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The Spaceman by Cecil, Randy
Date added:
Apr 11, 2024
The Spaceman

Shine by Valasse, Bruno
Date added:
Apr 11, 2024


"Bluey and Bingo are playing Queens, but when they both want to play Butler, they can't decide who will take the throne. Will Bluey and Bingo find a new Queen to serve? Read along to find out!"--

The perfect place

At private school, Lucas compares his home life with the supposedly perfect lives of the other students.

Let's Go by Flett, Julie
Date added:
Apr 11, 2024
Let's Go

The elephant and the sea

Gabriel the elephant reminisces on his younger days and his dreams of being a member of a brave lifeboat crew.

Daddy putdown.

Charged with taking care of Bluey and Bingo for the night, Dad embarks on a mission to keep her entertained when Bluey starts missing Mum.

Archie celebrates an Indian wedding

"Archie's Poppy Uncle is marrying Emma's Aunt Julie, and Archie is asked to look after Emma, who has never been to an Indian wedding"--

Yaya and the sea

On the first day of spring, a young New Yorker, with her mother and aunts, takes the train to the ocean to make an offering of flowers and fruit to Mama Ocean, thanking her for her magnificence, and welcoming the new year.

Two together

In rhyming text, Cat and Dog experience many unexpected twists and adventures on their journey home.