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Zora, the story keeper

"A young Black girl and her aunt celebrate the wonder and magic of their family's legacy through storytelling."--

What if one day...

Considers how our world would change and how we would feel if it lacked birds, water, plants, bugs or people--and wonders what makes our world what it is and if all we need is already here in front of us.

The welcome home

When Mr. and Mrs. Gargelson-Bittle decide life is too quiet, they go in search of the perfect pet, but after welcoming a menagerie into their home, they still felt like something is missing, until a puppy shows up at their doorstep, and now their family is complete.

Something, someday

Reveals how even the smallest gesture can have a lasting impact on the world's biggest problems.

Slowly Slowly by Yuly, Toni
Date added:
Sep 18, 2023
Slowly Slowly

Patchwork prince

With fabric scrap treasures, a mother makes her son clothes fit for royalty.

Oh, Olive!

Loving to smear, splatter and splash, Olive Chen, whose parents are serious artists who paint prim, proper, perfect shapes, glides through town, painting what she wants, until she reaches her parents' pristine art museum.

My piano

"Explore the workings of a grand piano through the eyes of a young musician preparing for recital. The cumulative structure should satisfy curious readers interested in how pianos function, from the pedal pressed to the ground to the keys that hoist the hammers. It's sure to be a musical treat for students, teachers, and music enthusiasts alike"--

Mole Is Not Alone by Tatsukawa, Maya
Date added:
Sep 18, 2023
Mole Is Not Alone

The light within you

Arriving in India to spend Diwali, the Festival of Lights, with her beloved Nani, Diya knows her trip will come to an end all too soon and searches for a way to take some of the light and magic of Diwali with her when she leaves.

A letter for Bob

When its time to say goodbye to a part of her family, a young girl pens a love letter to Bob, the treasured family car that has taken them all over and been there in sad and scary times.

The knight of Little Import

Young knight Charlie cannot find a single beast to slay, until she discovers there are monsters all around, and only she knows what to do to help her town of Little Import.

I'm from

"Early morning wakeups and homemade pancakes, Raucous bus rides and schoolyard games, Family games and bedtime rituals... These are the small moments that shape a child's day. I'm From is an invitation into the vivid world of one small boy, a poetic account of all the people and places and things that shape who he is and define where he is from"--

If I was a horse

"A child imagines what life would be like as a horse"--