Build Like A Woman comes the essential resource to unleash your business, take up space, and create your dream life. In a world of hustle culture and burnout, women don't want to lean in, they want to lie down. Now more than ever, women are looking to leave the corporate grind to break out into their own entrepreneurial ventures in a way that feeds their life rather than consumes it. But they don't know exactly where to start.

The brave in-between - notes from the last room

"Amy Low resides in a room that is her last - she may have one healthy year in front of her, or perhaps a few more. Her medical team is clear-eyed with her: there is no cure for Stage IV metastatic colon cancer, and the odds of long-term survival are scant. If humans are especially fortunate, we enter our last room - or chapter - of life feeling physically run-down and exhausted. Which is to say, we're old. Or maybe we step into that room young and full of health, having no idea at all we're in

A Black girl in the middle - essays on (allegedly) figuring it all out

"A blazingly honest essay collection from a refreshing new voice exploring the in-between moments for Black women and girls, and what it means to simply exist"--

Big Moe's big book of BBQ - 75 recipes from brisket and ribs to cornbread and mac and cheese

"In this mouthwatering debut cookbook, pit master Moe Cason shares 75 of his family-favorite recipes"--

Antiracism as daily practice - refuse shame, change white communities, and help create a just world

"Inspirational and wise, a step by step guide for white Americans to combat racism in their communities. Antiracism as Daily Practice illustrates the many ways white Americans--those newly waking to the crisis of racism in 2020 and those already aware--can choose behaviors in our everyday lives to grow racial justice. Full of real life stories, this book shows how vital it is for white people to engage in and with our families, through our social networks, in our neighborhoods, and at our jobs t

Against landlords - how to solve the housing crisis

"Nick Bano demonstrates that Britain's housing crisis is not the product of happenstance or political incompetence. Government policy has intentionally split British citizens into homeowners and renters, two classes set on very different financial paths.In the UK, one out of every twenty-one adults is a landlord, and it is this group, and those who aspire to join it, who are represented by the political class. It is a tragic schism in the country's body politic"--

Acts - Poems by Reece, Spencer
Date added:
May 16, 2024
Acts - Poems

Too tired to fight - the 13 essential conflicts parents must have to create connection

"Decode the 13 conflicts that derail many couples' communication after kids-like what you're really saying when you fight about discipline or diapers, and how to work through tough issues together-from popular Instagram counselors Erin Mitchell, MACP, andStephen Mitchell, PhD"--

A season for that / Lost and Found in the Other Southern France

"An American food writer moves his family of unlikely expats to the French countryside, where the locals upend everything he knows about cooking and winemaking, in this delightful memoir from a winner of the James Beard M.F.K. Fisher Distinguished WritingAward. Steve Hoffman is a perfectly comfortable middle-aged Minnesotan man who has always been desperately, pretentiously in love with France, more specifically with the idea of France. To follow that love, he and his family move, nearly at rand

Crypto confidential - winning and losing millions in the new frontier of finance

"Nat Eliason had six months to make as much money as possible before his first child was born. So, he turned to where so many others did in 2021: Crypto. Within a year, he'd made millions writing code holding hundreds of millions of dollars of other people's money. He'd been hacked. He'd sold a picture of a monkey for two hundred grand. He'd become an influencer, speaking at conferences, and writing a weekly newsletter to tens of thousands of fans. Best of all, Nat had amassed a small fortune. B

Black pill - my strange journey into the darkest corners of the internet

"A kaleidoscopic combination of deeply sourced, on-the-ground reporting and novelistic storytelling, detailing America at a crossroads as the battle between the right and left spills out from the dark corners of the internet into the real world"--

Silk - a world history

"In a gorgeous history that spans continents and millennia, Aarathi Prasad weaves together the complex story of the queen of fabrics. Through the scientists who have studied silk, and the biology of the animals from which it has been drawn, Prasad explores the global, natural, and cultural history (and future) of a unique material that has fascinated the world for thousands of years"--

Secrets of your rising sign - discover your past and true self

"This book explores each rising sign, its significance in your natal chart, and how it's connected to the south node, which is a common past-life marker"--

Rings of fire - how an unlikely team of scientists, ex-cons, women, and Native Americans helped win World War II

"Rings of Fire is the story of how Edwin Land, founder of Polaroid, and a unique cast of characters created the calcite-based optical ring sights that helped U.S. naval antiaircraft guns and army bazookas zero in on targets and claim victory in World WarII. It is a story of American ingenuity, determination, and grit in the face of enemy attacks"--

Nearly departed - adventures in loss, cancer, and other inconveniences - a memoir

"In this funny and heartfelt memoir, Gila Pfeffer recounts losing both parents to cancer and the choices she made to avoid the same early demise"--

Reap the whirlwind - violence, race, justice, and the true story of Sagon Penn

"March 31, 1985. Two white patrol officers in search of a gang member followed a pickup truck carrying seven young Black men up a dirt driveway in the Encanto neighborhood of Southeastern San Diego. Minutes later, gunshots rang out, and the truck's driver, Sagon Penn, fled the scene in an officer's patrol car. The incident stunned the city. What followed would change it forever. Penn was an idealist who believed in the power of Buddhist chants to bring about the oneness of humanity. The two poli

Out of the Sierra - a story of Raraamuri resistance

"A displaced family charts a path forward in this testament to the power of perseverance and the many forms resistance can take. The Raraamuri people of Chihuahua, Mexico, make up one of the largest Indigenous tribes of North America. Renowned for maintaining their language and cultural traditions in the face of colonization, they have weathered numerous hardships-climate disaster, poverty, cultural erasure-that have only worsened during the twenty-first century. Based on more than a decade of o

Happy apocalypse - a history of technological risk

"In Happy Apocalypse, Jean-Baptiste Fressoz - co-author of the highly successful The Shock of the Anthropocene - shows how debates on risk and profit in the Industrial Revolution set the foundations of our own precarious times"--

The early days of ESPN - 300 daydreams and nightmares

"The story of the early days at ESPN, told by one of its founders, and how a conversation over a couple of martinis in 1978 led to the creation of a broadcast juggernaut"--

Disability, Intersectionality, and Belonging in Special Education- Socioculturally Sustaining Practices

This book focuses on preparing culturally competent educators who use culturally sustaining practices and culturally relevant curricula and instruction to reach and teach all students with disabilities including those with multiple social identities through a varied multi-cultural lens.

The 12-hour film expert - everything you need to know about movies

"The 12-Hour Film Expert is for anyone who wants to learn more about film and how to truly appreciate what they are watching, but they aren't sure where to begin. This book guides its readers through a selection of film masterpieces in a variety of genres, from silent films and westerns to dramas and romantic comedies"--

The $16 taco - contested geographies of food, ethnicity, and gentrification

"White middle-class eaters are increasingly venturing into historically segregated urban neighborhoods in search of "authentic" eating in restaurants run by-and originally catering to-immigrants and people of color. What does a growing white interest in these foods mean for historically immigrant neighborhoods and communities of color? What role does foodie culture play in gentrification? In this study of how ethnicity, race, food, and place are co-produced, Pascale Joassart-Marcelli sheds light

You are here - poetry in the natural world

"Published in association with the Library of Congress and edited by the twenty-fourth Poet Laureate of the United States, a singular collection of fifty poems reflecting on our relationship to the natural world by our most celebrated writers"--

Your best financial life - save smart now for the future you want

Drawing on her own personal experience, the latest research and case studies, the former head of retirement solutions for JPMorgan Asset Management provides actionable solutions for the unique challenges Millennials and Gen Z face while saving for their future to help them achieve their biggest life goals.

What the wild sea can be - the future of the world's ocean

"The acclaimed marine biologist and author of The Brilliant Abyss examines the existential threats the world's ocean will face in the coming decades and offers cautious optimism for much of the abundant life within. No matter where we live, "we are all ocean people," Helen Scales emphatically observes in her bracing yet hopeful exploration of the future of the ocean. Beginning with its fascinating deep history, Scales links past to present to show how the prehistoric ocean ecology was already wo

The unraveling - reflections from a front row seat on the sad state of ethics in American politics

"Part memoir, part rumination on the declining moral compass of America's political class, this is the first book to place restoring political ethics at the center of the renewal of American democracy. The Unraveling will be essential reading for anyone interested in American politics of the last 50 years--and the next"--

Sublimation crafting - the ultimate DIY guide to printing and pressing vibrant tumblers, t-shirts, home daecor , and more

"Finally, a user-friendly guide to sublimation crafting that makes the tools, technology, and techniques easy for any crafter to understand"--

Then I am myself the world - what consciousness is and how to expand it

"Christof Koch explores the only thing we directly experience: consciousness. At the book's heart is integrated-information theory, the idea that the essence of consciousness is the ability to exert causal power over itself, to be an agent of change. Kochinvestigates the physical origins of consciousness in the brain and how this knowledge can be used to measure consciousness in natural and artificial systems"--

Surviving the daily grind - Bartleby's guide to work

"One of today's pre-eminent financial journalists, and the Bartleby columnist for the Economist, reveals strategies and tips for surviving--and making the most out of--the work week. We spend a lot of our time at work and would be depressed with nothing to do. But when it gets to Monday, many of us are already longing for the weekend and the prospect of escape. How did work become so tedious and stressful? And is there anything we can do to make it better? Based on his popular Economist Bartleby

Steadfast parenting - how to raise children of character

"Steadfast Parenting provides guidance, support, and reassurance to parents as they strive to raise children with integrity and respect. Emphasizing the fundamental principles of effective parenting, this book reminds parents to live in the moment and enjoy and appreciate this relationship that is uniquely theirs"--

Sobremesa - tasty Mexican recipes for every day

"Sobremesa means "relaxing at the table after a heavy meal," usually after getting together with family and friends. Mexican-born chef and recipe developer Susana Villasuso is on a mission to bring the flavors of Mexico to your table, and share her culture with the world. Inspired by the dishes she learned to cook from her mother and grandmother, this debut cookbook brings together authentic, modern, simple, and tasty recipes for feeding the whole family and for all occasions, made with everyday

The shortest history of Italy - 3,000 years from the Romans to the Renaissance to a modern republic--a retelling for our times

"From a foremost author of historic Italy, this is a concise, star-studded retelling of the nation's past, from Caesar and Augustus to da Vinci and Michelangelo, tracing the story of a country with prodigious global influence"--

The Seven Wonders of the ancient world - an extraordinary new journey through history's greatest treasures

An award-winning historian, who has traveled to the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, reveals the latest archaeological discoveries to bring these monuments and the distinct cultures that built back to life, taking us on a journey into the indomitable ambition and creativity of the human spirit.

Our nation at risk - election integrity as a national security issue

"This book, will bring together some of the nation's top political scientists, historians, and legal scholars to examine different areas where the stability and integrity of the electoral process has become a threat to national security"--

Rooted kitchen - seasonal recipes, stories, and ways to connect with the natural world

"Deepen your relationship with the natural world through thoughtful essays and 75 delightfully inventive recipes that feature seasonal ingredients, plus techniques for foraging, preserving, and cooking over an open fire. At a time when we urgently need toconnect with the Earth, Rooted Kitchen offers a fresh way to appreciate nature and the treasures it provides. Chef and author Ashley Rodriguez introduces readers to the basics of foraging, why it's important, how easy it can be, and offers tips

The road to freedom - economics and the good society

"We are a nation born from the conviction that people must be free. But since the middle of the last century, that idea has been co-opted. Forces on the political Right have justified exploitation by cloaking it in the rhetoric of freedom, leading to pharmaceutical companies freely overcharging for medication, a Big Tech free from oversight, politicians free to incite rebellion, corporations free to pollute, and more. How did we get here? Whose freedom are we-and should we-be thinking about? As

Rap and Redemption on Death Row- Seeking Justice and Finding Purpose Behind Bars

"Imprisoned since age nineteen, Alim Braxton has spent more than a quarter century on North Carolina's death row. During that time, he converted to Islam and dedicated his life to redemption. Braxton, a rapper since the age of thirteen, uses his rhymes as a form of therapy and to advocate for prison reform, particularly by calling attention to the plight of the wrongfully incarcerated. This book, a hip-hop-rich prison memoir, chronicles Braxton's struggles and triumphs as he attempts to record a

A passionate mind in relentless pursuit - the vision of Mary McLeod Bethune

"An intimate and searching account of the life and legacy of one of America's towering educators, a woman who dared to center the progress of Black women and girls in the larger struggle for political and social liberation When Mary MacLeod Bethune died,many of the tributes in newspapers around the country said the same thing: she should be on the "Mount Rushmore" of Black American achievement. Indeed, Bethune is the only Black American whose statue stands in the rotunda of the U.S. Capital, and

The new silversmith - innovative, sustainable techniques for creating nature-inspired jewelry

"The New Silversmith presents Nicole Ringgold's innovative, zero-waste techniques for hand fabricating nature-inspired jewelry pieces from sterling silver"--

Nephew - a memoir in four-part harmony

"In the vein of The Fire Next Time and Between the World and Me, Nephew by best-selling author M.K. Asante is a poetic, raw, and inspirational love letter to his nephew who was shot 5 times and survived - it's about overcoming odds, finding your voice, and the power of music and family"--

Momma's Lost Piano by Madden, David
Date added:
May 9, 2024
Momma's Lost Piano

Loud - accept nothing less than the life you deserve

"The empowering, inspiring, patriarchy-smashing first book by the TikTok and Spotify star Drew Afualo"--

Late admissions - confessions of a Black conservative

"Economist Glenn C. Loury is one of the most prominent public intellectuals of our time: he's often radically opposed to the political mainstream, and delights in upending what's expected of a Black public figure. But more so than the arguments themselves--on affirmative action, institutional racism, Trumpism--his public life has been characterized by fearlessness and a willingness to recalibrate strongly held and forcefully argued beliefs"--

Invisible mending - the best of C.K. Williams

"The essential poetry of C. K. Williams (1936-2015), winner of the National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize"--

Information desk - an epic

"From an acclaimed and wildly imaginative poet, a book-length poem set in the Metropolitan Museum of Art that is a work of art history and a coming-of-age story. Robyn Schiff's fourth collection is an ambitious book-length poem in three parts set at The Metropolitan Museum of Art's information desk, where Schiff long ago held a staff position. Elaborately mapping an interconnected route in and out of the museum through history, material, and memory, Information Desk: An Epic takes us on an angui

The horse - a galloping history of humanity

"From New York Times bestselling author of The Mosquito, the incredible story of how the horse shaped human history"--

The guarantee - inside the fight for America's next economy

"From the president of the Economic Security Project, a book that shows how a just future is around the corner, if we are ready to seize it"--

Happy families - how to protect and support your child's mental health

"This honest and accessible guide provides parents with practical advice on the common issues that impact children's mental health-such as anxiety, low mood, and difficult behaviors-and empowers them to make simple changes that can lead to dramatic improvements in their child"--

Handbook for the heartbroken - a woman's path from devastation to rebirth

"In a heartbreak-illiterate world, Handbook for the Heartbroken offers readers solace and support through losses of all kinds, including taboo topics like abortion and bankruptcy. Stover draws on her expertise as a certified Internal Family Systems practitioner, yoga instructor, and teacher of feminine spirituality to guide readers through phases of devastation, transformation, and rebirth. Each chapter includes a story from the author's life, examples from clients, spiritual teachings, practice

Golf's majors - from Hagen and Hogan to a Bear and a Tiger, inside the game's most unforgettable performances

"From golf legend and nine-time major champion Gary Player, a riveting history of golf's pinnacle events, packed with dramatic moments and insider stories. In the game of golf, four tournaments stand alone: The Masters. The U.S. Open. The British Open. The PGA Championship. They boast histories that stretch back a century or more. Winning a major is the capstone of a golfer's career, a guarantee that they will be remembered by history. Gary Player has won nine, a figure that ranks him fourth all

A fatal inheritance - how a family misfortune revealed a deadly medical mystery

"Weaving his own moving family story with this sweeping history of cancer research, Lawrence Ingrassia delivers an intimate, gripping tale that sits at the intersection of memoir and medical thriller"--

Fabulosa by Rigby, Karen
Date added:
May 9, 2024

Everest 24 - new views on the 1924 Mount Everest expedition

"A retrospective on the 1924 British expedition to Mount Everest, with never-before-seen expedition photos from the Royal Geographical Society"--

The chain - love, betrayal, and the sisterhood that heals us

"In this memoir, one woman recalls her romantic relationship with a pathological liar who betrayed her and many other women, exploring the trauma he caused and the sisterhood that formed despite-and in spite of-him"--

Born royal - overcoming insecurity to become the woman God says you are

"A revolution for women to live confidently in their God-given identity and united in the call to bring goodness to the world, previously published as Born of a Woman, from speaker and pastor of the influential Shoreline City Church"--

Empowered to repair - becoming people who mend broken systems and heal our communities

"Brenda Salter McNeil shows that the biblical story of Nehemiah offers a model for repairing and rebuilding our broken communities. This book is a guide for activating people to join in God's work of transformation in their local context"--

Earth's emergency room - saving species as the planet and politics get hotter

"Drawing on his extensive experience as a prominent environmental lawyer and activist, Lowell Baier captures the colorful and important history of the Endangered Species Act and argues that it can be a powerful tool to ameliorate the biodiversity crisis while still respecting landowners, states, and industries"--

Did everyone have an imaginary friend (or just me)? / Adventures in Boyhood

"What to do when you're the perpetual new kid, only child, military brat hustling school-to-school each year and everyone's looking to you for answers? Make some shit up, of course! And a young Jay Ellis does just that, with help from every child's favorite co-conspirator-their imaginary best friend. Born in the perfect storm of especially ferocious rain and a sugar-fueled imagination, Mikey, his imaginary best friend, steps in to figuratively hold Jay's hand through various youthful shenanigans

The court v. the voters - the troubling story of how the Supreme Court has undermined voting rights

"An urgent and gripping look at the erosion of voting rights and its implications for democracy, told through the stories of 9 Supreme Court decisions--and the next looming case. In The Court v. The Voters, law professor Joshua Douglas takes us behind thescenes of significant cases in voting rights--some surprising and unknown, some familiar--to investigate the historic crossroads that have irrevocably changed our elections and the nation. In crisp and accessible prose, Douglas tells the story o

Common sense economics - what everyone should know about wealth and prosperity

"The fully revised and updated fourth edition of the classic Common Sense Economics. As the global economy recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic and debates over the future of work challenge our long-held preconceptions about what careers and the market canbe, learning the basics of economics has never been more essential. Principles such as gains from trade, the role of profit and loss, and the secondary effects of government spending, taxes, and borrowing risk continue to be critically important

Black Bell by Rollins, Alison C.
Date added:
May 9, 2024
Black Bell

Black cyclists - the race for inclusion

"Cycling emerged as a sport in the late 1870s, and from the beginning, Black Americans rode alongside and raced against white competitors. Robert J. Turpin sheds light on the contributions of Black cyclists from the sport's early days through the cementing of Jim Crow laws during the Progressive Era. As Turpin shows, Black cyclists used the bicycle not only as a vehicle but as a means of social mobility--a mobility that attracted white ire. Prominent Black cyclists like Marshall "Major" Taylor a

Autocracy, Inc. - the dictators who want to run the world

"From the Pulitzer-prize winning, New York Times bestselling author, an alarming account of how autocracies work together to undermine the democratic world, and how we should organize to defeat them We think we know what an autocratic state looks like: There is an all-powerful leader at the top. He controls the police. The police threaten the people with violence. There are evil collaborators, and maybe some brave dissidents. But in the 21st century, that bears little resemblance to reality. Now

What God has to say about our bodies - how the gospel is good news for our physical selves

"Argues that the Bible has a lot to say about the body, and shows how the practical significance of Scripture's teaching on this topic impacts how Christians should think and behave. A balanced and accessible theology of the body as they seek to glorify God in everything they do"--

Odyssey of a Wandering Mind- The Strange Tale of Sara Mayfield, Author

A carefully rendered portrait of a brilliant but troubled daughter of the Old South who struggled against the conventions of gender, class, family, and ultimately of sanity, yet survived to define a creative life of her own

Lace & Pyrite- Letters from Two Gardens

This reprint of Lace & Pyrite: Letters from Two Gardens by Get Fresh Books Publishing comprises all of its original poetry and includes an interview published by The Margins titled, "Our Wholeness, Our Togetherness."

Profiles in mental health courage

"Portrays those who have struggled with their mental health. This book offers deeply compelling stories about the bravery and resilience of those living with a variety of mental illnesses and addictions"--

Fear itself - exposing the left's mind-killing agenda

"Tammy Bruce lays out how left-wing politicians and media use scare tactics to control Americans' minds, and offers solutions for breaking free"--

Birthing liberation - how reproductive justice can set us free

A renowned, radical, full-spectrum doula, advocate and educator discusses how reproductive justice, including access to health care, the safety of childbirth, house transportation, nutrition and access to resources forms the pathway to equity and liberation.

The Scythian empire - Central Eurasia and the birth of the classical age from Persia to China

"In the late 8th to early 7th century BC, Scythian steppe warriors conquered Central Eurasia and peripheral regions in Iran and China, revolutionizing the local cultures. A nomadic herding people who lived with their cats in felt-tent homes on wheels, theScythians spread their complex, mobile, highly innovative culture into the frontiers of Southeast Europe, the Near East, Central Asia, South Asia, and East Asia. They produced the world's first "global" civilization: the great cultural flowering

Royal audience - 70 years, 13 presidents -- one queen's special relationship with America

"From the moment she first enchanted the world as a youthful princess, Queen Elizabeth II found a unique place in American hearts-and she also played an unprecedented role in forging transatlantic ties. Over her seventy-year reign, she developed extraordinary and varied personal bonds with thirteen U.S. presidents-Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, both Bush Sr. and Jr., Clinton, Obama, Trump, and Biden-that other diplomats and leaders could only dream of. A fascinating, i

We refuse - a forceful history of Black resistance

"Black resistance to white supremacy is often reduced to a simple binary, between Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s nonviolence and Malcolm X's "by any means necessary." In We Refuse, historian Kellie Carter Jackson urges us to move past this false choice, offering an unflinching examination of the breadth of Black responses to white oppression, particularly those pioneered by Black women. The dismissal of "Black violence" as an illegitimate form of resistance is itself a manifestation of white supre

A walk in the park - the true story of a spectacular misadventure in the Grand Canyon

"From the New York Times bestselling and award-winning author of the epic adventure tale The Emerald Mile comes the most dramatic and deeply moving account ever of walking the Grand Canyon, a highly dangerous, life-changing 750-mile trek. The Grand Canyonis an American treasure, visited by more than 6 million people a year, many of whom are rendered speechless by its vast beauty, mystery, and complexity. Now, in A Walk in the Park, author Kevin Fedarko chronicles his year-long effort to find a 7

The Supreme Court footnote - a surprising history

"A history of the most famous, and infamous, footnotes in leading US Supreme Court cases"--

Moving pictures - a history of American animation from Gertie to Pixar and beyond

"A fascinating look at the history of film and television animation in the United States, from the animated comic strips of the early 1900s to the proliferation of animation companies and hit films of the present"--

The light of battle - Eisenhower, D-Day, and the birth of the American superpower

"A thrilling new biography of Dwight Eisenhower set in the months leading up to D-Day, when he grew from a well-liked general into one of the singular figures of American history"--

For love of country - leave the Democratic party behind

The newly independent U.S. representative from Hawaii discusses why she left the Democratic party, citing what she calls their focus on woke ideology, anti-white animus and shift away from traditional American values.

College girl, missing - the true story of how a young woman disappeared in plain sight

"When Lauren Spierer-a gregarious young woman at a crossroads in her life-vanished from Indiana University in 2011, her story drew global attention from celebrities and news outlets such as People magazine, CNN, Fox News, and USA Today. What made the caseso confounding to those outlets was that the 20-year-old was out with dozens of classmates in a bustling university town on the night she went missing. She was seen in public by witnesses and security cameras, and ended up in a townhouse complex

Why War? by Overy, Richard
Date added:
May 2, 2024
Why War?

Virginia City vs Bonanza - a tale of merging histories

"This book reveals the reality of life in Virginia City, Nevada in the 19th century versus the legendary storylines of the iconic television show Bonanza. In addition, it explores the history of early TV and its depictions of the West, as well as the fullhistory of Virginia City from its environmental issues to its silver mining up to the present"--

Unjust debts - how our bankruptcy system makes America more unequal

"A groundbreaking look at the hidden role of bankruptcy in perpetuating inequality in America, from an expert in the field"--

Unsettled - American Jews and the movement for justice in Palestine

"Unsettled examines the role of young American Jews in the Palestine solidarity movement and argues that their activism and commitment to ending the occupation and Israeli apartheid is a Jewish value, which is a necessary response to the changing conditions of American Jewish life in the twenty-first century"--

Uncomfortable conversations with a Jew

"For Emmanuel Acho and Noa Tishby no question about Jews is off-limits. They go there. They cover Jews and money. Jews and power. Jews and privilege. Jews and white privilege. The Black and Jewish struggle. Emmanuel asks, Did Jews kill Jesus? To which Noaresponds, "Why are Jewish people history's favorite scapegoat?" They unpack Judaism itself: Is it a religion, culture, a peoplehood, or a race? And: Are you antisemitic if you're anti-Zionist? The questions--and answers--might make you squirm, b

The truth about immigration - why successful societies welcome newcomers

"The go-to book on immigration: fact-based, comprehensive, and nonpartisan. Immigration is one of the most controversial topics in the United States and everywhere else. Pundits, politicians, and the public usually depict immigrants as either villains orvictims. The villain narrative is that immigrants pose a threat-to our economy because they steal our jobs; our way of life because they change our culture; and to our safety and laws because of their criminality. The victim argument tells us tha

Traveling without moving - essays from a Black woman trying to survive in America

"A Black woman in America is always on the run, desperate to survive, thrive, and finally find freedom. Using a powerful blend of perspectives that move between a first-person lens of lived experience and a wider-ranging critique of U.S. culture, policy,and academia, Taiyon J. Coleman explores what it means to write her story and that of her family--an act at once a responsibility and a privilege--bringing forth the inherent contradictions between American ideals and Black reality"--

Thom Gunn - a cool queer life

"The first biography of Thom Gunn, a poet who could "give the dead a voice, make them sing" (Hilton Als, The New Yorker )"--

This fierce people - the untold story of America's Revolutionary War in the South

"A groundbreaking, important recovery of history; the overlooked story-fully explored, of the critical aspect of America's Revolutionary War that was fought in the South showing that the British surrender at Yorktown was the direct result of the southerncampaign and, that the battles that emerged south of the Mason-Dixon line between loyalists to the Crown and patriots who fought for independence were, in fact, America's first civil war. The famous battles that form the backbone of the story put

Swole - the making of men and the meaning of muscle

"From a Washington Post critic and self-described meathead: a witty, incisive, poignant exploration of male body image, from the history of the gym to the politics of superheroes to the world of manfluencers"--

The talented Mrs. Mandelbaum - the rise and fall of an American organized-crime boss

"In 1850, Fredericka Mandelbaum emigrated to New York from Germany and worked as a rag peddler on the streets of the Lower East Side. By the 1870s she was a widow with four children, a popular society hostess, and a philanthropist. What enabled a woman onthe margins of nineteenth-century American life to ascend from tenement poverty to immense wealth? In the intervening years, Mrs. Mandelbaum had become the country's most notorious "fence"-a receiver of stolen goods and a successful criminal mas

Superconvergence - how the genetics, biotech, and AI revolutions will transform our lives, work, and world

"In Superconvergence, leading futurist Jamie Metzl explores how genome sequencing, gene editing, artificial intelligence, and other technologies are not only changing our lives, but catalyzing each other in radical and accelerating ways. These technologies have the potential to improve our health, feed billions of people, supercharge our economies, and store essential information for millions of years, but can also-if we are not careful-do immeasurable harm"--

Starting & building a nonprofit - a practical guide

"This essential guide to starting and running a nonprofit organization includes practical advice, legal information, tips, and step-by-step instructions. It explains how to develop a strategic plan and budget; recruit and manage board members, volunteers,and staff; market an organization to a target audience; raise money-including traditional methods and crowdfunding; build a website and use social media strategically; and adopt policies that are legally sound. Includes helpful checklists and a

Sing like fish - how sound rules life under water

"For centuries, humans ignored sound in the "silent world" of the ocean, assuming that what we couldn't perceive, didn't exist. But we couldn't have been more wrong. Marine scientists now have the technology to record and study the complex interplay of the myriad sounds in the sea. Finally, we can trace how sounds travel with the currents, bounce from the seafloor and surface, bend with the temperature and even saltiness; how sounds help marine life survive; and how human noise can transform ent

Sidetracks by Beidao, 1949- author.
Date added:
May 2, 2024

"Sidetracks, Bei Dao's first new collection in almost fifteen years, is also the poet's first long poem and his magnum opus-the artistic culmination of a lifetime devoted to the renewal and reinvention of language"--

Rick Steves Spain by Steves, Rick
Date added:
May 2, 2024
Rick Steves Spain

Sharing space - an astronaut's guide to mission, wonder, and making change

"One of America's few female astronauts reveals the wisdom that helped her overcome the barriers of others' expectations-and learn to work on a team both in close quarters and remotely In 2010, the day after her fiftieth birthday-and despite having facedfeedback for years that she was not astronaut material-Cady Coleman boarded a rocket and blasted off into space for her third NASA mission, the only woman on her six-person crew. She may have been an "unexpected" astronaut, but her determination

Shadow men - the tangled story of murder, media, and privilege that scandalized jazz age America

"On the morning of May 16, 1922, a young man's body was found on a desolate road in Westchester County. The victim was penniless ex-sailor Clarence Peters. Walter Ward, the handsome scion of the family that owned the largest chain of bread factories in the country, confessed to the crime as an act of self-defense against a violent gang of "shadow men," blackmailers who extorted their victims' moral weaknesses. From the start, one question defined the investigation: What scandalous secret could l

The secret history of sharks - the rise of the ocean's most fearsome predators

"From ancient megalodons to fearsome Great Whites, this is the complete, untold story of how sharks emerged as Earth's ultimate survivors, by a world-leading paleontologist Sharks have been fighting for their lives for 500 million years and are under direthreat today. They are the longest surviving vertebrate on Earth, outlasting multiple mass extinction events that decimated life on the planet. How did they thrive so long? By developing superpower-like abilities that allowed them to ascend to t

The science of cleaning - use the power of chemistry to clean smarter, easier, and safer-with solutions for every kind of dirt

"This is the only book on cleaning you'll ever need, offering practical, evidence-based advice on picking products and optimizing every aspect of housekeeping the scientific way"--

The Scalpel and the Silver Bear- The First Navajo Woman Surgeon Combines Western Medicine and Traditional Healing

Combining the healing rituals of her own Navajo heritage with cutting-edge modern medicine, Dr. Alvord shows in her autobiography how she has embraced a method of healing that melds native spirituality and Western technology.

Reinventing love - how the patriarchy sabotages heterosexual relations

"A new work by the author of "In Defense of Witches" that seeks to redefine heterosexual relationships and give women back their voice. As feminist principles have taken wider hold in society, and basic ideas about equality for women can seem a given, many women still struggle in one of the most important areas of life: love. Whether it's finding a partner, seeking a commitment from one, or struggling in a relationship that is unfulfilling or even potentially abusive, women still find that deepl

Project Eagle - the top-secret OSS operation that sent Polish spies behind enemy lines in World War II

"Project Eagle tells the fascinating but little-known World War II story of Polish soldiers recruited from POW camps and trained to go behind German lines for intelligence gathering and espionage missions that would assist the Allies in their invasion ofGermany and help bring the war to an end"--

No bullet got me yet - the relentless faith of Father Kapaun

"Father Emil Kapaun, a humble priest, went far beyond the call of duty during World War II and the Korean War. Often found with the combat medics on the front lines, unarmed, ministering to the wounded, and known for his intense devotion to the soldiers whom he called "my boys," Kapaun became the most decorated chaplain in US military history, awarded a Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross and the Legion of Merit. But Father Kapaun's leadership, bravery and selflessness don't end ther

Muse of fire - World War I as seen through the lives of the soldier poets

"His epic narrative begins with Rupert Brooke, "the handsomest young man in England" and perhaps its most famous young poet in the halcyon days of the Edwardian Age, and ends five years later with Wilfred Owen, killed in action at twenty-five, only one week before the armistice. With bitter irony, Owen's mother received the telegram informing her of his death on November 11, just as church bells tolled to celebrate the war's end. Korda's dramatic account, which includes anecdotes from his own fa

The missing peace - rewire your brain, reduce anxiety, and recreate your life

"The Missing Peace equips readers with a new and relatable lens to seeing anxiety for what it is: a liar that predicts doom. They will learn how to re-train themselves from years of personal and inherited anxiety. What once seemed overwhelming and unsurpassable is within reach"--

Loving life as it is - a Buddhist guide to ultimate happiness

"What makes you happy? What causes you to suffer? This book from an insightful new voice in Tibetan Buddhism offers practical wisdom and radical practices to embrace suffering-an inevitable part of human life-and find freedom, or happiness. Jigme Wangdrakis a contemporary teacher born and trained in eastern Tibet and based in California who is the unique holder of the Dudjom Lingpa lineage, reincarnation of renowned seventeenth-century treasure revealer Rigzin Longsel Nyingpo, and disciple of th

The Letters of Emily Dickinson

The Letters of Emily Dickinson collects, redates, and recontextualizes all of the poet's extant letters, including dozens newly discovered or never before anthologized. Insightful annotations emphasize not the reclusive poet of myth but rather an artist firmly embedded in the political and literary currents of her time.

The infernal machine - a true story of dynamite, terror, and the rise of the modern detective

"A riveting account of the anarchists who terrorized the streets of New York-and the detective duo who transformed policing to meet the threat-from the bestselling author of The Ghost Map"--

Holding it together - how women became America's safety net

"Other countries have social safety nets. The U.S. has women. Holding It Together chronicles the causes and dire consequences. America runs on women-women who are tasked with holding society together at the seams and fixing it when things fall apart. In this tour de force, acclaimed Sociologist Jessica Calarco lays bare the devastating consequences of our status quo. Holding It Together draws on five years of research in which Calarco surveyed over 4000 parents and conducted more than 400 hours

The Friday afternoon club - a family memoir

"A memoir and coming-of-age story chronicling the successes and disappointments, wit and wildness of Dunne and his multigenerational family of larger-than-life characters"--

Frostbite - how refrigeration changed our food, our planet, and ourselves

"An engaging and far-reaching exploration of refrigeration, tracing its evolution from scientific mystery to globe-spanning infrastructure, and an essential investigation into how it has remade our entire relationship with food-for better and for worse. How often do we open the fridge or peer into the freezer with the expectation that we'll find something fresh and ready to eat? It's an everyday act, easily taken for granted, but just a century ago, eating food that had been refrigerated was cau

Free to be - understanding kids & gender identity

"An authoritative guide to understanding and navigating gender identity from an acclaimed expert on the mental health of transgender and gender diverse youth. Kids today are more gender fluent and expansive than ever before. Over 700,000 teenagers in America openly identify as transgender, a number that is rising each year. As it becomes increasingly common for us to encounter and know transgender kids, as well as kids with more expansive notions of gender than past generations, it is vital that

First Job by Buck, Rinker
Date added:
May 2, 2024
First Job

Everything and nothing at once - a Black man's reimagined sountrack for the future

"A beautiful, painful, and soaring tribute to everything that Black men are and can be"--

Dear readers and riders - the beloved books, faithful fans, and hidden private life of Marguerite Henry

"In certain circles, her name inspires immediate recognition and pronouncements of a committed admiration that has likely spanned decades. As an author, Marguerite Henry was indeed remarkably prolific, with 59 books published, millions of copies sold, andnearly 80 years of her life spent writing them-or responding personally to the stacks of fan mail she received-at her typewriter. Her books, most meticulously researched historical fiction about influential horses and the hosts of fascinating ch

Countryside - ten rural walks through Britain and its hidden history of empire

"Ten walks through idyllic scenery reveal the countryside's forgotten links to transatlantic slavery and colonialism-a work of accessible history that will transform our understanding of British landscapes and heritage.The green fields, rugged highlands,and rolling hills of England, Scotland, and Wales are commonly associated with adventure, romance, and seclusion as well as literary figures like Jane Austen and William Wordsworth. But in reality, many of these rural places-with their country ho

Cottage cross-stitch / 20 Designs Celebrating the Simple Joys of Home

"If you daydream of a simple life in a little house on a hill or near the sea, this book is full of designs that will inspire and feed your love of all things homey and sweet. The 20 stitchings feature a variety of tiny homes and the relaxing rituals of cottage living. Each project includes chart, finished photo, materials, and full instructions"--

Cookies & crumbs - chunky, chewy, gooey cookies for every mood

"Some like 'em gooey and chewy, others chunky and crunchy, but everybody loves cookies. Whether it's classics like Milk Choc Chip, Peanut Butter and Chunky Double Choc, or new favorites--think Coffee and Cardamom or Melt-in-the-middle S'mores--you'll find endless options for baking cookies at home with these unforgettable flavor combinations, as well as an array of unbeatable vegan and gluten-free recipes. In this fun-filled, fresh-out-of-the-oven celebration of everyone's favorite sweet treat,

Brooks Headley's fancy desserts - the recipes of Del Posto's James Beard Award-winning pastry chef

A punk band drummer turned executive pastry chef features ninety-seven unorthodox recipes using fruit, vegetables, grains, chocolate, seeds, and nuts to create unique desserts.

The centered heart - evidence-based, mind-body practices to stress less and improve cardiac health

"This book fills a critical niche that has long been overlooked. It specifically focuses on somatic practices to decrease stress and improve heart health. It will combine science, time-tested somatic mindfulness techniques, and patient stories to providehope and help"--

Ben & me - in search of a founder's formula for a long and useful life

"New York Times bestselling author Eric Weiner follows in the footsteps of Benjamin Franklin, mining his life for inspiring and practical lessons in a book that's part biography, part travelogue, part personal prescription"--

Ambition monster - a reckoning

"A deeply personal memoir about workaholism, the addictive nature of ambition, and the humbling process of picking yourself up when the world lets you down-an anti-girlboss tale for our times"--

120 banned books - censorship histories of world literature

Presents summary and censorship accounts of books that have been banned throughout history for political, religious, sexual, and social reasons.

The anger myth - understanding and overcoming the mental habits that steal your joy

"The Anger Myth is a step-by-step guide to help readers permanently get rid of anger in all its forms for a happier, healthier, wealthier, and more productive life. It introduces readers to Anger's 7 Cranky Cousins and the 5-Step Tame and Reframe method to transform anger quickly to either peacefulness or constructive action"--

It's a numberful world - how math is hiding everywhere ... from the crown of a tree to the sound of a sine wave

"A fun how-to guide to the world of math, offering insight into quirky questions like 'Why is a rainbow curved?'; 'Why aren't left-handers extinct?'; 'How is a sunflower like a synchronized swimmer?' and a look into (and explanation of) interesting mathematical marvels such as sine waves in music and prime numbers essential to data encryption"--

Roar - match your food and fitness to your unique female physiology for optimum performance, great health, and a strong body for life

"The groundbreaking book that revolutionized exercise nutrition and performance for female athletes, now freshly updated"--

Unshrinking / How to Face Fatphobia

"The definitive takedown of fatphobia, drawing on personal experience as well as rigorous research to expose how size discrimination harms everyone, and how to combat it-from the acclaimed author of Down Girl and Entitled. For as long as she can remember,Kate Manne has wanted to be smaller. She can tell you what she weighed on any significant occasion: her wedding day, the day she became a professor, the day her daughter was born. She's been bullied and belittled for her size, leading to extreme

Lovers in Auschwitz - a true story

"Zippi Spitzer and David Wisnia were captivated by each other from the moment they first exchanged glances across the work floor. It was the beginning of a love story that could have happened anywhere. Except for one difference: this romance was unfoldingin history's most notorious death camp, between two young prisoners whose budding intimacy risked dooming them if they were caught. Incredibly, David and Zippi survived for years beneath the ash-choked skies of Auschwitz. Under the protection of

Beyond Ethnic Loneliness- The Pain of Marginalization and the Path to Belonging

Growing up as an Indian American immigrant in white Southern culture, Prasanta Verma unpacks the exhausting effects of cultural isolation and marginalization as well as the longing to belong and the hope of finding safe friendships in community. Our places of exile can become places of belonging-to ourselves, to others, and to God.

Wingtips with Spurs

Using ranch-based stories, ranch owner Gooch details how to apply cowboy wisdom to everyday management challenges.

Heal Your Nervous System- The 5-Stage Plan to Reverse Nervous System Dysregulation

Heal Your Nervous System is a 5-Step plan for building a thriving nervous system by leading influencer Dr. Linnea Passaler, creator of @HealYour Nervous System.

The Harlem Renaissance and Transatlantic Modernism

A groundbreaking volume resituating the Harlem Renaissance as integral to the development of twentieth-century modernism

No cloak, no dagger - a professor's secret life inside the CIA

"No Cloak, No Dagger gives an inside look at the double life of Lester Paldy, a university professor who was recruited by the CIA and brought into the secret world of espionage"--

Final rounds - a father, a son, the golf journey of a lifetime

Advanced form of cancer, the trip took on an added urgency. For Braxton Dodson had been given only a month or two to live. But like golf itself, Final Rounds is about much more than just a game: it is about a journey of discovery between a father and a son, about long-held secrets finally shared, and about the valuable lessons a middle-aged man could still learn from his father on the importance of life, love, and family.

Design for How People Learn

In Design For How People Learn students discover how to use the key principles behind learning, memory, and attention to create materials that enable their audience to both gain and retain the knowledge and skills they're sharing. Updated to cover new insights and research into how we learn and remember, this edition includes new techniques for using social media for learning as well as two brand new chapters on designing for habit and best practices for evaluating learning, such as how and when

The violent take it by force - the Christian movement that is threatening our democracy

"Spiritual warfare was at the heart of the January 6 insurrection. The Violent Take It by Force pulls back the veil on a little-known movement of independent charismatic Christians who see themselves as waging spiritual battles on a massive, even global scale. And their spiritual warfare sometimes takes real-world forms. In the pages of this deeply researched and groundbreaking book, Dr. Matthew Taylor makes intelligible to readers the language, leaders, and symbols of the charismatic Christiani

The hidden peace - finding true security, strength, and confidence through humility

The peace we long for begins with coming to the end of ourselves. There are inescapable aspects of life we are all marked by. We have less control than we want, more anxiety than we're comfortable with and just enough insecurity to continually remind us of our shortcomings. To experience these things is to be human. We aren't superheroes and invincibility isn't an option. But humility is. Whether we've incorrectly defined it or underestimated its relevance to our daily life, humility is the miss

Rick Steves Scandinavia

Master the GRE by
Date added:
Apr 22, 2024
Master the GRE

Weaving Fate- Hypersigils, Changing the Past, & Telling True Lies

Weaving Fate teaches three integrated practices that allow practitioners to develop greater control over themselves and their lives.

'Tis not our war - avoiding military service in the Civil War North

"'Tis Not Our War answers the question of why men chose not to serve in the Civil War by focusing on the thoughts, opinions, and beliefs of average civilians and soldiers. This vivid and complex portrait of such men shows that the North was never as unified in support of the war as portrayed in much of America's collective memory"--

Theatre kids - a true tale of off-off Broadway

"A hilarious, unforgettable account of life, art, and theatre on the margins"--

Systemic - how racism is making us sick

"A science-based, data-driven, and global exploration of racial disparities in health care access by virologist, immunologist, and science journalist Layal Liverpool, arguing that racism affects our biology"--

Pets and the city - true tales of a Manhattan house call veterinarian

"When a pet is sick, people-even the rich and famous-are at their most authentic and vulnerable. They could have a Monet on the wall and an Oscar on the shelf, but if their cat gets a cold, all they want to talk about are snotty noses and sneezing fits. That's when they call premier in-home veterinarian Dr. Amy Attas. In Pets and the City, Dr. Amy shares all the shocking, heartbreaking, and life-affirming experiences she's faced throughout her thirty-year career treating the cats and dogs of New

Martha's Vineyard - Isle of Dreams

"In the winter of 1982, long before she became the watercolor artist and author we know today, Susan Branch, 34-years-old and heartbroken from the sudden and unexpected end of her marriage in California, "ran away from home" to the Island of Martha's Vineyard hoping to gain perspective. It was meant to be temporary, a three-month time-out from the daily grind of being broken up and miserable, but within days of her arrival, alone and not quite in her right mind, Susan "accidentally" bought a tin

Immediacy, or The style of too-late capitalism / Or, the Style of Too Late Capitalism

"Considers original streaming TV, popular fiction, artworld trends, and academic theories and explains the recent obsession with immersion, authenticity, and total transparency"--

In Defense of Secrets

"Psychoanalyst and philosopher Anne Dufourmantelle drowned in 2017 in an attempt to rescue two children caught in the ocean. Her work lives on, though, in this provocative and necessary book. Through etymologies and case studies, personal history and incisive commentary on contemporary society, In Defense of Secrets returns us to the fundamental psychic scene of the secret. The secret, for Dufourmantelle, is not a code to be cracked or a firewall to be penetrated but a dynamic and powerful entit

Hearing god through your dreams - understanding the language God speaks at night

"On average, people spend 33% of their entire lives sleeping. Even when you are asleep, Heaven is still communicating. Your spirit is still awake, though your body is not. The question is: How do you simply and biblically capture this flow every night? Hearing God Through Your Dreams is a practical and powerful guide to understanding the language that God speaks at night. Through revelatory teaching, supernatural stories, and a refreshing, down-to-earth approach, Mark Virkler and his daughter Ch

The glow code - a cheat sheet for feeling, looking, and being your best at any age

"The Glow Code is an entertaining and engaging lifestyle manual offering concrete, actionable advice from experts across many fields to help women aged 35 and beyond navigate midlife, feel great, and age well. Covering a wide range of magazine topics butwith deeper insight and sound advice, this is the cheat sheet for women with minimum free time but maximum ambition to feel, look and live better now, in midlife and beyond"--

Endless fall - a little chronicle

"In this poignant account of a classmate's suicide, the acclaimed Moroccan author gives both a biting critique of small-town bigotry in the 1960s and a moving tribute to the fleeting beauty of adolescence. In Settat in the 1960s, when it was still a tinyvillage, a young man leapt to his death in front of his stunned class and their teacher, left holding a brief, devastating suicide note. Among the students was Mohamed Leftah. Haunted by the uncommon grace of that desperate act, and the tragic im

Did It Happen Here?- Perspectives on Fascism and America

An essential primer for the thoughtful citizen.

Dancing on my own - essays on art, collectivity, and joy

"An essay collection exploring the aesthetics of class aspirationalism, the complications of creating art and fashion for everyone, and the limits of identity politics"--

Cosplay the Marvel way - a guide to costuming culture and crafting basics

"Become part of the Marvel universe with this one-of-a-kind, official guide on how to cosplay as some of your favorite Marvel characters-like Black Panther, Loki, Ms. Marvel, Captain America, Jean Grey, and more-perfect for Marvel fans and cosplayers of all levels"--

Baseball - the turbulent midcentury years

"A history of baseball as a sport and business during the middle of the twentieth century, examining the game on and off the field and tracing its development within the broader contours of American history"--

The contagion myth - why viruses (including "coronavirus") are not the cause of disease

"Since the dawn of the human race, medicine men and physicians have wondered about the cause of disease, especially what we call 'contagions,' numerous people ill with similar symptoms, all at the same time. Does humankind suffer these outbreaks at the hands of an angry god or evil spirit? A disturbance in the atmosphere, a miasma? Do we catch the illness from others or from some outside influence? As the restriction of our freedoms continues, more and more people are wondering whether this is t

A brief history of intelligence - evolution, AI, and the five breakthroughs that made our brains

"In the last decade, the science of understanding the human brain and replicating its most complicated processes through artificial intelligence has grown exponentially. Intricate neurological functions ranging from writing poetry to crafting original articles, arenas that had long been thought of as science fiction, have become our reality. And yet, large gaps remain in what AI can achieve-gaps that, as pioneering artificial intelligence entrepreneur Max Bennett argues compellingly, exist becau

Assimilate - a critical history of industrial music

More extreme than punk, industrial music revolted against the very ideas of order and reason. This book traces industrial music's attitudes and practices from their earliest articulations-a hundred years ago-through the genre's mid-1970s formation and beyond.

All about Braising- The Art of Uncomplicated Cooking

Stevens's comprehensive guide to this versatile way of cooking is written to instruct a cook at any level. Included are 125 easy recipes, helpful advice on the best cuts of meat, the right choice of fish and vegetables, the right pots, and more.

Zhou Enlai - A Life by Chen, Jian
Date added:
Apr 18, 2024
Zhou Enlai - A Life

You're grounded - an anti-self-help book to calm you the f*ck down

"Where are you right now? Are you here? Or are you sort of somewhere else? You're Grounded is an exploration of what it means to be connected to the present moment. Sometimes your head can be in a completely different place than your body. Whether you'rechecking Instagram or reliving an embarrassing scene from the past, chances are that you're often missing what is happening right in front of you. This guide will help you figure out why you keep floating away from yourself and how to reconnect"-

WordPress all-in-one

Fully updated with the latest releases, this 8-books-in-1 guide covers every aspect of building a blog or website using WordPress, providing you with all the know-how for making this state-of-the-art go-to platform work for you.

Web coding & development all-in-one / All-in-one

Offers a refresher on the rules of coding, reviews the basics of HTML and CSS, and shows readers how to build interfaces, add interactivity to the web, or store and deliver data to sites.

Windows 11 tips, tricks & shortcuts in easy steps / Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts

Helping you take your Windows 11 knowledge to the next level, this updated book provides more than 1,000 useful tricks of the trade to make Windows work more efficiently for you, including boosting your PC's performance and keeping web browsing safe, private and efficient.

A wild promise - an illustrated celebration of the Endangered Species Act

"In 1973, the United States Congress came together with bipartisan support to create and pass a bold and visionary act-one of protection, preservation, and promise. For the past fifty years this promise, The Endangered Species Act, has ensured that the most threatened and vulnerable species and their habitats are protected. From the Stellar Sea Lion to the Ivory-billed Woodpecker, from the Steelhead Trout to the Red Wolf-this landmark act has worked to preserve the wild beauty that surrounds and

Triumph of the yuppies - America, the eighties, and the creation of an unequal nation

"In Triumph of the Yuppies, Tom McGrath presents the first-ever book-length history of the Yuppie phenomenon, chronicling the roots, rise, triumph and (seeming) fall of the "young urban professionals" who radically altered American life between 1980 and 1987. By the time their obituary was being written in the late 1980s, Yuppies-the elite, uber educated faction of the Baby Boom generation-had become something of a cultural punchline. This was understandable: a species that regularly drank white

Teach yourself visually HTML and CSS

"Teach Yourself VISUALLY HTML and CSS is the perfect resource for those of you who prefer to learn visually and would rather be shown how to do something -- with crystal-clear screenshots and easy explanations -- than suffer through long-winded explanations. You'll find step-by-step walkthroughs showing you how to tackle over 120 individual tasks involving HTML and CSS. Each task-based spread covers a single technique, ensuring you learn first the basics and then more advanced topics one straigh

Taxes / 2024 Edition

"In Taxes for dummies, 2024 edition, you'll get line-by-line advice and plan ahead strategies that take the fear and anxiety out of tax season and save you money now and in the months and years ahead. This completely updated edition includes detailed coverage of the numerous tax bills have passed in recent years. You'll learn everything you need to know to file your own taxes with confidence and intelligently plan year-round tax strategies"--

Swahili by Okeno, Seline, author.
Date added:
Apr 18, 2024

"Swahili For Dummies will teach you the basics of Swahili, so you can start conversing in Africa's language of commerce. This book introduces you to the foundations of Swahili grammar and enables you to engage in basic conversations. With the simplified Dummies learning process, you'll quickly get a grasp on the language, without complex terms and confusing explanations. You'll also move through the book at a comfortable pace, so you'll be familiar with what you've learned before moving on to mo

Sugarless - a 7-step plan to uncover hidden sugars, curb your cravings, and conquer your addiction

"In Sugarless, Dr. Nicole Avena-a pioneering neuroscientist on food addiction-spells out sugar's detrimental effects on the brain and body. She empowers readers with an easy 7-step program to help them find the hidden sugars in their foods, control theirsweet tooth, and break the vicious diet cycle for good. Sugarless also includes 30 sugar-free recipes"--

Storytelling in presentations

"Learn to influence audiences with storyopia: Stories that take them on a journey from what is to what could be: Storytelling in Presentations For Dummies shows you how to develop and deliver a presentation through storytelling, keeping audience interested, and most importantly, making them heroes that take action towards change. You'll learn how to cull stories from your own experiences, and before you know it, you'll have more stories than Aesop has fables. You'll learn about the latest presen

The simple heart cure diet and meal plan - 28 days of healthy meals and over 100 delicious and easy recipes

"Based on the concepts pioneered in The Simple Heart Cure, this companion guide, The Simple Heart Cure Diet and Meal Plan, works by reducing major heart disease risk factors: high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and pre-diabetes, and obesity. Eating right with this simple (and tasty) meal plan will help you live a life worth living! Dr. Crandall outlines the steps you can take to change your diet and get on a path to better health"--

Real estate license exams

A guide to passing the real estate license exam offers information on job requirements and the basic principles of real estate law and practice in most states, along with sample questions and answers and full-length practice tests.

Quickbooks 2024 all-in-one

This must-have guide to the leading small business accounting software goes over the key features of QuickBooks and shows you, step-by-step, how to plan your perfect budget, simplify tax returns, manage inventory, and many other financial tasks.


"Self-Publishing For Dummies takes you through the entire process of publishing your own books, starting with the writing and editing process and moving through cover design, printing options, distribution channels, and marketing to a target audience. With the advice in this book, you can tackle self-publishing, no matter what genre you write in. You'll learn how to retain full control over your work and keep the profits from the sales of your book. In this updated edition, you'll discover the l

REITS for dummies

"In REITs For dummies, celebrated investing lecturer and author Brad Thomas delivers an easy-to-understand guide to getting started with real estate investment trusts--also known as ''REITs.'' These flexible and lucrative investment tools package togetherindividual properties so you can invest in land and buildings without the hassle of being a landlord. In the book, you'll get a straightforward tour of REIT property sectors and the different ways you can invest in REITs. You'll also find: Strat

Python for data science

"Python for Data Science For Dummies lets you get your hands dirty with data using one of the top programming languages. This beginner's guide takes you step by step through getting started, performing data analysis, understanding datasets and example code, working with Google Colab, sampling data, and beyond. Coding your data analysis tasks will make your life easier, make you more in-demand as an employee, and open the door to valuable knowledge and insights. This new edition is updated for th

Python all-in-one / All-in-one

"Python All-in-One For Dummies is your one-stop source for answers to all your Python questions. From creating apps to building complex web sites to sorting big data, Python provides a way to get the work done. This book is great as a starting point for those new to coding, and it also makes a perfect reference for experienced coders looking for more than the basics. Apply your Python skills to data analysis, learn to write AI-assisted code using GitHub CoPilot, and discover many more exciting u

Physics 100 ideas in 100 words - a whistle-stop tour of key concepts

In partnership with The Science Museum, this book introduces 100 key areas of physics--including gravity, motion, magnetism and quantum physics--and explains each topic in just 100 words.

Microsoft Excel in easy steps

Guides the reader through the essential functions of Microsoft Excel-whether they are new to Excel and the spreadsheet concept, or just upgrading from an older version.

Personal finance

"Personal Finance For Dummies has been tackling financial literacy for 30 years. This tenth edition continues to share the sound advice that's helped millions of readers become financially literate while demystifying the money matters of the current era.Get familiar with the financial pillars of earning, saving, investing, borrowing, budgeting, and protecting your assets. Dig into modern concerns like navigating the housing market, weathering the highs and lows of an unpredictable market, evalua


"Perimenopause For Dummies is a practical and comprehensive guide to the emotional, mental, and physical changes that begin to happen as you approach menopause. Demystify the connection between hormones and aging and make informed choices about how to deal with symptoms like weight gain, hot flashes, depression, mood swings, and insomnia. You'll learn about natural remedies and medical interventions that can ease the transition between fertility and menopause. Most importantly, you'll know what

The perfect fit - creating and altering basic sewing patterns for tops, sleeves, skirts, and pants

"Every body is different, and standard sizes certainly do not fit all! You're going to spend hours making your homesewn garment, so you want to be sure the final product will fit flawlessly. This starts with a pattern that is drawn to your (or your model's) exact measurements. With The Perfect Fit as your guide, you'll learn the necessary skills for altering "off-the-rack" patterns to measure, and even drafting your own creations. For amateur sewists who want to bring their craft to the next lev

Pain killer - an empire of deceit and the origin of America's opioid epidemic

"Between 1999 and 2017, an estimated 250,000 Americans died from overdoses involving prescription painkillers, a plague ignited by the aggressive marketing of OxyContin by its maker, Purdue Pharma. Purdue, owned by a wealthy and secretive family--the Sacklers--knew early on that teenagers and others were abusing its billion dollar "wonder" drug. But Justice Department officials balked a decade ago when it came to meting out justice, allowing an opioid crisis to evolve into a catastrophe. Origina

Nonprofit bookkeeping & accounting for dummies

''Nonprofit bookkeeping & accounting For dummies is a helpful guide for anyone who is responsible for financial and accounting operations in nonprofit organizations or needs to read and understand a nonprofit financial statement. It includes information on the basics of nonprofit bookkeeping, general nonprofit accounting principles, basic financial statements, and specific laws and regulations that govern the accounting of nonprofit organizations. With the simple guidance in this book, you'll le

Math 100 ideas in 100 words - a whistle-stop tour of key concepts

In partnership with The Science Museum, this book introduces 100 key areas of math--including geometry, algebra and probability--and explains each topic in just 100 words.

Macro diet by Frey, Malia, author.
Date added:
Apr 18, 2024
Macro diet

"This must-have guide for mastering the popular meal plan that has helped athletes, celebrities and people like you build lean muscle and lose fat for good shows you how to track macronutrients instead of calories to give your body the correct balance ofdaily nutrients to feel energized, strong and healthy.

Macbook for Dummies

Living vegan

This valuable resource for anyone who practices or is considering veganism offers easy recipes, money-saving tips, advice for talking to people about veganism and ideas for dealing with the skeptics, along with simple action plans for transitioning to thevegan way of life.

The nocebo effect - when words make you sick

"7 billion doses of the COVID vaccine have been administered around the world, with nearly 400 million doses in the United States alone. Undoubtedly, the vaccine has saved, and will continue to save, countless lives. While we should appreciate these innovations of modern-day medical science, the vaccine has not been universally accepted, hampering our efforts to reduce harm. Side-effects of the COVID vaccine are widely discussed in news outlets. Countless online discussion boards teem with anecd


"A quick and easy way to understand neurodiversity as written by neurodivergent people and our families. Neurodiversity For Dummies is your essential guide in understanding neurodivergent conditions like autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and more. This quick and easy guide is perfect for anyone needing to know more about neurodiversity. And that's all of us- because recent estimates say that 15-20% of the world's population have some form of neurodivergence. Your life is filled with neurodivergent people

Matrescence - on the mind/body/spirit transformations of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood

"In this important and ground-breaking, deeply personal investigation, Jones writes of the emerging concept of "matrescence" - the wholeness of becoming a mother. Drawing on her own experiences of twice becoming a mother, as well as exploring the latest research in the fields of neuroscience and evolutionary biology; psychoanalysis and existential therapy; sociology, economics and ecology, Jones writes of the physical and emotional changes in the maternal mind, body, and spirit and shows us how

Making soap - DIY bath & body products made with all-natural scents, oils, and colors

"It is perfectly possible to make soap at home--from simple everyday soaps to fragrant masterpieces. Making Soap describes what cold-stirred craft soap is, why it works, what you need, and how to make it. Read about fatty acids, essential oils, natural dyes, and other materials that give soap its characteristics"--

The lupus encyclopedia - a comprehensive guide for patients and health care practitioners

"In this new, completely updated edition of The Lupus Encyclopedia, Dr. Thomas along with leading experts from around the globe detail everything you need to know about what lupus is and how autoimmune disorders affect the body and mind, the symptoms associated with lupus, what tests are needed to make a lupus diagnosis, how to find a specialist who can provide you with the best care, advice on obtaining the best treatments for your specific symptoms, and lifestyle factors that can help you avoi

Lightroom in Easy Steps

iPhone for seniors in easy steps - covers all iPhones with iOS 17

"Writtenwith the Senior reader in mind and presented in larger type for easier reading,iPhone for Seniors in easy steps, 10th edition will help readers to quicklyfeel confident using their iPhone. Covers all iPhones with iOS 17"--

iPhone for seniors

"iPhone For Seniors For Dummies is a no-nonsense manual for making the most of the latest iPhone models. You'll learn how to navigate your device's software and customize its settings for your needs. Plow through the basics like making calls, sending textmessages, checking your e-mail, using FaceTime, tracking your health, and beyond. The step-by-step instructions are right here. With the help of this clear and accessible Dummies guide, you'll set up your phone and discover all the neat features

How biology works

"Discover everything you need to know about biology, with the simplest most visual guide to the science of life. How do vaccines work? What is special about stem cells? How did we evolve from bacteria? The science of life can be dauntingly complex, and itcan be hard to separate "good" science from "bad", fundamental truths from the much-hyped breakthroughs reported in the media. With clear, easy-to-understand graphics and packed with fascinating facts, How Biology Works demystifies both the core

Healing the traumatized brain - coping after concussion and other brain injuries

''Recovering from a brain injury can be a challenging and prolonged process. Learn how to maximize your recovery from the effects of brain injuries with the guidance of Sandeep Vaishnavi, MD, PhD, and Vani Rao, MBBS, MD, two leading medical experts with extensive experience helping patients recover from concussion and other brain injuries. Healing the Traumatized Brain explains how the brain works, how injuries affect the brain, and how to use your brain's own power to recover''--

Half yard heaven - easy sewing projects using left-over pieces of fabric

"The revised anniversary edition of the classic, contains 26 colorful fun, easy-to-follow projects, including a pincushion and sewing machine cover for organizing your sewing space, an apron and oven gloves, customized kitchenbags, slippers, a tea cozy and even a doorstop. These wonderful projects make great gifts... if you can bear to give them away! 7 of the original projects have been reimagined and reworked by Debbie, and the book contains a useful techniques section at the start, along with

Gut health

A science writer specializing in microbiome and gut health provides trustworthy information on how to combat digestive symptoms, with tips on adopting healthy habits, healing your gut biome and being proactive for wellbeing and longevity.

Gut - an owner's guide

In this latest entry in The Body Literacy Library a world-renowned expert in the field of gut health translates medical jargon into simple, clear prose, answers frequently asked queries and examines what we misunderstand about our gut.


A practical guide covering the fundamentals and the most recent discoveries in genetics looks at such topics as applying genetic science to fight disease, developing new products, and solving crimes.

Ghosted - an American story

"A riveting look inside a life of poverty, success, and the inner circles of political influence--from the foothills of Appalachia all the way to the White House. New York Times bestselling ghostwriter Nancy French is coming out of the shadows to tell herown incredible story. Nancy's family hails from the foothills of the Appalachians, where life was dominated by coal mining, violence, abuse, and poverty. Longing for an adventure, she married a stranger, moved to New York, and dropped out of col

Getting to baby - a food-first fertility plan to improve your odds and shorten your time to pregnancy

"In this practical, step-by-step blueprint, fertility specialist Angela Thyer, MD, and reproductive health nutritionist Judy Simon, RDN, share the compelling research on how food supports fertility, what to eat more of and less of to support conception and healthy pregnancy, skills and manageable goals to make changing your diet easy, a ten-week plan for implementing dietary and lifestyle changes, and two weeks of sample recipes to help guide your journey"--

Fully alive - tending to the soul in turbulent times

"Scholar and popular podcaster Elizabeth Oldfield shows why, in a world stripped of both forgiveness and responsibility but heavy on judgment, she still finds the concept of sin liberating-and how, to her surprise, she keeps finding the Christian faith asource of spiritual strength when things fall apart"--

Excel VBA in easy steps

A guide to Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Macro programming covers such topics as using VBA operators, statements, and procedures to automate repetitive tasks; creating dialog boxes for user interactions; and developing and sharing apps.

Defiant joy - find the hope to light your way, even in the darkness

"A powerful roadmap to letting go of toxic positivity and embracing God's otherworldly joy, which defies the suffering of this broken life, through wisdom born of the author's experience as an abuse survivor and victim advocate"--

Creative writing

"Ever dream of writing a book, article, poem, or play that means something to you-and maybe to someone else as well? Do you have an idea you're ready to get down on paper? In Creative Writing For Dummies, you'll learn how to unleash your creative side andbecome a confident and productive writer. Discover the essential elements of storytelling, including structure, characterization, setting, dialogue, and plot, as you navigate the countless ways you can express yourself with the written word. Exp

Coding With AI by Minnick, Chris
Date added:
Apr 18, 2024
Coding With AI

CCSP by Deane, Arthur J., author.
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Apr 18, 2024

"CCSP For Dummies is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to gain their Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) certification and advance their cloud security career. This book offers a thorough review of subject knowledge in all six domains, withreal-world examples and scenarios, so you can be sure that you're heading into test day with the most current understanding of cloud security. You'll also get tips on setting up a study plan and getting ready for exam day, along with digital flas

Cave of bones - a true story of discovery, adventure, and human origins

"This thrilling book takes the reader into South African caves to discover fossil remains that reframe the human family tree"--


"Calisthenics For Dummies will teach you how to become stronger and leaner, have more energy and less stress, and live longer, all while enjoying an exercise program that saves you time and money. With calisthenics and bodyweight exercise, you don't needany equipment-just a little space and the knowledge to train comprehensively. This book teaches you the basics, with workouts covering all the muscle groups and important advice on how to stay injury-free. You'll find suggestions for multi-week p

Business statistics

Shows how statistical ideas, techniques, formulas, and calculations apply to the world of global business and economics. You'll get an introduction on sampling and graphs, and discover how statistics are used in daily life.


A beginner's guide to astronomy features information about the solar system as well as star maps and a monthly guide to locating the planets in the sky.

After by Brock, Geoffrey
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Apr 18, 2024

Building DIY websites

Create an attractive website that draws in visitors - no coding required! There's more to building a website than just picking a theme and dropping in text and images. Creating a site that attracts visitors and turns those visitors into customers requiressome professional insight and a few tips and tricks. Building DIY Websites For Dummies guides non-designers through the steps of creating an attractive and effective website using today's top web-based tools. This book helps you launch or improv


"Discover the undiscovered with this jargon-free introduction to astrophysics Astronomy is the study of what you see in the sky. Physics is the study of how things work. Astrophysics is the study of how things in the sky work, from large objects to tinyparticles. Astrophysics For Dummies breaks it all down for you, making this difficult but fascinating topic accessible to anyone. Tracking the topics covered in a typical undergraduate astrophysics class, this book will teach you the essential pi

AI investing

"AI is one of the hottest investment trends on Wall Street. AI Investing For Dummies gives you all the must-know details on how artificial intelligence can benefit investors. You'll learn how powerful AI can be in helping you make better decisions, identify hidden opportunities, and build wealth in stocks, bonds, commodities, and real estate. This easy-to-understand Dummies guide also covers budgeting, taxes, estates, and planning for college and retirement-all with AI-specific tactics that can

AI for humanity - building a sustainable AI for the future

"In a 2021 survey done by Harris Poll and machine intelligence company Appen, it was found that 55% of the companies stepped up their AI strategy in 2020 due to Covid, and 67% expect to further advance their AI strategy in 2021. Various groups all over the world are advocating for safe use of Artificial Intelligence. As an example, the United Nations is raising awareness on the threats that AI can pose to human rights through initiatives such as AI for Good, a digital platform where AI innovator

The age of revolutions - and the generations who made it

"The age of Atlantic revolutions-a six-decade period that packed in the American, French, and Haitian Revolutions, the independence of Spanish-speaking Latin America, and a host of lesser-known upheavals-transformed Europe and the Americas, and eventuallythe globe. Before 1765, most of Europe and the Americas were under the rule of monarchies and empires, and the institution of slavery existed in every jurisdiction. In the ensuing decades, empires were shattered, hierarchies were toppled, new in

Why does everything have to be about race? - 25 arguments that won't go away

"The Civil War was about states' rights, not slavery!" "If you don't like it here, you should go back to Africa." "What about Black-on-Black crime?" "You're just playing the race card." There's a whole arsenal of popular "gotchas" that crop up again and again in discussions about race in America. According to the people who use them, Critical Race Theory is a dangerous threat that promotes racial hatred, and affirmative action is reverse discrimination. At the same time, they insist that racism

What kind of bird can't fly - a memoir of resilience and resurrection

"Charts Dorsey Nunn's journey growing up poor and criminalized in East Palo Alto, surviving San Quentin, coming back to his community, and founding All Of Us Or None to empower formerly incarcerated people to fight for their rights as citizens"--

We are the leaders we have been looking for

"Based on the Du Bois Lectures delivered at Harvard in 2011, We Are the Leaders We Have Been Looking For argues for the importance of self-cultivation in pursuit of justice as a critical feature of Black politics, what Eddie S. Glaude Jr. calls Black democratic perfectionism. Building on the political scientist Adolph Reed's work on 'Black custodial politics' Glaude critiques our impulse to outsource political needs to a professional class of politicians that purportedly represent us. Instead, h

Water on fire - a memoir of war

"In this evocative, insightful memoir, a leading voice in Middle Eastern Studies revisits his childhood in war-torn Lebanon and his family's fascinating history, coming to terms with trauma and sexuality. Water on Fire tells a story of immigration that starts in a Beirut devastated by the Lebanese Civil War (1975-90), continues with experiences of displacement in Europe and Africa, moves to northeastern American towns battered by lake-effect snow and economic woes, and ends in New York City on 9

Undiplomatic - how my attitude created the best kind of trouble

"When Deesha Dyer applied for a White House internship, she was 31, a community college student and aspiring hip-hop journalist, working in an administrative role at a real estate company. When President Barack Obama was elected, she felt so inspired thatshe took a chance on herself despite having no political background or connections. Suddenly, she found herself in the White House at the epicenter of U.S. government. Her fellow interns were in their early 20s, went to Ivy League schools, and h

A sunny place for shady people - how Malta became one of the most curious and corrupt places in the world

"The car bomb assassination of Maltese investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia in 2017 shocked the European Union and put the world's spotlight on an island so small that few knew it was an independent country and even fewer could find it on the map. But Caruana Galizia's death didn't come as a surprise to those who lived there. Ryan Murdock had visions of living a slow-paced island life on the Mediterranean while writing about his experiences, so in 2011 he moved from Canada to Malta. T

Second class - how the elites betrayed America's working men and women

"America has broken its contract with its laboring class. So, how do we get back to the American Dream? How do we once again become the land of opportunity, the promised land where hard work and commitment to family are enough to protect you from poverty?It's not that hard actually. All it would take, as this book illustrates, is for those in power to once again respect the dignity of work-and the American worker"--

The right to learn - resisting the right-wing attack on academic freedom

"From leaders on the frontlines of the battle for academic freedom, a first-of-its-kind response to the far right's insidious attacks on the right to learn"--

Rift - a memoir of breaking away from Christian patriarchy

""A powerful meditation on what it means to be trapped and what it takes to break free."Publishers Weekly STARRED ReviewA gripping memoir about coming of age in the stay-at-home daughter movement and the quest to piece together a future on your own terms.Raised in the Christian patriarchy movement, Cait West was homeschooled and could only wear clothes her father deemed modest. She was five years old the first time she was told her swimsuit was too revealing, to go change. There would be no coll

Piping hot bees and boisterous buzz-runners - 20 mysteries of honey behavior solved

"Thomas Seeley has spent his career unraveling the mysteries of honey bee behavior. His goal has been to understand how the 30,000 or so bees in a colony work together as a unit to accomplish such things as finding and occupying a snug nest cavity, furnishing it with beeswax combs, filling these combs with brood and food, and keeping themselves well nourished, comfortably warm, and safe from intruders. In this book, Seeley's goal is to illuminate these and other mysteries about the workings of h

Love life - how to raise your standards, find your person, and live happily (no matter what)

"The leading dating and confidence coach, and New York Times bestselling author, shares his wisdom and audience-tested advice on finding love through deep confidence, clear boundaries, and a love for life that leaves you fulfilled both within a relationship and before you've found one"--

Intertwined - women, nature, and climate justice

"A powerful argument that greater inclusion of women in conservation and climate science is key to the future of the planet"--

Get better at anything - 12 maxims for mastery

"The author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller Ultralearning explores why it's so difficult for people to learn new skills, arguing that three factors must be met to make advancement possible, and offering 12 maxims to improve the way we learn"--

Learning to think - a memoir of faith, superstition, and the courage to ask questions

"Tracy King was raised in a house of contradictions--her family was happy and creative, yet shadowed by debt, phobias, her father's alcoholism, and the illusory promises of a born-again Christian church. The uneasy balance of the King household was irrevocably upended on a rainy spring night in 1988, when her father was killed by teenagers just blocks from their public housing estate. Her mother's dysfunctional reliance on the church deepened following the tragedy, and King, suffering from undia

The genius of empathy - practical skills to heal your sensitive self, your relationships, & the world

"Ignite empathy as a superpower for transformative personal healing, deeper relationships, and more potent work in the world"--

Fugitive/Refuge by Metres, Philip
Date added:
Apr 16, 2024

Burnout immunity - how emotional intelligence can help you build resilience and heal your relationship with work

"A guide to protect yourself from burnout by learning to develop and master key emotional intelligence skills"--

The big book of pregnancy nutrition - everything expectant moms need to know for a happy, healthy nine months and beyond

"The only guide you need to nourishing yourself and your baby from the first through fourth trimesters, from the bestselling author of The Big Book of Organic Baby Food When you found out you were pregnant, you were probably given a long list of things you were no longer "supposed" to do. But what you really need is a practical guide to all the things you can do to feel as empowered and strong as possible. The Big Book of Pregnancy Nutrition is the comprehensive handbook to everything a mama-to-

Awaken the Inner Shaman - a guide to the power path of the heart

Presents advice for overcoming the fears and limitations of the ego and reconnecting to the Inner Shaman, a source of spiritual strength and healing found within each person.

Asian American is not a color - conversations on race, affirmative action, and family

"A mother and race scholar seeks to answer her daughter's many questions about race and racism with an earnest exploration into race relations and affirmative action from the perspectives of Asian Americans"--

Anxiety coach - a parent's guide to treating childhood anxiety and OCD

"The Mayo Clinic Anxiety Coach is a groundbreaking program in book form, for parents of children and adolescents with anxiety disorders or obsessive compulsive disorder. When children have anxiety disorders they are very afraid, nervous, or worried abouttypical daily experiences that would not bother most children their age. For some kids with OCD, rather than feeling nervous or worried, they feel "grossed-out" by things or feel the need to make things "just-right." In both cases, children feel

10-minute strength training exercises for seniors - exercises and routines to build muscle, balance, and stamina

"Staying strong and flexible becomes even more important as we age. This guide to exercise for seniors makes it easy to stay in motion with short and simple exercises you can do anytime and anywhere. With clear illustrations alongside step-by-step instructions from licensed physical therapist Ed Deboo, you'll learn how to build muscle mass, improve bone density, and feel great in only 10 minutes per day. A 3-part plan-Start with the principles of strength training before diving into 40 individua

"Are you calling me a racist?" - why we need to stop talking about race and start making real antiracist change

"Diversity and anti-racism work is too often reduced to training, therapy, education, and policy, or what the author calls "Feel-Good" approaches that focus on emotions and morality and prevent us from taking collective action for racial justice, decolonization, and equity in our organizations and communities"--

The wildsea by Isaacs, Felix, author.
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Apr 15, 2024
The wildsea

A ship with a hull of painted leviathan bone cuts across the waves, the underslung chainsaw at the prow tearing a furrow through blossoms and branches that regrow before it crosses the horizon. The crew are motely-a humanesque cactoid at the helm, an ancient woman with a voluminous scarf and a laugh like thunder on watch, and a hive-mind of spiders slipping in and out of a silken skin as it tends to the wheezing engine. There were more of them once, but the wilds are a bright and hungry place. F

In defense of openness - why global freedom is the humane solution to global poverty

"The topic of global justice has long been a central concern within political philosophy and political theory, and there is no doubt that it will remain significant given the persistence of poverty on a massive scale and soaring global inequality. Yet, virtually every analysis in the vast literature of the subject seems ignorant of what developmental economists, both left and right, have to say about the issue. In Defense of Openness illuminates the problem by stressing that there is overwhelmin

The way of the champion - pain, persistence, and the path forward

"From the greatest lacrosse player of all time, lessons on becoming a true champion - in sports, business, and in life"--

Treating violence - an emergency room doctor takes on a deadly American epidemic

"The inspiring story of a Black doctor deeply affected by the violence in his childhood that plagued his Brooklyn community who was determined to be a force for change and dedicated himself to addressing trauma and violence as public health issues"--

Shadow diplomacy - Lev Parnas' wild ride from Brooklyn to Donald Trump's inner circle

"Lev Parnas has seen just about everything. A wheeler-dealer from the streets of Brooklyn, his adventures took him to Moscow to Wall Street to Hollywood to Miami to the White House and, eventually, to prison. His fascinating, eye-opening story offers an insider’s view of how money and power actually work to keep the world running exactly the way some want it to." --

The new prepper's survival bible

With a complete collection of an incredible 13 books on prepping and urban survival, this ultimate guide is your proven blueprint for escaping disaster.Breaking down tried-and-tested prepping knowledge into easy-to-follow strategies and advice, you'll learn how to start stockpiling resources, protect your loves ones, and survive the total collapse of society.Whether you're worried about natural disasters, nuclear war, disease outbreaks, or an end-of-the-world scenario, the expert lessons inside

My Mama, Cass by Elliot-kugell, Owen
Date added:
Apr 15, 2024
My Mama, Cass

Montauk files. by Wells, K. B.
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Apr 15, 2024
Montauk files.

Never say you've had a lucky life - especially if you've had a lucky life

"An autobiography usually requires a justification. The great autobiographies--those by Benvenuto Cellini, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Benjamin Franklin, and Henry Brooks Adams--were justified by their authors living in interesting times, harboring radically new ideas, or participating in great events. Joseph Epstein qualifies on none of these counts. His life has been quiet, lucky in numerous ways, and far from dramatic. But it has also been emblematic of the great changes in our country since World

My child is trans, now what? - a joy-centered approach to support

"My Child Is Trans, Now What? is for parents and loved ones of transgender youth and young adults at any stage in their journey. Trans education free of judgment is in short supply, and this book combines personal stories, key resources, and emotional support to guide those who wish to help trans youth but don't know how"--

It wasn't roaring, it was weeping / Interpreting the Language of Our Fathers Without Repeating Their Stories

"An honest and lyrical coming-of-age memoir of growing up in South Africa at the height of apartheid, and an invitation to confront our inherited traumas and prejudices so that we may heal the sins of our fathers--from the bestselling author of Never Unfriended. Lisa-Jo Baker knows how burdened we can feel by the weight of the past. Born white in the heart of Zululand during the height of apartheid, her longing to write a new future for her children set her on a journey to understand how she fit

Gather & grill - 100+ smokin' hot recipes from the McLemore boys

A father and son barbecuing duo offer a cookbook of 100 budget-friendly, homespun, comfort food made by smoking, grilling and frying including Reverse Seared Tomahawk Steaks, Smoked Jalapeno Bacon Mac and Cheese and 3-Step Smoked Brisket.

Free and equal - a manifesto for a just society

"An uplifting and unified vision of a new, egalitarian liberalism, and a bold practical program for how we can reinvigorate democracy and transform capitalism--by a brilliant and charismatic young philosopher/economist"--

Field guide to the patchy Anthropocene / The New Nature

"A Field Guide to the Patchy Anthropocene leads the reader through a series of sites, observations, thought experiments, and genre-stretching descriptive practices to take stock of our current planetary crisis. This is a guide for researchers of many stripes; a book that nurtures and promotes a revitalized natural history in direct response to worlds falling apart"--

Do it anyway - don't give up before it gets good

"In her revelatory, uplifting debut book from Grammy Award winner Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Billboard's Gospel Artist of the Decade, shares the transformative power of showing up to hard things with resilient faith and perseverance"--

Disappointing affirmations

"From the wildly popular Instagram account, Disappointing Affirmations hilariously counters the culture of relentless toxic positivity with a realistic take on a disappointing world where failure is always an option, but that's okay"--

Co-intelligence - living and working with AI

"From Wharton professor and author of the popular One Useful Thing Substack newsletter Ethan Mollick comes the definitive playbook for working, learning, and living in the new age of AI The release of generative AI-from LLMs like ChatGPT to image generators like DALL-E-marks a new era. We have invented technologies that boost our physical capabilities and others that automate complex tasks, but never, until now, have we created a technology that can boost our intelligence-with an impact on work

Black meme - a history of the images that make us

"explores the construct, culture, and material of the "meme" as mapped to Black visual culture from 1900 to present day"--

Barbie - the world tour

For the press tour following the record-breaking release of Greta Gerwig's award-winning, acclaimed Barbie movie, producer and star Margot Robbie and her stylist Andrew Mukamal immersed themselves in some of Barbie's most iconic outfits and curated vintage pieces, then approached designers, from Giorgio Armani to Donatella Versace, to create looks inspired by the doll-size originals. Many of these looks were not seen as the official Barbie press tour was cut short--so Margot and Andrew worked wi